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December 15th, 2014, 08:36 AM

Hello Folksies!

It's Monday, Christmas is coming, what else can I say without rotten fruit and veggies being hurled in my general direction? This weekend was a busy one between work and stuff that had to be done.

I was able to get some baking done - well, not actual baking but I made some delish chocolate rum balls. They get better with age and will get slipped into the goody bag of stuff I hand out at Christmas. I was also able to make a few little ornaments that go on Christmas packages and then the fun was making some ornaments that look like the Ninja Turtles. Middle Son (Josh) and Should Be Son (Ricky) are big Minja fans. How fortuitous for them that their childhood heros are back in fashion again - along with other super heroes. I am sure you have seen those cute little turtles on Pinterest. My only bleh moment was that I had to go to Wally World to find the correct colored felt. Mine look sorta like this:


I carried them across the street last night for Josh to put on his Charlie Brown tree. Ricky will be stopping by this week for his Mom fix and I will gift him for his also Charlie Brown tree.

Dr appts this week and hopefully that will be all for Mom for the rest of this year. She is still croupy sounding and I don't like that. I stayed most of the weekend with her. She enjoyed watching the ninja's come into the world and ate a few yummy rum balls.

Today before I head back down The Hill, I need to do some housework here. Hoping that everyone has a terrific day, full of the sunshine and decent temps that we are experiencing here in NC. Talk about putting a smile on my face! Here! Take one. Smiles are always free and there are always plenty to go around!


December 15th, 2014, 08:39 AM
Good morning Blondie...your Ninja ornaments are cute :)

December 15th, 2014, 08:46 AM

Good morning......what a nice thought - but....who has time to slow down????

I'm ready for work and will be leaving in a few.

I'm still working on turtles....and will put some together tonight. I have everything cut out just need to pin and sew.

I only have a couple of gifts to pick up and a few stocking stuffers. I hope my daughter starts wrapping gifts for me LOL....that is the one thing I dislike doing, probably because they look like a pre-schooler did the wrapping.

Well going to check the rest of the forum....have a wonderful day! Prayers & hugs

December 15th, 2014, 08:47 AM
Good morning everyone. Blondie, I saw those ornaments too. My son loves the Ninja turtles and I gave him all the ones from his childhood some time ago.

Saturday was crazy at the post office. I did 3 random acts of kindness that morning so I felt pretty good. One customer bought an extra 3 stamps that he did not need and left them for someone else to use, so I passed those on, I used my discount card for someone else to get 5% off their bubble envelopes and I let the third one in to buy stamps as I was just about to lock the doors.

Saturday we had a turkey dinner with our friends. Sunday morning was spent writing all my Christmas cards. I have about 75 to mail out this morning. Then the afternoon was spent quilting.

I work again today and tomorrow and then off the rest of the week. I need to get the house in order, finish some Christmas gifts and just do stuff. Wish me luck.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

December 15th, 2014, 08:53 AM
Good morning! Wish I could say that with as much cheer as I can type it! Ugggh I feel horrible this morning and the last time I felt like this I had at case of gastrointestinal flu...so a little worried. I am up early to head off early to work..problems there..as always of late...just can't find dependable people that are willing to work. I don't understand the thinking in today's world. I was taught a job was a responsibility...not just something that you do if you want to. So frustrating for me...and could be the cause of my ickyness this morning...subliminally...ya know what I mean..tho I felt bad most of the day yesterday...just kinda off..and sluggish. So here in a minute I am gonna stand up and try to get ready for work.

Blondie the ornaments are adorable....I hadn't seen them before!! I worked on my family quilt all day yesterday...slowly but surely...just tacking that binding done now....that and a label and it will be ready for next Sunday. I am ready to be done with it..lol

Everyone have a nice day!

Blondie I am grabbing one of those smiles and hanging on for dear life!!

December 15th, 2014, 08:57 AM
Good Morning Blondie and all!

I love, love those ornaments!

I've been a little out of the loop the last week getting my Mom into a senior facility. That was not without so many challenges. I've been up to see her every day except yesterday and she is not really adjusting well at this point and seems to think we are out to sabotage her and living in peace. She is defiant and hurtful. I finally had a come to Jesus talk with her on Saturday when she said she could do anything she wanted and not follow the rules. She did calm down a bit and then they had a nice Christmas party for all the residents so she got distracted from her behavior. She really works to make us girls feel guilty and sometimes I do succumb to those feelings but I really in my heart think we have done the best thing for her we can do and it will just take a while for her to settle in. The day before we move her in, she was trying to smoke paper towels rolled up and had a roast in the oven on 500 degrees and the worst part is she denies ever doing that stuff.

It was an exhausting week and weekend but I found time for myself yesterday and finished my tree skirt. It really turned out nice. I posted a picture of it in the Show and Tell forum.

I'm off to work today after being gone so will be a busy one. Hugs, smiles an prayers to all of you!


December 15th, 2014, 09:05 AM
Mornin' all -
Went to bed at 10 last night (early for me) so I was up pretty early... trouble is EVERYONE ELSE IS SLEEPING... well, cept for hubby - he's at work. I'm all raring to go and get my cleaning on in the living room, but I really don't want to wake my FIL just yet - and I know my older DD has finals today so if she needs to sleep a bit more I want to let her!
Guess what?? My younger daughter, who is only taking 2 classes this semester plus sitting in on chorus, is DONE!! Yay! She had her Public Speaking final on Friday, and was scheduled to have her Legal Studies today buuuuuut....... her professor handed back their most recent exam on Friday, and there was a note on hers. "You are excused from taking the final exam. Your final grade is an 'A'."
What???? Wow. (My daughter's grades on the three main exams in this class were 103, 94, and 99) You go girl. and thank you very much kind professor! My daughter will have this prof for Principles of Litigation next semester - I told her to ask her about any possible internships or apprentice type positions that she may know of in a law office...
Got a beautiful tree yesterday - a bit bigger than what we should have for our small living room but we'll make it work. The girls really wanted a bigger tree this year! Got lots of cleaning and organizing to do today...
Blondie - those ornaments are adorable!
Hugs Carolyn :)
Feel better Mary!

December 15th, 2014, 10:05 AM
Morning Everyone,

It was a long weekend with big problems at our apartments...police involvement, death threats and DRAMA. One of our tenants was arrested and another is terrified of his threats. She is working to find a place to move to......

We had our yearly visit from our dear neighbors down the road. Every year they pop in with a beautiful fresh flower arrangement and a candle. I always have handmade gifts for them. We visit about two hours and that's it until the following year other than waving when they pass our house. Net year I want to make them a lap quilt each.

Blondie, glad Mom is better. The cough can hang around for weeks....at least around here. It sounds like you had a good weekend. Blondie, I absolutely LOVE the NT ornaments.

I had to have the Girls at the groomer at 6 am, so I've already been to Houston. I will go back early so I can pop into WalMart for a couple things.

Everyone is so busy right now. Have a productive day!

Amy R
December 15th, 2014, 10:18 AM
Wow bubby crazy times in those apartments!!!
Carolyn, I'm so sorry your mom isn't adjusting. I've heard of the behavior like that, almost like they revert back to children when they have alzheimer's and pull the guilt trips. You guys know you did the right thing, and in time she will settle in. It can't be easy though becoming the parent to a parent. :(
Mary, I hope you can shake the yuckies today and find some good people to work there for ya.
Blondie, those ornaments are super cute!

Today I hope to get the last 4 crescents done. Then there's about 1 1/2 blocks of hand quilting to go. I will be machine sewing the binding on the front then hand binding the back. That'll be the only machine work on this one. As I look at it it's going to be hard to give up but a white background quilt wouldn't last here a day lol. I can't wait to see mama's face when she opens it. She thinks she's getting her living room table runner for Christmas. :D

December 15th, 2014, 10:19 AM
love strength and courage for those that need it,fill your days with the brightest most cheerful memories

Navy Wife
December 15th, 2014, 10:24 AM
I meant to get up early today, but had a terrible time getting to sleep. I have to finish my coffee and get to work. The sewing room has to be finished today, and the office needs to be also. Then I can relax a little. Shopping is done. I have to return a couple of things I bought for me, and get the cards done. One quick trip to the post office tomorrow. I hope it will be as easy as last week when I was the only one in there! I need to get busy!

December 15th, 2014, 11:00 AM
Morning Blondie, Just love your ninja ornaments, the guys will love them.

We all need to try to follow the advice in Shirley's posting, notice I said try as at times it's hard to keep the stress down.

Carolyn, no matter how hard you and sisters try to be with mom you can't do it 24/7 as it seems that's what she needs so she's in the right place now. I think she'll do better soon as they know how to get their residents to become active in less dangerous purists than smoking paper towel ciggies. (Thank you God for taking our parents very quickly, especially my father who was a difficult person to deal with when he was at his best mentally)

Songbird, good going for your girls and hope it continues for one that has final today. DS#3 has suggested that his DD take less than a full schedule as a college freshman this fall as she has had some problems in her senior high school courses. Grades aren't as high as before (she's mostly a B/B+ student) and her big problem in the fall semester was Irish Lit. Maybe she chose it because she's part Irish and all of her recent BF's have been Irish (they live near Boston) but there really isn't any connection. DS spoke to her counselor and she's doing make up work so she can begin the next semester without having any bad grades and she'll work to keep her grades up so she can participate in the drama club and sports.

Bubby, You lead an interesting life especially with your tenants. Hope the trouble there is over. Such a sweet tradtion with your down the road neighbors. I'm feeling a bit sad this year as I realize the nearby friends we used to get together with for a Christmas visit are all gone except my BFF and her DH. Some have moved away and sadly some have passed away. I loved having a few couples over during Christmas week for a light lunch and some heavy discussions. All things have a season I guess and I'm happy for the memories.

Mary feel better soon and hope you get some responsible help. I keep after teen grandkids about having good work habits and their job responsibilities and not to play with their phones and games when there is a lull in work.

Need to get another cup of coffee to drink while I talk to DSis#3 on the phone. She left me a message last night while we were out Christmas shopping and I also need to check her apartment number. Postal employees won't deliver mail in her building unless it has the apt. number on it, the tenants names are boldly printed on their mail boxes but they no can do.

Hugs to all the rest today and hope your day goes Wonderfully.

December 15th, 2014, 11:12 AM
Good morning Blondie and everyone! Love those Ninja turtles of yours!

Hope everyone has a good day and week. I'm planning on doing some wrapping today. I would like to find one more gift for my Sweetie, but goodness they are so hard to buy for when they have everything.

Blondie, hope Mama gets over that croupy cough. Those rum balls should have helped alittle.

Hugs and prayers to all those that need or want them.

Sandy Navas
December 15th, 2014, 11:27 AM
I'm still working on turtles....and will put some together tonight. I have everything cut out just need to pin and sew.

After seeing Blondie's Ninjas, do you have the urge to put headbands on your turtles?

December 15th, 2014, 11:36 AM
Oh,Carolyn, I so remember putting my mom in the nursing home. She was the same way. She hated me, my brother, the people trying to help her and everything else. It as horrible so I truly feel for you. Hang in there. Just know you doing the right thing. But maybe until she cools off, you don't have to see her everyday.

I finally finished my 6th quilt for Christmas. Done with gifts. Done, done, done t last. Will post pictures as soon as I can get camera to work.

We're going to paint in my sewing room. I'm so excited. We're painting the shelves around the fireplace, the two bookshelves and the desk. It's going to be brightened up and girlie. Can't wait to get it done.

Hugs and prayers for all who need them.

Sandy Navas
December 15th, 2014, 11:48 AM
Everyone who checks into this thread on a daily basis knows that when they are feeling down and out that someone will share a situation that makes them realize that life isn't always as humdrum as we often feel. Hugs and lots of comforting thoughts to everyone!!! And, if that doesn't work, try my solution to most issues:


I, too, have a batch of chocolate rum balls. Al has been eyeing them and I told him I knew exactly how many were there and they had best be there by the time they were well seasoned. And so, I've let him have one or two a day just to test to see if they are 'ready for consumption'. He's so gullible . . .

Have to make a run to the PO to ship of a COC quilt (check the group) and then I'll be working on my next quilt - a log cabin. Coming along nicely.

I'm off to see if everyone has been behaving and if I need to give Santa anyone's name for his Naughty List. It's so nice to have an IN.

If you have worries, let them go. If you need help, ask for it. If you can, share, share, share. And, if you can't . . . let us help you understand.

Carrie J
December 15th, 2014, 12:42 PM
Good Morning All! So we start the countdown......................but this is pretty much how I look at this special time of year.


Day here is sunny and gorgeous, getting a late start, but nothing really on the agenda to get all fluffed up and rushed over. In reading the posts this morning, all those that are struggling with health, worries or simply stress, you're in my thoughts and prayers. This time of year especially seems to magnify so much for us all. The countdown to Christmas day, well, nothing more special than getting up that morning, and realizing what it's all about and being thankful. It has it's own unique feeling and one of peace, joy, thankfulness, family, love and laughter. Ya know kinda like the scent of cinnamon, the all encompassing warmth and comfort of a quilt, the absolute joy of a child's unbridled laughter! AND....................


Simply Quilting
December 15th, 2014, 12:51 PM
Good Morning! Today is the last night warm day in the forecast for December - three days of 50 degree temps. Then tomorrow it starts cooling way down with highs only in the low 30s. It has felt kinda odd to be running around only in a t-shirt with Christmas only a week and half away. I'm ready for some snow - not ice, just snow. It did rain last night but too warm for snow and thankfully, too warm for freezing rain.

{{{HUGS}}} Carolyn. I know that it can be very difficult dealing with someone with Alzheimer's. As for the guilt or her trying to guilt her, please remember that she is in the senior facility to protect her and anyone else who could be hurt from something that she would do. I remember the battles with grandpa when his car keys were taken away because his Alzheimer's had made it where he was no longer safe to drive. But it was so much better than dealing with him killing himself or a child while on the road.

Blondie, those are cute ornaments.

Amy, looking forward to seeing the quilt for your mother. I'm sure that she will love it.

My main plan for the day is to work on finishing up teacher Christmas gifts. I had planned on giving them out yesterday but ran into the issue on Saturday of the binding taking forever to put on. I think I would rather have to put binding on a king size quilt than these things. It seems that I stitch just a little bit and then have a corner to deal with.

Hugs and Prayers to those who need them.

Have a great day everyone :)

December 15th, 2014, 12:57 PM
After seeing Blondie's Ninjas, do you have the urge to put headbands on your turtles?

No but I've had the urge to shoot their eyes out when they decided to go all wonky and made me redo them!

December 15th, 2014, 01:15 PM
I'm not usually here in the am, my visits are more around midnight - BUT I've read all the posts, so interesting, so touching, so uplifting. Makes me wonder how I ever managed to be up in time to have a real job - or the time. I'm still working on 4 Quilts for 4 GDs with little spurts of writing my Christmas cards in between, I'm up to "M" and enjoying coffee and muffins with MM before I chain myself back to the SM. Spending our coffee time thoughts to the labels for the GD Quilts and naming each one. Our Sarah gets the "Tangled Thread" ala our crazy bobbin episode under A REAL THREAD PROBLEM!! It was her quilt who began the debacle. Need a little more thought for the others. I have enjoyed and have thoughts on everyone's posts but 'time is of the essence' so I'll save it for now.

Blondie, the NT are the cutest ever - makes me wonder if my son loved NT, too, wouldn't you think I'd know that! I know he loved all the big trucks and cars right up to today!!

Anyway, everyone have a good day and would you try to push Christmas off a week or two to give me more time for 4 Quilts for 4 GDs???? :icon_attention:

Jean Sewing Machine
December 15th, 2014, 01:17 PM
Morning all! Bubby, wow! Sounds like you've got some crazy tenants in those apartments! Hope you get that worked out! I have a friend who owns rental property, and has had to do quite a few evictions. He videotapes his walk through after they leave, and sometimes it is just mind blowing what he finds. Such destruction of rental property!

I fell asleep on the couch last night, and once I got into bed, I could not fall asleep. Put together some blocks in rows for another Tea Cup quilt, and still couldn't make my eyes shut. Did some comparison shopping of sewing machines, and finally fell asleep about 4:30. Needless to say, I'm tired today!

Hope those who are I'll get well soon! Blondie, I love the turtle ornaments! Have a great day!

December 15th, 2014, 01:30 PM
Good morning! Heading out soon to sit-n-sew. Today we're gathering our donation quilts for the pregnancy center. I have 7 to send so I'm pleased with that.

Spent yesterday with DS and had our Christmas. We had a great time together, it just wasn't long enough.

HUGS Carolyn! It sounds like your mom is doing what many do when they have to go into assisted living or a nursing facility and it's not totally their idea. Have you spoken to the staff to see how she behaves when she's not having visitors? DH and I found that the our moms behaved nicely when we weren't there. People don't hate me, but I found from past experience that sometimes it's better not to visit every day. It's a big adjustment for the child as well as for the parent and sometimes a little space is needed by both.

December 15th, 2014, 02:31 PM
Morning, All ~ I woke up at 4:45 with darling GGS Chazz on my mind. (My usual get-up time is 5:00.) At that time, they would have been driving in to the Dallas area for Chazz's surgery. They had to be there at 6:30. Thanks so much for everyone who has posted they're praying for him & the family. I haven't heard anything yet. I don't know how long the surgery was to last; they were doing another procedure in addition to the removal of the groin lymph node for biopsy. I've been going over scriptures in my mind about having peace in all situations. It's hard being so far away. But at least his family lives in the area, so they do have family support. When they lived in Illinois, they had no family there, but wonderful church friends. I just have to entrust Chazz & his parents into the Father's hands. Hoping & praying for better news, not the worst, like cancer. As a nurse I tend to think worst case scenarios. Thanks again for all your prayers. I'll keep you updated. Have a good beginning to your week. Joy

Sylvia H
December 15th, 2014, 02:36 PM
I hope my daughter starts wrapping gifts for me LOL....that is the one thing I dislike doing, probably because they look like a pre-schooler did the wrapping....

One of our family traditions is that our stocking stuffers are all wrapped in colored tissue paper, and wrapped pretty awfully at that. The reason? Those gifts were wrapped by the newest "Elves in Training". As new members join our family, we enjoy explaining this to them.

December 15th, 2014, 05:10 PM
have a batch of chocolate rum balls sandy do you have a recipie for these ?
Carolyn trust me it will get better we had to do the same with my dad .... its a hard decision to make however 24/ 7 was not an option. Blondie hope your mom is doing better . Off to finish the binding on baby quilt for nic u happy Monday all

Sandy Navas
December 15th, 2014, 07:29 PM
This is the rum ball recipe I used - but I used graham crackers instead of vanilla wafers.

Rum Balls Recipe : Emeril Lagasse : Food Network (http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/emeril-lagasse/rum-balls-recipe3.html)

K. McEuen
December 15th, 2014, 10:02 PM
Week 3 of jury duty, just got selected for my second trial. The only good news is one of the court clerks told me this morning that no trials are scheduled for next week or the week after Christmas ... so far.