View Full Version : First Jean Claude Von Dam then Chuck Norris and Now our own Al!

December 10th, 2014, 11:56 PM
Sometimes you just have to chuckle at the things people do!


Carrie J
December 11th, 2014, 12:00 AM
Will planes be next? ROFL!

December 11th, 2014, 12:23 AM

December 11th, 2014, 12:41 AM

December 11th, 2014, 12:45 AM
Lol! Thanks for the laugh BobW and to Al for being such a good sport and letting us laugh with him.

December 11th, 2014, 11:03 AM
Absolutely ROFLOL!!! :D And he sings the soundtrack as well, no playback!

December 11th, 2014, 11:34 PM
Those silly kids....that is just how they are though.

Grandma Nan
December 12th, 2014, 12:11 AM

December 12th, 2014, 06:54 AM
That is hysterical! Thanks for sharing.

When Jenny and Ron came to my area in November, I had the privilege of attending 3 events with them. I chatted a ton with both. They work great together - it was like watching a comedy routing between two people in love.

During one of the classes, Jenny walked around displaying her cell phone with a picture of Al and asking if anyone had eligible daughters they should send him Facebook messages! Her routine was so funny. I shouted I have 2 single daughters!!

I need to check to see if I got some of this on video. I took a ton of pics and videos.

Sandy Navas
December 12th, 2014, 11:35 AM
Now the world can see how special they are!

December 12th, 2014, 11:56 AM
Can we say "Dork!" lol