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July 9th, 2014, 02:52 AM
It was a scorcher today, up in the 90's and humid, big storm passed through tonight and now it is now so nice and cool. Flipped my wings a bit and now I'm enjoying sitting up here in my tree so come on over to chat a bit.

Another long day, arrived at my sister Carol's house around 11 and she had a late breakfast set up for DH and I. Then she and I began her quilting lesson, we trimmed up the 62" center Carpenter's Square block, measured the block and got first borders cut and ready for attaching. Sister Patti stopped by with her grandson so we stopped the lesson for a light lunch. Carol and I had gone over the details about the way to pin and add the first borders so she's pretty well set to finish the quilt on her own. She'll give me a call after she reviews her notes and we will discuss any questions she has. This queen size quilt has been a big undertaking for her and she has learned a lot of new quilting lessons, also helping her has made me more careful with my quilting so no more slap and sew borders for me. Her sewing is much better than mine is as that big center block was only off by a tiny bit and we only removed a few slivers to make the edges nice and straight for adding borders.

Fabrics in the kit were beautiful batiks in many shades of blues and browns with a creamy background, very attractive looking. One thing I've noticed recently about batiks is that they aren't as stiff as they used to be and they do have a bit of give in them when I need to pull one of them a bit to make the seams meet.

July 9th, 2014, 04:24 AM
It sounds as if you had a very productive day, and you were able to visit with family too! Bonus!

I ignored the housekeeping today and spent nearly the entire day in the sewing room. Em's been sick with a sinus infection. With the boat load of meds the Dr. gave her, she's been sleeping late.
I have knocked out a good portion of the cutting and a substantial chunk of the sewing on my shop hop blocks. I'd let them sit, but a few of the more local shops included coupons for hefty discounts if you bring in your completed block before the end of July. I'd also like to know if I'm going to need more of the specially produced fabrics before I can't find them around here. A few of them are going to be fairly detailed applique blocks. They will involve multiple thread changes, so they have been shuffled to the bottom of the pile in favor of the blocks that require general construction.
I'll work a little more on them before heading to bed.

As for heat, it was toasty again today, but it didn't get over 80 in the house, so we managed with just fans. We now have all of the windows open and the fans running to pull the cool night air in.
I'll be up and at it in the morning. I can't put off the house work forever. I'll probably get the lawn mowed first thing, before it gets too hot. Who knows, I may even get around to washing all of the windows since I'll have them all open and can pop out the screens. (They are getting pretty dusty & icky on the outside.) Then I can move indoors to vacuum & dust. After which, a nice shower will probably be in order, followed by a nap!

Well, if I'm going to put any more thread through fabric, I'd better get to it.
Hugs & hoots to all of my quilty friends! - C-