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December 9th, 2014, 07:32 AM

Howdy Doody, Folksies

So, it is Tuesday. I woke up knowing it was Tuesday but forgetting the date. For some reason I KNEW it wasn't Dec 7, Pearl Harbor Day, but when I asked Luscious was shocked that he said it was the Dec 9! Whazzup with that? My only excuse is that I caught the cold Mom had but mine is being nipped in the bud. I slept most of yesterday thankfully. If you call waking up with coughing and a headache sleep. Actually, I do feel much better. Luscious had me giggling by telline me how I coughed and then out a l-o-n-g burp in my sleep. At least that is what he said it was. He said, he felt my head to make sure I was okay and not feverish. Oh yeah, fevers always make me burp. hehe Today is the day I carry Mom back to the dr for her re-check. If I could find someone to drive her besides me I would. Everyone in church is either working or down with this crud as well as those on our road. Oy.

I said all that to say I didn't get one blasted thing accomplished yesterday. I buried the phone under a pile of pillows and told my Mom to do the same. She is actually doing pretty good and wanted to come and take care of me. aren't we the pair? As if she needed a fresh dose of bacteria! lol.

Looking for the coffee pot. I can't smell it, I can't taste it - but- by golly, by gum, if I am up, coffee is on.

Be sure to have a wonderful day. Be aware that you are being prayed for, hoped for, wished for and smiled for.


December 9th, 2014, 07:57 AM
Happy Tuesday, rest and be well. My Tuesday is winding down, but I am heading home from school in a few minutes knowing I have no internet access. Being 6000 miles from home feels LOTS worse when there's no ability to communicate with the outside world.

Vacation is creeping up on us... Three more days of work and it will be here. Joy!! I can't wait to stay home and sew, and play in the snow with the kids!

Cathy F
December 9th, 2014, 08:02 AM
Morning all,
I'm awake sitting here listening to the downpour outside. Could be worse could be snow instead of rain so I won't complain.
Thank you all for the birthday wishes yesterday, had a great day! Received some nice phone calls from the kids and grandkids and gifties, and my husband took me out for a nice lunch at a new restaraunt.
Today I have to run a few errands that I can't put off so I'll be heading out in the rain at some point. Tonight is the Pilot Club's Christmas party and I'm looking forward to that.
Hopefully some time sewing today, or my gift list will be really falling behind at this point.

Hugs and healing thoughts for our forum friends that can use some extra today.

December 9th, 2014, 08:18 AM

Blondie, glad to hear you are feeling better. Nothing like a pre-Christmas cold!

I got little to no sleep last night. I will lay back down when Jeff leaves. He had a restless night and his CPAP machine (or him) kept making noises that sounded like bugling elephants. I rolled him over several times to help him breathe better.

Not sure what's on my agenda today or if I even have an agenda. My EPV rash is trying to come back. I have to call my doctor this morning and see if he wants me to take more meds. In January I'm going to start taking immuno-suppressants. I have to go to Springfield to a specialist first and his first appointment is toward the end of January.

I guess I will go make Jeff's lunch and head back to bed for an hour or so. The Girls are on such a nice schedule now. They actually sleep in until after Jeff gets his shower and dressed for work. After he grabs his first cuppa he lets the Girls go outdoors with him. They also wait until I invite them into my room, where before they would sit outside the bedroom door and cry and Olive would butt her head on the door. This is a huge change that I think Dottie must think is her idea...lol! They used to get me up in the wee hours every morning and that was rough so the new routine is very much appreciated.

I'm concerned about our little local fabric store. Until about 4-5 months ago there was a Family Dollar store next door to them. Then FD went out of business and nothing has gone into their old space. The lack of foot traffic has really impacted the fabric shop. The only other businesses there are an auto parts store and a laundromat. It would be a shame to see this great little store go under. For years they have sold quilters cotton on the bolts for $3.99 a yard. Recently they brought in a "better grade" of fabrics and marked them $7.99 a yard. The last time I visited the store they had reduced them down to $5.99 because they weren't selling.

Wishing everyone a blessed Tuesday.

December 9th, 2014, 08:47 AM
Good morning everyone. Sorry to hear some of you are on the 'not feeling well' list. GET BETTER SOON!!

I had a very busy day yesterday. Work was extremely busy, then off to do a little shopping, then off to another post office which was also busy. I bought myself a little gift yesterday, a new tablet. $68 at Walmart. A great little tablet, and my reason was I could not get the Craftsy app on the 'old one'.

Today, our good friend, Doug, goes to court for his DUI. Les is taking him. This happened in 2013. He will turn 75 in February and I don't think he will ever drive again if he is found guilty. So we might be driving Mr. Dougie around.

I never did get my tree up so I may do that this afternoon. OH yes, and I had to put my bird feeder away for the night because the deer have found it. As I was getting stuff out of the van last night, there were two deer watching me.

Another thing I am happy about today is that my friend Bonnie, who husband has Alzheimer's, has rearranged his schedule to be able to come with me to a quilt retreat. HOORAY! I am so happy she will come with me. She really needs this. She told me that after our little trip in June, she got rejuvenated and loves to quilt again.

My daughter-in-law was at her doctor's yesterday. She got the note that Maizyn should be on the school bus, so now she won't have to walk her to school. Now her doctor has ordered an MRI (for Jodi) and will be tested for MS. May I have your prayers that she doesn't have MS. Thank you.

Oh so long winded this morning, sorry.

Have a wonderful day friends.

December 9th, 2014, 08:52 AM
prayers being said for Jodi right this minute Monique. Good to hear that Maizyn is able to get on the bus. You're a special friend to help Bonnie with a reason to be good to herself. I know she must be more than exhausted. Saying a prayer right now for her as well.

December 9th, 2014, 09:25 AM
Good Morning all,

Blondie and others with the bug, I hope you get to feeling better and Bubby, continued prayers for you.

Yesterday was a not so good day. Two of my favorite customers threw a fit in the office over some line construction charges and after that, I had a total meltdown. A real snotfest but today is brighter and I'm moving on.

I am going up to tour a senior facility with my sisters today. Mom has had some dicey moments at home and isn't doing very well staying by herself. She tried to drive her car but also had some harrowing issues there. We are needing to get her someplace that is much safer for her and others around her. This facility has a memory care unit and an opening so I believe we will work towards that. It's so hard to know if you're doing the right thing but I pray for guidance and wisdom every day.

I did get my tree skirt done and it really turned out pretty nice. I'm so happy with it. I will post a picture as soon as I get one taken.

Hugs, prayers and smiles for all of you! Have a great Tuesday.


December 9th, 2014, 09:31 AM
Good morning! Prayers for all those suffering with colds and bugs! Carolyn...don't let those with inability to be polite get you down not room for them in the world...bahhumbugs! Everyone enjoy your day!

December 9th, 2014, 09:32 AM
Seems like everyone's needing a few extra prayers this morning :) Praying for all of my forum friends - I count it a privilege.
Icy roads here this morning - I'm not goin' anywhere! Hubby's school is delayed 2 hours, but he still had to get there by 6:30 because of some administrators and teachers in town from all over New England - something to do with their tenure... IDK...

Today I am trying to figure out the rest of the design for a table runner that was supposed to be done last week... The center 14" panel is a beautiful blue snowflake - appliqued and embroidered on white fabric. I just was confuddled as to what to do on either side of it! I think I have a plan formulating... gonna try to get that out today.

Last night was the concert at the community college - a little classical guitar, a little piano, and the 2 choral groups that my daughters participate in. You know they love to sing when they'll 'sit in' on chorus, not for credit - just to sing. It makes my heart burst when I see/hear them sing! I was a music major eons ago and good choral music does somethin' for my soul unlike any other musical genre. It also does my heart good when they're singing a song like 'Oh Lord there's a Hungerin' in my Soul' and the look on my younger daughter's face says that she means every word. .. or to see my older daughter up there scattin' like a champ :) Okay... enough braggin' mama ;)

Hope everyone has a great day today, and those that need a little extra rest - don't feel guilty about taking it.:icon_sleep:

...Carolyn - thinking of you and your mom today - wherever is safest is the best place for her, even if she doesn't understand that. Hugs hon :)

December 9th, 2014, 09:35 AM
Okay... enough braggin' mama ;)

Brag on, Mama! I am right there in the button busting department. Love some scattin'

Grandma Nan
December 9th, 2014, 10:00 AM
Oh Blondie I hope you are feeling better. I wish I lived closer and I would drive your mom to her appointment for you. As well hope the rest who are feeling unwell and have a variety of other concerns feel the support of your forum family.

Yesterday was a long day but I think all the external Christmas shopping is done. I still have some gifts here to finish up but I essentially have all the gifts. I could almost hibernate until Christmas and not go outside. I have all my baking supplies for the shortbread. Wrapping paper/bags/tissues, check. I really think I could stay in but then I would miss the most wonderful time of the year. People really do change at Christmas. I was standing in cash line ups yesterday and not once did I hear people grumbling. It is jjust taken in stride. I might say tho that some of the stores could hire a few more cashiers. I expect there are people who could use a Christmas job.

Well tomorrow I get my stitches out of my hand and that will be good as I truly believe that they are ready to come out. I had the carpal tunnel done on Nov.29 so it has been 14 days and they are really pulling and stinging.

The sewing room is coming along slowly but surely. I just need to get it done so I can get all of the boxes out of my bedroom and get things tidied up. I am having all 5 grand boys here on Friday for a sleepover. I am planning on decorating gingerbread men. Last year we did the houses but we also had some of the parents around to help out. This year there's only pa and me so we have changed the tradition up a bit this year. The kids love it and are at the perfect age for this. They range from 2-10. I am also getting the magical reindeer food made so that they can take that home for Christmas eve. I got some funfetti cupcakes and icing yesterday so I think we'll have cupcakes too. This is our own little private Christmas memory making party. I hope that the kids will remember these good times in later years. I am very lucky to have all the kids close enough to do this right now.

Well I better go and get in the shower and get this day rolling. Just because I have finished my shopping does not mean I am ready for Christmas. Ho Ho Ho and blessings to those who are having problems and ill health.

December 9th, 2014, 10:07 AM
Blondie.. even when you feel like "crap",, your smiling and praying and wishing people well,,, What a gal"... I hope this passes quickly for you... especially at this time of the year.. not a good thing.. Hope YOU and all the gals here know how much love and appreciation I hold for them.... My prayers and good thoughts go out to all...
Now off to sew and hopefully "clean up a little" in the ROOM:) B

December 9th, 2014, 10:32 AM
Good morning all! Prayers going up for all who need them for health, family, or other reasons. I had a good day out with my guild friends yesterday. I found the fabric I needed at the shop we visited and I'll start cutting and sewing it up later today. We could use some sunshine here. It's been overcast for several days now...but I'm grateful the weather isn't worse.

Simply Quilting
December 9th, 2014, 10:56 AM
Good Morning!!! Ended up having a busy day of errands and activities yesterday - originally was just going to be home all day. I took the children to their make-up bowling of two games for Saturday since they can't be there on Saturday. While the younger two bowled, the oldest and I worked on taping mini candy canes to papers that tell the Candy Cane story. These will be passed out to children during our church's live nativity next week. It is looking really neat as we will have live camels as part of it but no horses. Horses get very nervous around camels. The stable is already in place and looks very nice. This is a free event that we are putting on for the community.

Last night I was working on gifts - I had enough fabric for 18. But was short fabric for the other 3 that I need. Thankfully, Dad and Mom can stop at MO* today to get what I need and I will get the items from them later this week. I love to go over there but don't really have time this week to make it over with all the activities going on this week. I am wanting to make it over sometime this month to see, in person, the ornaments that everyone made.

I think I am headed back to bed for just a bit as I had less than 3 hours of sleep last night. One of those times that my brain refuse to shut off for the night. Many things kept running through my brain including several quilt pattern ideas. I don't recommend staying awake until 4AM - it makes for a short night. It also makes it even more important to proof read before you post - I got the errors corrected but they were making for an interesting reading.

Blondie, I hope that you get feeling better.

Bubby, I hope that you are able to rest more today. Hopefully, a new store will come in next to that LQS. I hate to see LQS go out of business.

Monique, prayers for Jodie.

Carolyn, prayers as you look at the senior facility.

Nan, what sweet memories to make with you grandchildren.

Hugs and prayers to those who need them.

Have a great day everyone :)

December 9th, 2014, 11:02 AM
Hoping our 'sick' friends and their Moms do better today, prayers for all especially Monique's DIL.

Once again 1-3" of snow was predicted beginning overnight but thankfully all we got was rain. Just hope that isn't ice I see on the ground. I'm really afraid of falling as every once in awhile my cane bottom slips on ice. Have lunch dates on Thursday and Friday and hope all is gone by then. Also need to pick up my RX's as I forgot to do so yesterday when we were at market. Came home from food shopping yesterday with about 10 bags of food, etc. but forgot to pick up my RX's - not too bright of me as the trip to the market was to pick them up.

Have to get the rest of our tree decorated so I can get boxes, etc. back into the garage, vacuum the living room and it is all set until the New Year. Also need to set up a few dressy outfits to take me through Christmas and make sure DH's suit and my outfit are ready to wear on the 28th for DGD's wedding. Most of my gift shopping is done, hope to get to Kohl's before weekend for small items and then a big wrap-a-thon on the dining room table. Always have a clear plastic bag or baggie ready for all receipts and make a list of what I gave to who. Makes it easier the next Christmas so I don't keep giving the same gifts every year. Only gift that is appreciated every year are the "Meat" (filet migon) steaks I give some family members and, of course, money is always appreciated especially by high school and college grandkids.

Jean Sewing Machine
December 9th, 2014, 11:10 AM
Hi everyone! Just checking in for today, hope those of you who aren't feeling well get to feeling better soon!

I'm working on a quilt for my friend's daughter today, hope to get it finished by Saturday, when they are having her birthday party. It's a Tea Cup quilt, love that pattern for letting the fabric design remain more or less intact. The fabric line is kind of crazy with 70's colors and prints with some prints with owls on it. It has fewer owls than I thought, even though it is called Owlivia.

Have a good day! Get well, you all who are not feeling well.

December 9th, 2014, 11:25 AM
As a retired music teacher,it's nice to hear mama's brag about their kids choral activities. Brag on.

I'm in the process of making my sewing room more pleasant. Also finishing up quilting last quilt.

Love, hugs and kisses to all.

Ginny B
December 9th, 2014, 11:29 AM
Good morning everyone. Pouring rain here today so I decided to sleep in this morning. Probably shouldn't have since I want to get a lot done today (inside -- not venturing out today). We did get a lot of Christmas shopping done yesterday after we got home from CT. Yay. I feel like we are making good progress on our list.

Thinking of all of you dealing with illness here. Prayers for healing for all.

Nan, it sounds like you will have a wonderful time Friday with the grands. :)

Carolyn, I hope you can find someplace for your mom that you and she are comfortable with.

Belated birthday greetings Cathy.

Off to get this day started. With the way the wind is blowing and the rain is pounding on the windows, I just want to stay curled up under a quilt. But I won't -- I will accomplish things.

Navy Wife
December 9th, 2014, 11:34 AM
I had my first good night's sleep in a week, so expected to get up and feel great. Wrong! My vertigo decided to show up this morning, so I am quietly sitting in my chair and trying to keep my head straight and level! I took my meds, so it should be better in a little while.
I finished the baby quilt except for a label, so I can sit quietly and work on that. Then run it through the laundry and box to mail to Atlanta. Ellie the cat is driving me crazy this morning wanting to go out and come in and go out again. Out is actually our screened porch as her dainty feet never touch the ground! I finally got her claws clipped the other day, so she is not scratching the furniture and me!
It was a beautiful, sunny day yesterday, but we're back to clouds today. Three more weeks to Florida! Gee, I need to get busy packing the RV.
Have a great day!


December 9th, 2014, 12:46 PM
:icon_wave: Morning all. Sounds like we have a few Rudolph's in the room today. Sending prayers for you all to get well ASAP.....we don't want any of your faces looking like glazed donuts on Christmas morning. (wasn't that a lovely visual :lol:)
Carolyn, it is never easy to make these decision and my heart goes out to you. The only advice I can give is do what your heart tells you is right for her. (If your mind tries to guilt-trip you, tell it that silence is golden and you would like to be rich!! )
Blondie, I kinda chuckled when you said your Mom wanted to look after you......that old adage "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree" zipped right through my head.

Kids and Grandma had a great time. Picked them up from the train station on Monday and they never stopped talking til they went to bed. :icon_rofl: Grandma Liz is already hinting she wants them back for March break. I can see alot of visits to the train station in my future. Just finished paying some bills online (oh I love this part of technology) and now have to go find the Christmas gifts we bought (and hid) to get them all wrapped. Every year I seem to manage to lose one because I hid it just a little too well. :icon_giggle:
Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers, and wishing you a beautiful day.

Carrie J
December 9th, 2014, 01:16 PM
Good Mornng All!!! Oh, so sorry for all the folks that don't feel well, have work-a-day issues, and hard decisions to make. You are in my thoughts and prayers for sure Sleep,last night was invaded by Hubs knocking over his bedside lamp........abrupt moment of panic, as I thought it was him falling! He said I sat straight up in bed and yelled "Ken where are you, are you ok?". He laughed and said, "It was the dog Hon." and I flopped back down and stuck my head under the pillow. Guess my subconscious decided it wasn't important enough to fully wake up. Stayed up til almost 2 a.m. To finish watching "The Red Tent", great movie with a different spin on the story of Joseph. Why do they have to put such good movies on soooo late? Anyway, VERY foggy this morning, pea soup would be a great description. Glad I'm not having to drive in it. Late start to the day, so off to hustle thru the necessary chores and hit the sewing room. Hugs and Blessings to all, and especially those that need them.

Amy R
December 9th, 2014, 02:40 PM
Wishing healthy wishes to the under the weathers. Hoping we avoid it here.
Dark and grey day, no rain thus far or anything. Little one and I just got done with some bean and bacon soup. YUMMMMM. Perfect. this kid is crazy for beans. I bet she'd eat the whole can. However, I don't want to deal with the um... aftermath... :O

Still hand quilting, I absolutely love how the middle row looks. 4 1/2 blocks to go total, with 12 crescents.
I woke up crabby this am, mostly due to fibromyalgia pain and little one waking up about 3 times overnight. No bad dreams, not sure what it was about.

Sandy Navas
December 9th, 2014, 04:07 PM
Good Mornng All!!! Oh, so sorry for all the folks that don't feel well, have work-a-day issues, and hard decisions to make. You are in my thoughts and prayers for sure Sleep,last night was invaded by Hubs knocking over his bedside lamp........abrupt moment of panic, as I thought it was him falling! He said I sat straight up in bed and yelled "Ken where are you, are you ok?". He laughed and said, "It was the dog Hon." and I flopped back down and stuck my head under the pillow. Guess my subconscious decided it wasn't important enough to fully wake up. Stayed up til almost 2 a.m. To finish watching "The Red Tent", great movie with a different spin on the story of Joseph. Why do they have to put such good movies on soooo late? Anyway, VERY foggy this morning, pea soup would be a great description. Glad I'm not having to drive in it. Late start to the day, so off to hustle thru the necessary chores and hit the sewing room. Hugs and Blessings to all, and especially those that need them.

I wanted so badly to see "The Red Tent" - although it was advertised on our satellite system we don't subscribe to the right channel and it's such a hassle to get it for one show. But, I've read the book and wanted to see if they stayed close on topic.