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July 21st, 2014, 07:27 AM

Good morning friends. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was busy but okay. I had a birthday lunch to attend yesterday and a friend stopped in for a quick lesson in hand quilting. And then I made two rows for the row by row experience just by looking at the pictures.

This week, I am still at the little post office that got broken into last week. Thursday and Friday were crazy. I am hoping today is a little quieter.

Hubby comes home sometime today from his trip. I am quite sure they had a blast.

On that note, I bid you all a grand day. Make the most of today, because once it is gone, it is gone forever.

SMILE everyone, because I am smiling back at you.

July 21st, 2014, 07:38 AM

Good Morning Monique!!!
I haven't even gone to bed yet! I am sure you can make some of those row by rows by just looking at them. I am going to try some that way also!
I don't think I can get to very many, but will try to get to 2 or 3.

July 21st, 2014, 07:42 AM
Good morning all.

We've had a houseful all weekend with my MiL, her 7 year old son, my SiL, and her 14 month old daughter.

The 7 year old has decided that sewing is cool because I do it. (And I have to say I agree with him). We made some quick-n-dirty "capes" for his action figures. The cool thing about sewing for kids is they don't expect perfection, they are just happy that you are paying attention to them and helping them make something.
http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h170/HandsomeRyan/IMAG0331_zpsrchszndb.jpg (http://s64.photobucket.com/user/HandsomeRyan/media/IMAG0331_zpsrchszndb.jpg.html)

I also woke up early yesterday and made him a tote bag with his name on it:
http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h170/HandsomeRyan/IMAG0333_zpscnr3c0me.jpg (http://s64.photobucket.com/user/HandsomeRyan/media/IMAG0333_zpscnr3c0me.jpg.html)
He spent part of yesterday afternoon wearing it as a necklace and his mom had to tell him that he couldn't sleep with it around his neck. :)

Sawyer has been having fun with his cousin Sadie. This picture captures both of them in their natural state- Sawyer with his hands in his mouth, and Sadie carrying around someone else's shoe (in this case John's).
http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h170/HandsomeRyan/cousins72014_zps3215e923.jpg (http://s64.photobucket.com/user/HandsomeRyan/media/cousins72014_zps3215e923.jpg.html)
Sadie is 14 months old and wears 12 month sized onsies. Sawyer is just over 5 months old and wears 18 month sized onsies. I think they weight about the same.

I hope everyone has a great day!

July 21st, 2014, 07:44 AM
Good Morning Everyone,

Your Good Morning post was really nice, Monique.

We had a real good weekend. Saturday we worked in Cuba but yesterday we took it pretty easy. Jeff puttered around in the yard and I did a little sewing and made a mess in the sewing room. I should get my quilt back from Reggies this week and I want to be ready to bind it.

Our cool weather has left us and we're back to scorching heat. I gave the flowers a good drink after dinner last night. Dottie can't resist a water hose, so I let her run through it for a few minutes. She loves to get it in her mouth and run with it. Olive hides under a rocker while Dottie does her water thing.

I hope everyone had a good weekend. Let's begin the new week with a smile. I talked to Blondie this morning and she will be back to the forum in a day or so.

July 21st, 2014, 08:26 AM
Good morning everyone. My weekend was pretty quiet aside of having Julia here for a short time on Friday and Saturday. Just love her... :)
I have been a little out of it for the last week. I have been making plans to have my top teeth removed to get dentures. Well, when I got the pre-treatment estimate...let's just say I can't do it all at once. It's going to cost me $3100 just to have the teeth removed...that doesn't even include the cost of my dentures! So I am going with plan B and having the ones that are really bothering me out now and then I'll do the rest a little bit down the road. I have a pretty high tolerance to pain, except in my mouth. I've been having horrible headaches, and it feels like someone is driving a screwdriver through my left temple and left eye. I've also experienced an earache in the last couple of days. I will start taking an antibiotic next Monday in preparation to have 6 teeth removed on August 5. I have been scared to death about the thought of getting an upper denture but I tell you, I can't wait to get it all over with. I'm hoping that this first step will give me some relief while I gather the money needed to complete the process. I have talked to so many people with dentures and they said that the process is not as painful as I'm thinking it's going to be...not gonna lie, I'm still scared...LOL
So, needless to say, I haven't been doing much sewing lately. I have things that I want to finish, but just can't right now. I've been using the short moments when I feel ok to do what needs to be done around the house. Hoping to get back in my sewing room soon, but in the meantime, I love looking at everything that everyone here is making.
Hope everyone has a great day.

July 21st, 2014, 09:17 AM
Don't faint.. It's me! LOL
Good morning everyone. Been really really busy around here. We've been digging out stumps, picking up rocks, pulling weeds and basically working until we drop. But the place is starting to look nice again.
Hope all is well with everyone.

Think of you all a lot.
hugs and prayers

Sandy Navas
July 21st, 2014, 09:18 AM
Was hoping that Monique would let us know that the break-in culprits had been caught, tarred and feathered and rode out of town on a broomstick. Keeping my fingers crossed that she has a quiet day. I was questioning though, Monique, is your post office inside the church or next door or what?

Got a brief from our Blondie - I think this week has totally ruined her. She's way over the moon in twitterland and has loved playing grandmother to sweet Eleanor. I am so glad she's had a wonderful visit.

Sawyer is in awe of his little cousin. But I'm digging on the super hero capes. How fun. Slow that boy's growth spurts down a bit, Ryan. One of these days he'll be looking down at you and will tell you the what for.

I'd love to see Barb's Dottie with the garden hose. DeeOGee is going to face the garden hose today and get a much needed bath. At least the weather will be nice enough that he'll dry quickly (after probably finding something stinky to roll in again).

Cil, sending you a PM.

Have to edit - seeing Donna back here for a quick peep-in makes me terribly excited. Don't work too hard there, Girlie! We don't need muscled up. Hugs to you though.

Finished a few things for a swap yesterday. Don't know if I'll get back in the sewing room today or not. Anxiously awaiting word on my regular machine and I'm hoping it get it back this week. Keeping fingers crossed.

July 21st, 2014, 09:31 AM
OMG!!! Donna!!!! Boy have you been missed!! I hope all is going well for you....keep in touch!

July 21st, 2014, 09:58 AM
Morning, quilty friends!

I've been doing some serious reflection this morning regarding my endeavor of finding a job here in Fort Smith, AR. I started my professional career in 1990. It's been 24 years of scraping and clawing my way to a better, professional ME. And out of those 24 years, only 14 of them meant something regarding the loyalty of the companies I worked for. Western Auto (1990 to 1997), Hantover Inc(round 1 from 1997 to 2002), Lakeside KIA (2002 to 2004) and Data Freight (2011 to 2014). All the other companies I worked for from 2004 to 2011? They did not facilitate my skills, they were not loyal, and it proved to me that I became a pawn and a scapegoat. I am so hoping that my next career endeavor is a job that I can retire with, that I can prove myself worthy and that will facilitate my skills and experience. Not to mention, to pay me what I am worth......

Today, I hope to hear back from correspondence on job searches and get my sewing area organized. I so want to start a quilt project for the master bedroom. I am choosing the Houndstooth Quilt design with a palette of purple and tan! Not to mention I need to seriously get UFOs done (too many to mention)!

It will be a busy week with many errands to run.......

July 21st, 2014, 10:07 AM
Hey everybody, Bright new week beginning and hopefully it stays a good one for all. Glad to see Donna posting but phew, that's a lot of work you guys are doing so take a break every once in awhile. Cil, hope the procedure eliminates your pain. Ryan that Sawyer is a big boy and he looks so happy to be hanging with someone around his own age. Can't wait for Blondie to tell us about her visit from her DS and family and all about being with little DGD.

Enjoyed the retreat this weekend, shopped first in the Lancaster area shops and did find a gray fabric for DGD's quilt at The Old Country Store which re-opened recently. Shop is still like it was before but prices a bit higher but that's the case at all quilt shops. Felt strange to be shopping in the shops as they weren't packed with shoppers like they are during the quilt show week in March.

Retreat was at Piece by Piece quilt shop in Ephrata. It was good to be sewing again with the guys and gals, catching up with their family news and seeing their newest quilts. Will post some photos after DH loads them onto my computer later today. Some were at the retreat since mid week but all I can manage nowadays is a mini retreat mostly to keep in touch with great quilters I've been meeting with for quite a few years. Will see some of them during the quilt show week in Lancaster next March. Most of us met years ago on a forum just like this one.

Now to unpack and get my sewing room in order so I can begin DGD's queen size engagement quilt. Planned to make 9 1/2 Nine patch with a snow ball as the 2nd block but the pattern on the gray fabric I found as a little bigger than I liked so I'll change the block size to 6 1/2. 9 1/2 blocks would be faster but I really do like the look of the smaller block even though it will take me longer to make enough blocks. Plan is to give the quilt to couple before they get married which is planned for May 2015.

Jean Sewing Machine
July 21st, 2014, 10:16 AM
Don't faint.. It's me! LOL
Good morning everyone. Been really really busy around here. We've been digging out stumps, picking up rocks, pulling weeds and basically working until we drop. But the place is starting to look nice again.
Hope all is well with everyone.

Think of you all a lot.
hugs and prayers
So glad to see you back on the forum! Don't be a stranger!

July 21st, 2014, 10:24 AM
Don't faint.. It's me! LOL
Good morning everyone. Been really really busy around here. We've been digging out stumps, picking up rocks, pulling weeds and basically working until we drop. But the place is starting to look nice again.
Hope all is well with everyone.

Think of you all a lot.
hugs and prayers

Hi stranger!!! I was thinking about you a few days ago. Happy that you posted and that everything is well with you.

July 21st, 2014, 10:24 AM
Sherri, that sounds like a beautiful quilt project. Could you post pics along the way?
Good morning everyone. Sawyer looks like he's having fun. And so does John with his super capes.
Monique, be careful in your little post office. Wouldn't want you hurt. Sandy it is getting hot in your neck of the woods as well as mine.

I'm not sure I know Donna but hi.
Col, I have just discovered in the last year that waiting for any type of procedure is the worst part. It doesn't turn out to be so bad in actuality. Ok, you didn't ask for my opinion but I had to give it anyway. LOL.

Hugs to everyone.

July 21st, 2014, 11:07 AM
Good Morning! Not much time, as I need to get outside to pull weeds before it heats up. It was 103 the past 2 days! :( I want to get as many weeds as possible in the toter before the garbage truck comes by today. You can see what I was working on this wk.-end by my posting on the Big Star Baby Quilt as well as my new album. Everyone have a good day. JCY

July 21st, 2014, 11:32 AM
Good Monday to you! It's a rainy and dark morning...I woke up to have a bit of quiet time before Laylabug woke up, but the dreary caused me to go back to sleep---awoke to her saying, Guys, oh, guys....
I am being served playdoh blueberries while I chatter here...
will go back and see how everyone is, but in the meantime am sending (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))) )))))!