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August 7th, 2011, 10:12 AM
Yesterday instead of working on my blocks I went fishing with friend. Our men were out golfing. I caught a nice trout which we had for supper. Yum, Yum. We a=had a BBQ last night as well. Also had some much needed rain.

Today looks like a sewing day.

Happy Sunday to all.

August 7th, 2011, 10:34 AM

Good Morning!
I slept in late, have made a nice breakfast and now I am ready to go back and sleep some more. We are still needing rain as well, Monique. Looks like south of me a bit has been really getting it. Sure wish they would share the wet stuff.

Okay, gals over a certain age - do you ever feel like you in a PMS funk even though you no longer officially PMS? That's where I am yesterday and today. My DD told me last night that she missed my pms'ing. WHAT? She told me that is how she learned to delegate and get things done. LOL.

Have a good day.

August 7th, 2011, 11:02 AM
Happy Sunday! Love the kittie loving his lovie! Say that a hundred times - haha.

Yes, Blondie - still in that too. The mood comes up now and then, I've learned to just stay away from people when it hits.

Got lots of rain yesterday and more today. It's nice and refreshing, but I think dad's grass is growing. Looks like rain most of the week too. Just started raining again - guess I'm not mowing today.

Finished my 4 small receiving blankets for the flea market on the 20th. Tomorrow I'll be concentrating on getting some 10 Minute table runners made. I'm hitting the beach from Thursday through Saturday and figured I can take the completed ones with me and sew the buttons on while I am chilling at the camper. We all 3 quilt so we are all bringing something small to work on.

Piece of advice - if you want to do the 10 Minute Blocks. Don't use a charm pack. They are a little frustrating to turn that center block out. I wish I could have found the fabric I wanted in layer cakes, but evidently they didn't make them that way. I think I figured I need 120 blocks to make a double bed size quilt. I have one charm pack finished, but many more to go. I'm thinking the quilt might be finished by the winter. Won't it look lovely to see the flowers on my bed in the middle of the cold, winter.

I hope you all have a good day. I am just hoping that the fog that settled in last night somehow blows itself out of this area for my trip home from Dads tonight.

Gina - how is our Abbey doing today?
Suzi - praying for you and your eyes.


August 7th, 2011, 11:03 AM
Hi Everyone, Blondie I'm long past the PMSing phase, but I still think that once a month my hormones get "frizzy"...not sure if this makes any sense. We've been getting rain and everything is nice and green again, but the humidity is like breathing fog. This will be an indoor day for me...I must remember to use my indoor voice!!!

I hope to get some sewing time in today, but if I could get the sewing room straightened up that would make me happy, too.

Wishing all of you a wonderful Sunday......Barb

Sandy Navas
August 7th, 2011, 11:17 AM
This is an open invitation to Barb to head up this way as soon as she's finished with her sewing room. I spent some time in mine yesterday as I'm preparing for the next phase of quilting projects. I'm so over-whelmed that I sorted a few things out and then walked away. I did pull some fabric out for a new bag I want to make and found that there wasn't enough there for the pattern I wanted to use. I pulled out about five or six cat/kitten patterns and want to sit down with Michelle to pick out the one she really favors. I need to do my July and August BOMs for the local quilt guild - I'm falling behind. And now I know this week I'll get a package from FLA with Wild Thing Blocks . . . . and the BOM that I've been gathering for my June bus trip buys is staring me in the face. And, here I sit on the computer. DUH, DUH, DUH!!!

My Li'l Sis swears up and down that our dear Mom invented PMS and has a patent on it. Before Mom went to the nursing home Li'l Sis used to ply her with Midol at least once a month!!!!! I don't know if it ever goes away, but I do find that a glass or two of wine helps occasionally, or a nice bubbly Bellini or a white Russian, or a nice tall G&T help . . . but only in moderation and only occasionally.

Woke to rumbles and grumbles and frequent thunderings and then rain. I think the rain lasted about 5 minutes. Wish I had some to send to Mary and to Blondie, and to all who need some - but we need it too. I'm not being selfish - I just don't have enough to spread around. I'm like Trish though - wish the weeds didn't grow so quickly.

I don't know what I'm doing today (as if I usually know!!) - so I'll just take it as it comes. Maybe I'll surprise myself and accomplish something. I'm thinking that the blocks I picked up at the estate sale Friday will best be hand sewn since that's the way they were started . . . so I do have a 'sit on your butt' project, too.

Hugs and prayers. Thinking of everyone here who has any issue at all.

August 7th, 2011, 11:53 AM
Well I had great plans to get my checkbook statements balanced today - I'm only 6 months behind. So far I've done some laundry, set up an Etsy account, cleaned the bathroom, oh and spent too much time on the PC but no checkbook balancing....UGH...here I go. Send in the troops if I'm not back in a few hours.

August 7th, 2011, 11:57 AM

Good Morning!
I slept in late, have made a nice breakfast and now I am ready to go back and sleep some more. We are still needing rain as well, Monique. Looks like south of me a bit has been really getting it. Sure wish they would share the wet stuff.

Okay, gals over a certain age - do you ever feel like you in a PMS funk even though you no longer officially PMS? That's where I am yesterday and today. My DD told me last night that she missed my pms'ing. WHAT? She told me that is how she learned to delegate and get things done. LOL.
Have a good day.

Oh Blondie, do I ever. My OBGYN says I should be past that. Shows what she knows. I just had night sweats last night and I still sometimes feel like I'm in a funk (howbeit, not as often as I used to). Fortunately, my DH understands and can tell when he needs to keep his distance. What a good guy! :)

August 7th, 2011, 02:11 PM
Happy Sunday Everybody!
I hope Gina and Abbey are doing better. Any further word on Agnes yet Sandy? With the weekend probably not.
We have that last load of hay in for this cutting. They may get another cutting in September, but I am not holding my breath. At this point I have enough hay to get me through the winter. Yea! I still need to go out and re-claim the garden from the weeds.
I just got back from visiting some friends and running a verification test on their herd of dairy goats. They take milk weights and samples and send it in to the lab to be analyzed for butter fat & protein. They also record how much milk the goats produce in an year and extrapolate how much the will milk in their lifetime. I come once a year to verify that their tester is taking accurate measurements, the scale is weighing correctly, and there is nothing wonky about any of their milking procedures. I have to witness, weight and sample three milkings over a 36 hour period. So what do you do for 12 hours between milkings? Hang out with your friends and visit like you are not usually able when you meet up at shows and fairs. We are often way too busy to just sit and chat when water buckets and hay feeders need filling.
It was a nice mini-vacation. It was also horribly depressing. Their gardens are looking fabulous and of course their milkers are world-class things of beauty, even if they aren't the breed I raise. One of their does is number three in the nation of all milkers of all breeds. She made 4800 pounds of milk in 305 days. If you figure that there are 8 pounds to the gallon, that works out to be 600 gallons of milk in a year. She is also a champion in the show ring, and looking at her daughters, she can reproduce herself too. Now to go out and look at my unfinished milk room, our sad garden spot, and my less than show ready milkers. At least my girls are not ugly and do milk. I just haven't had the drive to show in the last few years. Waaay to political and competitive for me. I keep up on the breeding program so that we can show, if I ever get the itch again. There is no point in feeding an inferior animal anyway. Well, enough ramblings about my goat-filled get away. My only hope is that by the time we have been here 15 to 20 years our place will look that good.
I should got off of here and out to the garden! See you all later!

Sandy Navas
August 7th, 2011, 03:30 PM
Cathy, just this morning I was looking out at our backyard, which needs mowed, and thinking I either needed to fence the place and invest in a herd of goats, or let it grow some more, then mow and bale it. I'm still pondering.

Agnes is doing as well as we expect - she's a tiny thing (but given one of my DDs kids was 11 1/2 pounds at birth . . . ) and there's no diabetes on either side of the family - we're just big people. The doctor called personally to assure DD that all tests were within normal limits. She does have thrush again. This will be the second or third round of treatment. DD thinks it isn't any reason that she isn't really growing - she's using all her energy to fight this yeast infection. Dr. called in an even stronger prescription. We hate to see a little one having to rely on something stronger - but at almost three months and being breastfed it's probably okay assuming her immune system is developed as it should be.

One of my on-line friends (who may recognize herself here) has been so very busy with remodeling her home, deep thorough cleaning and rearranging - and she's made me feel bad (well, not really, but she's given me some encouragement). So, I got up this morning and headed down to my storage room and cleaned it out. Straightened it up to the point where I can now get in and do a total assessment of what needs to be shelled out and what definitely needs to stay.

I even sat down at the piano while I was downstairs and practiced Amazing Grace over and over and over. That felt good. Headed to the sewing room, laid out some of the bow-tie blocks in an attempt to decide how to put them together, found a neat basket to put them in for my hand-work sessions, and then put the binding on a lap quilt that I've been wanting to finish. I guess, since I shouldn't be working so hard on this day of rest that I'm okay if I sit down and relax the rest of the day.

Expecting strong winds and hail any time now.

August 7th, 2011, 04:16 PM
The kitty was adorable Blondie! So sweet the way it hugged the bear! PMS, um well, funny you should ask. Last weekend I not only had the P but the MS too! Scared me very much because it has been at least a couple years since I was tested and came back "post menapausal". After a look up on the computer, I calmed down alittle but am still worried. One reason is I have NO insurance. It took me hours but I finally found a place that will take me without insurance. It has started and stopped several times this week. Has anyone ever had this happen? Anyway I know its TMI but it was funny that Blondie brought it up.
Fishing sounds like so much fun right now Monique. Nothing like frying up your catch for dinner! Hope you get lots of sewing done, I thought I might get a sewing day but the sun came out and now company is coming over to swim and cookout. I should go make a dessert. We got some rain this morning and the humidity seems to be gone. I am not doing much else today but happy that Sandy and Nancy were so ambitious! Cathy works way beyond what I feel like doing these days. I enjoy your goat-postings but was really holding my breath when you started your comparisions. I really did LOL when you mentioned your daughters!
We had Frankie all day Friday so mama could spend time with baby Gabe. Last night she text us to say that he was being moved out of critical care and into a regular room and as long as he progresses like this he may go home next week! This is good news as they originally said he would be in there a month. I can't wait to hold the little guy in my arms.
Well, company just walked in..better get off here!


August 7th, 2011, 04:55 PM
You all are so busy and I am a big bum! I got up at 6a.m., then 7 and fed the birds, then went back to bed with my coffee and finished my book. Then fell asleep and slept until 2:30 p.m.!!! I can't believe I did that!
As for PMS, I get little rumblings of it now and then. It's either that or I'm a stone cold B****! Probably the latter. LOL I get the occasional hot flash, and antsyness. But it's coming less and less thank goodness.
I'm glad the reports are better for Gabe and Agnes. I will continue praying for them.
Would love some peach cobbler Sandy.
Well, I guess I'd best get my lazy butt in gear and accomplish SOMETHING! Love you all, Jan L
P.S. I haven't heard anymore from Gina except they have the MRSA on the run. The meds are working. Have a great rest of Sunday everyone.

August 7th, 2011, 05:30 PM
Good afternoon everyone, I am in a fog today, no PMS but a ringing phone. My DH is filling in for the boss this weekend so all the phone calls about anything 24/7 are his to answer. Boy am I talking 24/7, off and on all night long for two nights our phone was ringing. I think we have one more night to go and that's it for a while anyway. Sure am glad he doesn't have to do this all the time. It sure does make you have a new respect for the boss and his poor wife. I can't imagine having to do this on a daily basis all the time.
Blondie hope the PMS leaves you alone soon, I've been there no fun. I still have the night sweats from time to time but the Estroven really seems to help with that, I use the Estroven plus Energy. My doctor actually recommended those to me, he doesn't like HRT so I was really having difficulty for a while. I had complete female surgery when in my 20's so this has been ongoing for over 30 years.
I am working on my pinwheel again, still not coming out as well as I would have hoped, still going to have square them up a bunch but I'm working with it. How does Jenny make it look so easy in the tuts. At least I have a square ruler with the rignt marks on it that should make it pretty easy to square them. I'm going to be busy getting the guest room straightened up for DIL and granddaughter. Instead of coming for just the day on Saturday she decided to wait and come tomorrow and spend about three days, grandma is excited about that. We might even get the fabric cut for DIL's quilt finally after about 4 and a half years. It's been aging very well on the shelf. Would be nice to clear out that stack to make room for new fabric. She wants to help cut it but with her having the baby and going to school full time who has the time. On the 15th she starts her student teaching at two different high schools, then graduates in December and then hoping to find a teaching position. This is probably going to be the only window of time we have to get it done. This sleepless grandma better get off her can and the computer and get some things done.
Still no rain in sight, thanks Sandy for thinking of sharing with us, if you had enough and a way we would sure take it. LOL The only thing we are not missing is the humidity. It is usually so heavy down here you feel like you are breathing fog as Barb said.
Everyone have a great Sunday or what's left of it.

August 7th, 2011, 06:30 PM
Sandy, BALE it! You could probably make a nice profit since there will be a shortage this winter. With all of the flooding and drought most of the hay hasn't had a chance to do anything. The rumor is that we may be looking at $20 a bale for alfalfa this winter if you don't get it in now.
Patti, they aren't my daughters! They are daughters of their fabulous milking goat! They have been working on their place for about 20 years or so. They moved up here from California about then. They both have jobs that provide a very comfortable income, and allow them to do the things they want. It is depressing in the fact that I'd love to have that right now. Inspiring in the fact that I can do some of the things on my farm, even if they are in a more modest/frugal way. Like I said, they have a good 15 to 20 years head start on me.
Now that Em & I have had lunch, I'm headed back out to tackle more of the gardens. The weather is fabulous. Sunny with a nice breeze.
I also picked up a half yard to two batiks while I was on my trip. I will make myself a new pin cushion/thread keeper from it. I am almost done with the one I made for my grandmother. I have a few modifications for the next one. Maybe I'll try to makeup a tutorial for it. It is really handy to take along for small sewing projects in the car or waiting rooms.
Happy afternoon!

August 7th, 2011, 06:57 PM

It may be past your dinner time but we have just finished some most delicious BLT's.

The PMS thing is like an occasional blip or in my case, like rusty gears shifting into place. I am certainly not a moody person. not a grump; feeling much better now. I don't miss my monthly friend, never want to go through that stuff again. Although, I do miss the surge of whatever hormone would possess me occasionally. It allowed me to be REALLY ME! I got things done. I would put off phone calls that were distasteful until that time of month. You know, repair people, dr appts., PTA call backs. Yeah, I was a barrel of laughs. hehehe. really it is more like yuck, yuck, yuck
I saw my Sis earlier today and told her to just slap it outta me. She sat down and cried with me instead. Gosh, that felt sooo good but if you could see my blotchy face and swollen eyes. Our husbands continued to watch Nascar. Very wise men.
Glad to know I am in good company. Think I will make another sammich and eat a chocolate bar. Good Grief! Did I say that?

Cathy, we just had someone cut and bale our property across the road. They make out like bandits I guess. They do the work and keep the hay. We don't have the equipment or know how to do that. I don't know how many bales they got but it was a good haul.