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July 12th, 2014, 11:28 AM
What to do today? Too beautiful out to spend time indoors finishing my quilt top, but don't feel like spending it outdoors if I have to weed and trim shrubs. Front yard weeding and a little shrub trimming won as it's long overdue. It will make me very tired later but tonight's dinner is in the fridge so that's good. We had dinner last night at La Strada, a little place with one section for pizza, etc. and a separate little but nice dining room. Their portions are huge so we always come home with half of our meals plus some good Italian bread. All I have to add is a green salad and tonight's dinner is done.

Know how to keep your Mom from worrying about you when you're divorced and in different state? Tell her you're are having your procedure next week but it really is scheduled for this week. That's what DS#3 did, he had a hernia procedure on Wednesday but told me it was changed to this coming Monday. He was an outpatient and called when he got home from the hospital that all went well, sees the surgeon in 10 days. I'm sure DS's first question will be, "When can I start marathon training again?"

Time to get moving or the weeds will be taking over the whole front yard.

Sandy Navas
July 12th, 2014, 11:52 AM
Just got back from an estate sale that advertised a sewing machine (WHAT?) and quilting materials. Know the organizers so I decided to check it out. Told Al, when I got home "You aren't going to believe how much I spent." And of course, the answer was NADA, NIL, ZERO, NOTHING. It's funny, I've been using my machine repair time to do some cleaning and straightening up and what was for sale there looked almost exactly like stuff I've been 'shelling out'. One tote did have a lot of nicer pieces in it, but was marked at $30 and I thought it was WAY TOO MUCH for what was in it. Other smaller totes were mostly scraps and marked at $5 each. I shook my head, told myself that I didn't need anything else to have to sort through, press, trim and/or cut. So I came home.

Headed out later to meet up with Klasien and Gloria in Hamilton. Anything special I should tell her - other than the usual?

July 13th, 2014, 09:42 AM
Sandy, I'm sure you didn't need any help keeping the conversation going with Klasien and Gloria, you gals must have had such a great time.