View Full Version : Just be Patient, PIF Friends

Sandy Navas
December 3rd, 2014, 04:05 PM
Do not be saddened if your five haven't shown up yet. Remember you can Pay It Forward to ANYONE at ANYTIME!

And, for all you stalkers or want-to-be-stalked who may have missed this before, just copy this, put it in your User Notes (under your Profile) and answer the questions. Skip any you don't want to answer, add anything else you feel would help. This is NOT mandatory - just some fun!! You never know whenever someone will want to do something special for you or get to know you just a little better.

Things My Quilting Friends Want to Know About Me

My user name is

You may call me

I have been quilting for ‘X’ years

I am ‘X’ years old (approx)

I am married, divorced, widowed, never married, single

I have ‘X’ Children, ‘X’ Grandchildren, ‘X’ Greats

My favorite color is

My very least favorite color is

My style of quilting is (i.e., patchwork, modern, traditional, artsy, applique, hand or machine, etc.)

I am a perfectionist or a ‘git ‘er done’

My pets are

My favorite drink (coffee, tea, water, milk, wine, etc.)

My favorite snack

My favorite meal would include

Colors in my living room

Colors in my kitchen

Colors in my dining room

Colors in my bedroom

Colors in my bath

Things I collect

Anything special on your wish list

Your location (as detailed as you wish) City, State, Country

Any allergies

Other hobbies I have

I have always wanted to

If I had an unlimited budget I would

I worked as

You can find me on (e-mail, FB, Pinterest, tweet, Google, etc.)

Something I have done of which I am proud

I would love to visit

Date of birth (you may leave off the year)


Places I have lived

My favorite music genre is