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July 22nd, 2014, 03:11 AM
I'm up getting things in order for a goat show. My daughter has decided that she really, REALLY wants to show the goats. She is too young to be in 4-H until next fall. So I figure we'll do a few open shows. The one I was going to do, I've been hired to judge. (More $$ for judging than showing.) That left the state fair. Well, until a friend called and let me know the numbers at her county fair were really low, and I could still squeak in with her permission (handy that she's the superintendent). OK. We'll go.
ACK! I have 8 possibly 9 goats to give a full body clip, bathe them, and still get the gear together.
Uh oh! I have the paperwork on this years kids to get in line! I figured I had until September!

I have one week to get this all done, not a month and a half like I planned! Oh well! I'll do what I can and go from there!

Sewing may take a back burner, unless it's a couple of goat coat repairs!

How is your summer going so far? All according to plan or possibly a few side trips?

July 22nd, 2014, 03:30 AM
I shaved my dog the other day....want me to come shave your goats? How fast do you think dog hair grows? Faster than goat hair? For Yoda's sake, I hope so! I only wanted to make him look like a donkey.....

Judy, USMC
July 22nd, 2014, 03:44 AM
So sorry to hear you are under such time constraints! But I'm sure it will make your DD so very happy.
Bubba - step away from the clippers!

My summer is going pretty much as I expected. Getting the Chicago house opened up didn't take too much effort. Still need to do a bit of dusting and straightening up. And I need to get upstairs to the finished room which will become my longarm studio when I pick up my frame next week.

Oh, and after this next heat wave passes I need to chop down my butterfly bush. Winter took its toll on it ... and my neighbor's died also. Plus the weeds in the grass are really bad this year too. So just one day of unexpected gardening. The rest of the summer is dedicated to meeting up with some forum friends; doing the Northern Illinois Shop Hop and Row by Row; and taking the LONG way home - Chicago to North Carolina via Hamilton and M* for the forum gathering and a birthday celebration.

July 22nd, 2014, 10:43 AM
Cathy, Good luck with paper work and getting goats ready for the show. Do goats really have coats? I'm a city bred gal so know nothing about farm animals. Closest contact was when a quilting friend named one of her goats after me.

Summer plans are really quite unplanned this year. Usual activities like DGGS Jack's Bday party this month and visit to MA last weekend of July for DGD Josi's Cabaret Show aren't happening. Josi didn't attend cabaret came this year as she's taking driving lessons and working a summer job and no word from DGD Laura about her son's 3rd Bday. I'll get his gift ready for mailing. Did attend weekend quilt retreat as planned.

We'll visit in MA soon and also plan trip to VA to visit DH's sister as she recently moved into an adult community home - far cry from the 10+ acres she and her SO lived in for 20 years. Now she's someone who knows about farm animals as they bred cows for several years and then boarded horses .

Right now I need to concentrate in getting my sewing room in shape so the deck is clear to begin working on a queen size quilt for DGD Catherine who is getting married next May. First I'll quilt newest great grandson's quilt, sure hope they chose a name for him by now that he's a month old. Wonder when we'll get to see him as they live in CA.

July 22nd, 2014, 12:46 PM
I'll gladly let you practice your clipper skills Pat! I have the big cattle clippers that make the job go a bit faster, but you must wear ear protection. If you don't, the ringing in your ears lasts for a day or so. They also weigh about 5 pounds.

Yes May, I do have coats/blankets for the goats. The look like little horse blankets and are a layer of flannel under a nylon shell. With a trimmed hair coat they can't hold in their body heat as well as with longer hairs. Normally that isn't too much of a problem, as we show in the summer. On occasion the temps drop (rain comes in, wind picks up) and they need an extra layer or wind breaker. The kids are particularly needy of these as they don't have the body mass to help keep themselves warm.

It will all work out. I just get wound up when the schedule jumps that far ahead. At least things will be all in line before the state fair in September!

Judy - it sounds like a nice set of summer plans! Of course how can it be bad if you are working in a trip to Hamilton?

May - I hope you get sometime in with the grands. Once the drivers license comes, priorities change. Enjoy the little ones, although they don't stay that way very long do they ?

Coffee is done, so off to the barn I go!