View Full Version : Thursday... Peggy Anne update.

December 4th, 2014, 04:03 PM
Hi... I'm waiting to hear what the MRI she had yesterday showed. I hope to hear this evening sometime after the Step daughter goes to see her.

Peggy is more alert and still in pain by they are managing it pretty good.

She said Peggy was able to get up for a bit with a walker last night, and that they will be taking her out of ICU soon. Which are both great signs.

I'm still praying for her and will update you when I hear more. Thanks for caring guys!!

Jean Sewing Machine
December 4th, 2014, 04:15 PM
Thanks for the update! I hope she gets up and around and in less pain soon. Prayers for you, dear friend!

December 4th, 2014, 04:22 PM
Sounds like she is progressing. Baby steps are good.

Continued prayers.

December 4th, 2014, 04:49 PM
Keeping the prayers and good thoughts going for Peggy Anne.

December 4th, 2014, 04:51 PM
Peggy is a doer, she may start with baby steps but she will finish by winning the race. Positive thoughts going out for Peggy and her family.

Grandma Nan
December 4th, 2014, 05:21 PM
Thanks for this update Gloria. So glad to hear that things are moving in a positive direction. She is very lucky to have you as a friend.We are all thinking about her and sending the best of wishes to her.

December 4th, 2014, 05:35 PM
Thanks for keeping us informed on her progression. Prayers continue for our sweet friend.

Simply Quilting
December 4th, 2014, 06:06 PM
Thank you for the update. Glad that she is already up and moving which is a very good sign.

December 4th, 2014, 06:08 PM
Aww bless her heart. This is very good news, thanks for letting us know. Keeping the prayers going and you make sure to look after yourself too! (Don't want you getting sick sweetie :icon_hug:)

December 4th, 2014, 06:10 PM
MRI Update!!

The results of the MRI is NO CANCER!! Praise God!

December 4th, 2014, 07:12 PM
Oh--PRAISE GOD INDEED. Thank you for sharing that good news. And thanks be to God for prayers answered!

Simply Quilting
December 4th, 2014, 07:14 PM
AWESOME NEWS!!!!!!! Doin' the Happy Dance :icon_woohoo::icon_woohoo:

Sandy Navas
December 4th, 2014, 07:18 PM
Cold chills - positive thoughts, healing prayers!

Miss Sheri
December 4th, 2014, 09:28 PM
Oh, Thank Heaven for miracles great and small!

December 4th, 2014, 10:02 PM
Fantastic news! Keeping her in my prayers!

December 4th, 2014, 11:42 PM
Best news I've had all day! Awesome. Prayers still coming.

Live to Quilt
December 5th, 2014, 12:32 AM
I don't post much, but sat by Peggy at retreat and she is such a sweetie you can't help but love her.
Thank you Gloria for posting no cancer. All the best to her and will keep the prayers up

Jean Anne