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November 24th, 2014, 07:31 AM

Happy Monday and Happy Thanksgiving Week, Folksies!

Things will begin to get crazy here this week; betcha around your place as well. Hubs works two days and then he seriously becomes Clark Griswold, my own Sparky. He has already started sorting the lights and checking them twice. Our display is never much, but you would think it was - I believe it is like quilting/sewing for me. The planning is fun and when it gets down to the bones, it just takes time and all the planning in the world can't stop trying to find that one little bulb that worked fine but now isn't. I just let him do his thing. He seems to like his world as much as I like mine. Now and then the voices in our heads actually join in lovely harmony when our worlds collide.

We are scheduled to have some family visit for Thanksgiving. This year will be all wonky with my DD working at the nursing center, DS working that evening after dinner and brother in the skilled rehab center. My Mom's favorite nephew will be passing through - we haven't seen them since the summer - and hopefully he will stay a few days. Also, it is a slim possibility that one of my Aunties will be here for a few days. That would be special for both she and Mom.

Thanking each and every knee that was bent in prayer for our Barb during her recent crisis. I know that she isn't out of the woods yet, so, keep those prayers coming. I know she will be back online when she can.

Have a great Monday. It's all about to get sketchy with time management from now until Christmas. I may just close my eyes until 2015.

Hugs. blessings, prayers to those who are in need and smiles all around.


Cathy F
November 24th, 2014, 08:28 AM
Morning all,
Still dark out in my neck of the woods but I do hear the rain that's been coming down. I'm thankful it's warmed up some or it could have been snow. Too early for the white stuff!
Have to start thinking about Thanksgiving and dinner. Just the two of us this year so I just may get a turkey breast and add the trimmings. Have a homemade peach pie in the freezer ready to be baked, and will make a pumpkin roll filled with a cream cheese mixture, yum! Will have a nice quiet leisurely day and will take some time to reflect on all I'm thankful for this year.
Did get the label stitched out for my son-in-laws quilt, will get that stitched on and then another gift completely finished. Feels good to get them crossed off the "to do" Christmas list.
Sending good thoughts and healing wishes to all our forum members with health issues. Glad to hear Barb is back in the comfort of her own home.

Jean Sewing Machine
November 24th, 2014, 09:40 AM
Good morning! The wind is howling bringing a cold rain in after a whole Sunday of soft gentle warm rain. We weren't out and about yesterday as we celebrated our version of Thanksgiving while my older DD Was here from Atlanta. We had her little granddaughter here part of Saturday til late last night. She is 5 and she had a ball playing with my 9 year old granddaughter all day. They were cute and played together so nicely! If you looked at them, they are two blue eyed, blonde hair "Elsa" look a likes, who look like sisters, although there isn't a drop of shared genetic material between them! (Little one is my DD's step granddaughter, hence, no shared parentage!). They're both darling just the same!

Anyway, my cooking duties are over, fridge is full of leftovers, which my brother and I will share Thursday after we go to the movies. Today DD and I will explore a couple of outlet malls we missed out on last summer when they opened. We were both too busy to shop, believe that if you will, she because she was moving, me because of working on my play.

My SIL helped us put together crock pot dressing ( many calls to Atlanta). You make your dressing as usual, get it very moist with broth and put it in the crock pot on low. I cooked it for about 4 hours. It was so delicious, and just fluffy and moist, I'm going to do it in the crockpot in the future! My SIL is the bomb when it comes to cooking for a crowd!

Hope you all have a great day! Continued prayers for our Bubby!

Iris Girl
November 24th, 2014, 09:41 AM
Morning all! Yes it is Monday. It was raining cats and dogs earlier, seems to just be foggy now. 49 degrees ..good thing or it would have been snow. Not ready for that yet. I got 12 of the roses quilt quilted and the next section marked. Gotta make a cute mug rug send off to friend. Other then that not much happening. Stuffing is done and ready for the bird. Pies will be made weds. Trying take it easy as I know work Friday and sat will be crazy. Healing thoughts and hugs going to all that need them. Have a great day all.

November 24th, 2014, 09:58 AM
Good morning! My Monday dawns the start of a busy crazy week at the restaurant. Wish me luck!

Continued prayers for Barb and all of those who need them! Have a great day!

November 24th, 2014, 10:05 AM
Crunch time for Thanksgiving, we all need to check our menu and supplies and make a list of what's needed. I don't have to do much in that area this year as DS#3 and GF and doing all the veggies and a dessert - I'll pop the stuffed turkey in the oven while they're at annual Thanksgiving day high school football game with next town and they'll return to take over the kitchen. Everyone is welcomed to join us as there will be lots of food and only 4 of us to eat it all. Next day they won't be around for leftovers as they'll be at his 30th high school reunion dinner and we'll be at my cousin's Turkey Soup and Sandwich party.

Got to seriously begin thinking about Christmas, need to go over gift list as this year I'm making changes and downsizing a bit. Before DS#3 leaves he'll help DH take down our big Christmas totes from garage attic. Right after Thanksgiving is the best time to do outdoor decorating. This year DH is really looking forward to putting up some lights outside. Only took him 55 years to get the holiday decorating spirit. He thinks he's fooling me but we had large yew and shrubs removed this year so there is very little to string some lights on and his stringing them along the house roof days are long over. Hanging the big wreaths on the front door and windows will probably be it.

Keeping prayers going for our pal Bubby, and adding any other forum members who need them for themselves, family or friends. Sad to hear bad news when most of us are contemplating holidays meals, gifts, visits, etc.

Amy R
November 24th, 2014, 10:48 AM
What a crazy weekend, with more to come this week!
After the car fiasco, last night proved to be a bad night for little one. She must have been having nightmares because she was out of her room crying. I finally grabbed my quilt and pulled her onto the cushions with me in her room and she only woke twice. When she did she was scared and clung to me, then fell asleep. Why do they get nightmares so young? Such bs.!! It should just be angels and fairies and bubbles.
I did finish hand quilting the second block on mom's quilt. I'll have time here and there to do some more, but should definitely be able to get it done by the time they come up to visit for Christmas. My sis and bil are getting their quilt and pillows this week, I can't wait!!!
The wind is whipping around, I hear munchkins and ruby slipper taps. I guess a bunch of us are in wind advisory til tonight. I hope there's no damage to anyone and our trees stay up. Yikes!!

Finally got a picture of my 3 babies last night. Cat was buzzing on his cat nip and the terrible twins were exhausted from a long day of wreaking havoc :D


Happy thanksgiving week if I don't see you all again til after it's all said and done! Added to my thankful list this year is all of you!! <3

Sandy Navas
November 24th, 2014, 10:57 AM
Ahh, it's Monday! Colder here today and the rains have stopped, so dry weather is headed East. Along with the chill . . .

Worked on my contribution to the quilt guild's Christmas exchange yesterday. About halfway finished I had to wind a bobbin and the bobbin tension disc flew out of the machine . . . think it must have been held in place with a spring washer and it wasn't put on correctly the last time I had it in for service. Needless to say, four little pieces went flying and it took about half an hour to find them all amiss all the fluff and dog ears, threads and trimmings on the floor - not magnet compatible.

Why is it when we get this close to the end of the year that the time just seems to rush by and it's loud enough it makes your ears ache? Oh, that was the strong winds that blew through here? This has been the windiest year I've ever experienced - Chicago, there goes your title.

Mourning the loss of two young high school seniors who walked out on the ice of a farm pond and slipped through, drowning. Makes you wonder, with weather in the 50's yesterday, what they were thinking. I am sending prayer for their families.

I've had so many forum friends on my mind lately, missing those who are suffering - wishing everyone good health, wealth, and happiness.


November 24th, 2014, 11:17 AM
Love and prayers for everyone whether you need them or not .lol.

I am almost done with sons quilt but honestly I'm so frustrated with it. I've taken it apart sew many times. He's my tallest gift recipient and has the shortest quilt and no I didn't keep cutting it when resewing.haha

Only 2 more quilt s to finish before Christmas. And 2 totes and several Potholder and...and... it's official,I'm crazy. Lol.

Have fun today everyone and keep up the smiles.

November 24th, 2014, 11:20 AM
When she did she was scared and clung to me, then fell asleep. Why do they get nightmares so young? Such bs.!! It should just be angels and fairies and bubbles.
(((HUGS))) my kids are 3 and almost 6, I found that these phases of disruptive sleep are tough around age two to three, where they have vivid imaginations, but not yet the ability to filter out the real/unreal. It is a tough phase, but it will pass.

Hello All,

It is Monday evening here, it's been a long day, and it will be a long week. We don't have off for Thanksgiving and many traditional foods are not available, so we will do our own family meal on Sunday. It's just not the same! I wish we could be home with family, and it would pay $20 a pound for a real sweet potato right now!!

My students had a case of the 'can't-stop-tal kings' this afternoon the our highly disorganized director tried to talk to us about needing to think through lesson plans in advance.... Ha! It was an exhausting way to end the day.

I have a little snowman table runner I'm working on, I'm hoping to spend some time on that after getting kids into bed this week.

I hope everyone enjoys the hustle, bustle, and chaos of the holiday week ahead!

November 24th, 2014, 11:45 AM
Morning Everyone!

Geez, I got up late this morning with only enough time to get ready for work. I have been thinking about our Bubby all weekend and pray that she comes out of this.

Had a great weekend! Did laundry, a little housework (those weren't the great parts but necessary), and a lot of sewing. I finished the quilt top of a pinwheel quilt I was working on, and then I made a tree skirt from Jenny's tutorial. I only got the top done on this as well since I didn't think ahead enough to get border and binding material.

It rained and blew so hard yesterday I thought anything not anchored outside would have a new zip code. It is sunny today and will be warming up into the high 60's by Friday and that works for me!

This will be the first Thanksgiving that I'm not hosting in quite a few years. My Dad and Step-Mom thought I needed a break. They are incredibly thoughtful and really look out for me, still. It will be a nice quiet relaxing day for me and the hubs.

Smiles, hugs, and prayers for all my forum friends and I hope each of you has a happy and blessed Thanksgiving.


November 24th, 2014, 11:46 AM
Good morning all! Watching the snow fly here. Not supposed to last much longer, it is coating the bushes and grass, but I don't think it will last long - it is pretty wet. Thankful to be taking vacation days today and tomorrow and therefore have the whole week off!

Turkey day is here, so I have been trying to tackle cleaning and purging. I have most of a full size bed filled with items for donation. That bed is the last thing that I will tackle, so that I can keep piling more stuff on there. Who needs 40 towels? How did we even end up with 40 towels? I thinned the heard of towels. Some were just bad and got made into rags - they were at the bottom of the pile in the linen closet. I hate it when I let things get this far beyond where they should be!

Have been doing the 5 minute power surges that Bonnie Hunter is doing, it has gotten me motivated and my purging surge usually goes much longer than 5 minutes, but it NEEDS to be done. I am feeling lighter already!

Worked on pillowcases for Cyber Elves Gives Back and doing the quilting on my son's tshirt quilt yesterday. Need to wind some bobbins and finish his quilt off. I have several more that are ready for the long arm. Hoping to get enough practice and confidence to tackle more of them, since they are Christmas gifts. I figure that they are all for family and if they find the wobbles after they are washed, then they are too picky!

Hugs and prayers for all of our forum friends, whether you think you need them or not. I am very thankful that I found this forum!

November 24th, 2014, 11:59 AM
good morning from St George, feeling for all of you in cold supposed to be 65 here today. I lived in cold weather all my life so this warmer weather is such a treat. I have also been working on Bonnie Hunters power purge. am slowly working on sewing room need to get it cleaned up to make room for the new long arm... wahoo.... wishing all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving, prayers and hugs to all and super hugs and prayers to Barbara hope you get feeling better soon .

Carrie J
November 24th, 2014, 12:47 PM
Morning All! Sun shining brightly here, though a small cold front came thru and chilled it nicely. Winds here were horrible yesterday, speaking of which, yesterday was the first full day home for BFF. Tough day for both of us, but FINALLY settled down. I can honestly say I'm glad Home Heatlh is taking over all duties starting today, I don't think I could've handled much more. Thanks Lord! Glad to see Bubby posting, but prayers still continuing for her. Finished DH's quilt, washed, dried and in his lap for the football game, he's very tickled and so am I, LOL! After running to the store for some Thanksgiving supplies, I"m settling into a relaxing pattern search for my quilt (yes my very own, no one elses, Saints be praised!! :D) do some pre-dessert things that go in the freezer, and making a run for some sewing supplies I need.............................yes, I really DO need them y'all! Hugs and Blessing to all, and especially those that need them!

November 24th, 2014, 12:47 PM
Good morning forum friends.

Blondie, your Clark Griswold description made me smile........and the comparsion to our obsession with quilting is perfect!

May.....I'll be going to the store for the last few things tonight.........when the store is almost empty. I refuse to go in a grocery store on the day before Thanksgiving........it's just not worth it. :D

Amy....your picture of the 3 babies is soooo cute.......you can tell they are pooped out from a hard day!

Prayers & hugs going out to Barb & Jeff.......also prayingfor Dee (musical_starling). Today she was scheduled to meet with doctors......sure hope they will schedule her surgery that she wants and needs.

I need to get dressed & go pick up another Christmas gift.....saw a dress for my niece that I'm 90% sure she will love.........or I could be 100% wrong......who knows! :D

Then home to put binding on my "took way too long on this project wall hanging"!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you........or as one of my cousins told me a few years ago...........Time to put on the Eatin' Pants"!! :D

November 24th, 2014, 01:21 PM
Good morning! I'm not running on all cylinders today. I got 4 hours sleep last night (actually it was this morning from 1-5) and I'm already beginning to wilt. We're having high winds as a cold front heads our way. It's a good day to stay in and sleep!

Sandy, I'm so sorry about the teenagers' tragic deaths. I can't begin to imagine what their families are going through.
It's so good to hear from Barb. Prayers continue for her and Jeff and for any others in need of comfort and/or healing.

November 24th, 2014, 02:50 PM
I got to play taxi today. My youngest GD had to come to Clayton today for her tooth extraction. Yep that Clayton where the GJ is meeting. Nothing happening so we came. Tomorrow I may try to take Gabe to CGCH for.his MRI, and neurosurgery appt. DD has to work so I cant take the quilts. Just to many to handle by myself.
Ahhh the holidays. I am in a real funk over all of them. Would prefer to go to sleep now and wake up Jan 2. It will be entirely to hectic for me this year. On top of an already stressful situation, DD closes on her house the 5th......ughhh.
Hugs and blessings to all. Prayers for those in need.

November 24th, 2014, 03:46 PM
Brr! It's a cool and damp one here today.
I may make a run to the fabric store, but most likely I'll just build a fire in the wood stove and get busy around here.

Hubby just called to ask if I needed that board for sewing at the library today. Ummm. I only asked about it two weeks ago. You got lucky Bud! The library quilters don't meet on the 4th Monday.
I don't really want to bring my ironing board to the library, and the plastic banquet tables aren't really going to handle an iron well. I went back and took a look at the tutorial of the portable ironing pad Jenny made and figured we ought to have some plywood around her some where that would work. It would have been so much faster if I had just gone to HomeDepot, bought a full sheet, and sweet talked my son into cutting it down for me during one of his shifts. I'm sure it would have cost nearly as much to buy a full sheet as it would the pre-cut 1/4 sheet they had in the 'ready-to-go' bins.
Oh well, hubby's guilty conscience caught up with him this morning at work when he went to grab a piece of wood for something and realized he hadn't cut my board. I'm guessing it will get done tonight before supper!

This can be a rough time for a lot of folks, for many reasons, so hugs and prayers for all in need.
Hugs, Cathy

Now to go build that fire.....

Simply Quilting
November 24th, 2014, 06:26 PM
Afternoon. It was a very late night for me last night. I finally went to bed around 4AM. My heart was just really heavy with everything going on. The two boys that Sandy mentioned were friends of our high school students up here. So lots of heavy hearts yesterday at church. Several of our law enforcement/National Guard friends are now down in Ferguson and unsure how long they will be there. There is a DFS case that I dealt with several years ago that has now come back into the spot light and is causing issues. But because I was involved with the case, I can not public speak out or say anything (even correcting what other people post incorrectly on facebook) about what happened.

On more postive notes, I'm getting all of the winter bedding out and washing it to be ready to put on the beds for tonight. I have everything bought and ready to be fixed except for the turkey breast. We will just be having a small dinner on Thanksgiving and a larger one at my in-laws over the weekend. The two table runners are done except for quilting the tops which I will do tonight. We do have sunshine and a warm day today.

Be safe everyone. Hugs and prayers for those who are in need of them. :)