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June 30th, 2014, 06:53 AM

Good Morning and Happy Monday, Folksies!

I am taking a few minutes right now to start my day off right - right here with you. I've missed my hello's the past few days, so, here's a nice wave to all.

The yard is starting to shape up and we won't discuss how much more the basement lacks in being cleaned out. In fact, we won't even discuss that part of the house at all. In just a short while as the sun rises, middle son and BF Ricky will be mulching Mom's yard. They make a good team, those two. I have just a little more to do down there for her today and then I am back at my house for a while. I made the most of my time down at Mom's. This past weekend we had two weddings to attend as well. Oy. I don't like dress up any more these days. I do come as you are casual very well. My sister's mama dog is doing well. The two surviving pups are doing fine. Thanks for your good wishes and thoughts! It was a rough few days in that particular household.

We are planning our nice big annual Fourth of July cook out. Friends along with family come and grill out with us. Sounds sort of like our NY Sue's doing's this past weekend. No pool, Sue. But I do have a hose and given the opportunity someone will use it on someone. lol. Loads of food will be had by everyone. Last year we weren't able to have this celebration, so, this year will be doubly fun. Hubs decorates up the yard, we get a few grills going, people bring their own chairs, contribute beverages and whatever they prefer = salads or desserts. it always seems to work out just right. I am personally hoping that Lois brings the spaghetti salad this year. It is so yummy and even though I have her recipe which is easy, mine never tastes as good as hers.

Number One Son and family are scheduled to arrive July 13.

That's the news from The Hill. Oh, and today I am doing nothing. By that, I mean I am planning nothing. I may hold a coffee cup in my hand. I may even go back to bed. Oh that sounds like a plan. Once I kiss the big man good bye for the day, I think I shall do just that.

Have a marvelous Monday, folksies. Hugs, blessings and SMILES to each.


June 30th, 2014, 08:52 AM
Good morning everyone! Blondie, good to see you back! Sounds like you had a good week and have a great BBQ planned! Our family 4th BBQ went away pretty much with the death of my father...oh..one of us might host one here and there...but the new generation heads to the lake for the weekend. I have to work this year...so we will just toddle around the house I am sure. We have a family reunion planned for the last weekend in July up at Truman lake. So far mom and all siblings..shy of my little brother and their off springs will be there. We picked a cheap resort...where you can camp, stay in a cabin or motel room. My camper is just down the road and a few of my brothers will park their campers there as well. We have a fish fry for one day and a BBQ for the other planned...the rest of the time everyone is on there own for food. Hoping that two of my dads sisters and families can come...but have yet to hear from them.

I had a hugely productive day off yesterday. I managed to wrangle all of my plastic wear...got it all organized in one cabinet. Then I went out and bought a shelf for my kitchen for the excessive countertop appliances we have....made a rule if it wasn't used in the next 6 months...in the trash pile it went...the excuse is...they weren't accessible..well now they are..better use it or lose it! I also picked up some PVC piping for a table..to make it taller...bought it to large in diameter...so it wobbles...back to square one....colored my hair...no gray for a few days anyway! Then I finished a baby quilt top for my niece. Whew! Wonder if I will get anything done at work today!

Well....off to prepare! Everyone have a great day!!

Iris Girl
June 30th, 2014, 09:04 AM
work for me today! weekend was meh. did finish another quilt for PICU group, one or 2 more and then I will box them and send them to Marilyn. son and hubby were suppose to be doing the ridge cap on the roof.... hubby sure knows how to do evasive chores. Since HE never went up and inspected and son did on his own we bought 2 packs shingles and nails and some tar caulk for vent pipes. FINALY hubby goes up on roof comes down says there are 2 rows deep on the ridge so what we see as destroyed is only top later. They slapped some chaulk down and called it a day. now I get to return the nails and the pack of shingleds we did not open and cut into in prep for doing the job.
It looks grey and icky here suppose to be hot and humid. Kids put the ac's in their windows. I refuse and use fans. I hate being cooped up in ac all the time it drives me bonkers when i can't open windows. LOL guess I better never move to Florida it would kill me. have a great day all. Hugs to those that need.

June 30th, 2014, 09:17 AM
Good morning everyone!
Glad your yard is shaping up Blondie! ... just don't look in the basement if you don't need to :) - and Mary - camping sounds like fun, as long as I can stay in a cabin or nice camper at this point! (no more tenting it for me)
Today will be a bit bittersweet - here's the kinda condensed version:
Many of you know that my FIL with Alzheimer's lives with us (since January). I also work p/t from home - BUT I was really on call 40 hours a week because of the nature of my job. So for the past 5 months I have felt like everyday I have one eye on my FIL and one eye on my work phone in case it rings. Any outings, whether it was just me or me and my FIL take planning... phone? check. Laptop? check. Paperwork? check. - into the car it all goes, even for just a lengthy grocery run or errands.
Whenever I would think about going down into my sewing cave the thought process goes something like this...
what is my FIL doing at the moment, has he eaten? Is he busy? Is he going to take an unannounced walk that I need to monitor? where is the dog? ok, she is penned in the kitchen... if she whines, my FIL will probably open her gate and let her into the living room where she might have a doggy accident (6 months old... still training, and she does wonderfully most of the time); and then the puppy will probably start nipping my FIL because most times he is more like a toddler with her and she sees him as a peer. I don't want her to hurt him, or vice versa... do I have my work phone? is my laptop charged so I can bring it downstairs with me in case I get a call? What AM I going to do for dinner? Oh man, I never took the laundry out of the washing machine this morning... etc... nevermind - I'm not going downstairs to sew... something has to give...
I've been juggling this (not always successfully) for a bit. My hubby and I have been praying about it.... you know how it goes, every little bit helps. Soooooooooo.....
Hubby comes home Friday and says "you know? this whole thing has been the hardest on you - most of the stress is aimed at you. I think you should give your notice."
What? Really? OK. I cannot even express the weight that came off of me when he said that! I am not wonder woman and have no desire to be a superhero (if I tried to explain all of the OTHER stuff that led up to his father coming to stay with us you would not believe me...).
Today is actually the first day of a week's vacation for me. I'm going into the office this morning and giving them 3 weeks notice (that way I can work 2 after my vaca if they want).
You know one of the first things I'm going to do? (besides shred the paperwork) I'm going to take my FIL to the zoo or something and just ENJOY the time with him (his cantankerous stubborn self ;)) not look at a phone, or be distracted thinking about a phone call that I really need to make... etc.
Yup. This is happening. Thank you Jesus.

June 30th, 2014, 09:19 AM
Good morning! DH and I are invited to a July 4th celebration Friday night. It's by invitation only and the hosts have quite a celebration with music and a large fireworks show. I need to decide what foods I'm going to take so I can get any needed groceries. I have another quilt guild sewing session this morning then I have to take our truck to the dealer to finish recall work this afternoon. Blondie, you and I will get to see our grandbabies on the same day!

June 30th, 2014, 09:23 AM
Yay for Songbird! I'm so glad that you get to lose some of the stress in your life. I'm sure it will be great!

June 30th, 2014, 09:29 AM
Good morning! I'm taking a vacation week - so nice not having to get ready for work this morning. I'll be heading down to my folks place (they are both in their mid-80s and doing great) later in the week for a big family 4th of July. They live out of town and have some acreage so family members pitch tents, bring RVs - it's such a fun time! Usually around 50 of us there.

Have a wonderful day everyone - going to do some sewing - I'm working on a tote bag for me. :)

Sandy Navas
June 30th, 2014, 09:36 AM
A much unplanned for trip to KC this morning to take my sewing machine in for repair!!! Ergggggh!

Highlight? Having lunch with my BFF Donna who lives only 1/2 mile from the shop.

Tornado watch here last night - the first time since I was a child that I headed to the basement. Luckily no winds here and the yard still looks picked up.

Prayers for those in need, hugs for those who need them, and may everyone else be blessed.

June 30th, 2014, 09:38 AM
Morning Everyone!

The storms have passed and it's going to be a glorious day filled with sunshine.

Jeff is off to work and the Girls are napping. I have a load of sheets to put into the dryer and some housework to do today. We had a day of rest yesterday....yes, a day of rest! You have no idea how good that felt. Jeff napped with the Girls off and on all afternoon while I made hummingbird food.

Speaking of the 4th....our plans are real simple this year. We will hopefully have a quiet day followed by fireworks at the Pentecostal church here in town. They really put on quite a fireworks show every year. Some years we can't stay awake until dark...the price you pay for getting up at 4 am every day. Dottie hates big booms, so we won't take the Girls with us.

Today is the last day of June 2014. Where has this month gone? Hugs All Around.....

June 30th, 2014, 09:52 AM
Good Monday to you all! I hear Laylabug singing in the other room, so I guess this going to be short! Happy to have you back Blondie, congrats, Songbird, and I am working the 4th... but vacation the next week, so can't complain...

I've even quilted!!!!!

Take care all, (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))) ))))))))))))))))))))

June 30th, 2014, 10:01 AM
Checking in. Been a bad month health wise, the body is a mystery to doctors. What can one do but hang in there.

Doing a Bridesmaid's dress alteration from hell for Kat, I could have sewn a better dress from scratch. It's from David's Bridal. :D Uneven side seams, length, construction practices, material that is crap. Bones that aren't sewn in so they travel across the bodice! WTH. I need to shorten it, lay down the pockets on the hips (why?), taper in the sides, remove the bones as Miss Kat has enough firm DD to hold up the dress anyway. lol

Alter two more tops that she bought for their trip to Calif where the wedding is. Her BFF since 6th grade is finally getting married. Kim's boyfriend of 7 years, who has a PHD finally found a full-time job at AAA as a Claims Adjuster (yes what a waste of a mind) and proposed in Jan. Kim has a Masters in English and fully accredited and still worst as a Substitute Teacher. Truly hard for these talented young folks to find good careers in this economy. Anywhooo Kat was hoping for more time to save up for trip back to Calif but Kim didn't want to wait no time! She is Godmother to all 3 of Kat's babies and Kim wants one of her own! ;)

The Stegers will be leaving on their road trip to Calif on the 5th and leave Oma/Opa missing them for 2 weeks. Sigh I worry about them being on the road that much. I'll be praying extra hard for their safety and return. Know that Ollie and Penny will love their first Disneyland trip. :)

THEN Klasien and Jan will be here on Thursday for a coffee visit. That should be "gezellig" - "cozy/fun" - their friend lives in a town not too far from us. Their travel route is quite extensive...

Wish everyone a great day, prayers for all in needs, huggers for all. Ruby

June 30th, 2014, 10:05 AM
Miss Blondie, Happy to see your smiling face here this morning.

Big doings for many for the 4th at home or away so have a good time. We don't have any plans and since no one in the family suggested something for the 4th I may stay home and sew. Summer weekends and holidays the roads around us are packed with people going to The Shore so we either stay close to home or get out of town. Several yeas ago we had big reunions either at our house in Jersey or SIL's in W VA but as Mary said, the younger generation would rather go someplace instead of hosting one in their homes.

Expecting it to be in high 80's and humid this week so the AC will be going on. So far I've been keeping the house nice and cool using window and ceiling fans because, like Iris, I hate the closed in feeling when running AC all day. It is a pain closing windows when we go out for the day but after awhile AC makes the house feel stuffy and dry. Have to admit it is really nice on hot steamy days to come inside to a nice AC cooled house. Never a happy medium it seems.

Lunch this afternoon with my best quilting buddy. She lives in next town and we haven't been meeting often lately. For about 10 years we went to Lancaster every spring and stayed 3-4 days for the show, shopping and hanging out with our internet quilting friends. Back home we would meet for Bday lunches and she and her DH would come for my Christmas week lunch. I've cut my Lancaster stays to an overnight as I can't hack too many days of going to all the shops plus walking around the big quilt show. and our contact has lessen. She also hasn't been quilting much as she has no grandkids and doesn't belong to a guild. Hopefully she'll be attending our friend's HoeDown Retreat mid July. I'm still working on my color challenge quilt for the retreat. Did put on top together but don't care too much for it so it will be my backup in case my new quilt plan doesn't work out.

Hey Songbird, With your stress level lowered you'll finally be able to sing your song. Happy days to you.
OK, I'm off to do some chores and then out to lunch. Probably will do some shopping on the way home. Lately DH is usually with me when I shop but today I'm driving myself and can browse as long as I wish at Kohl's and the Dollar Stores.

Jean Sewing Machine
June 30th, 2014, 10:09 AM
Good morning all! Good to hear your news. I so feel for Songbird having that weight of the world on her shoulders, and getting the work thing lifted. May you all be less stressed by life's big and little demands!

I had a good weekend. My SIL was here for his 30th high school reunion, he caught up with friends, family and former classmates. And he hit a few of my honey-do chores while he was here! His son and 4 year old daughter (my step-great-granddaughter) came over Friday, and we got to have a nice visit. She hasn't seen grandpa for 3 months, and she jumped into his arms and didn't want to be put down for long minutes. Saying goodbye, she went from him to me, back to him, back to me before her dad took her out to the car. I know she misses us all.

Saturday night was our benefit concert with the theatre group. It all went well, we had a very enthusiastic audience who gave many standing ovations. They loved the patriotic songs and dramatic presentations. One guy grew a very nice crop of facial hair and dressed up like Lincoln and did the Lincoln at Gettysburg address with the 40 piece band behind him playing the music to accompany him. It was a very touching moment. He even wrote out the address on an envelope, just like Lincoln did. He is going to recreate this on July 4th when the band gives a concert before the community fireworks display. In another comic bit, he was dressed up as Uncle Sam, sans pants, in his boxers! The comic bit was the pants weren't finished by ME, so he couldn't wear them on stage. I had to pretend to be fixing them, rush on stage and give them to him, while he dressed in the center of the stage. Can't say that I got the comic bit of it, but hey , I don't write it, just do what I'm told. I guess the audience thought it was funny!!

I was exhausted yesterday, so didn't do much except lie around. Need to get going on sewing today! Have a great day, all!

June 30th, 2014, 10:52 AM
Hey Blondie. Did you get my PM? Having trouble with my email.

Everyone sounds busy once again. Is that a cultural anomaly or just a sign of the times? Lol

I'm halfway through the t-shirt quilt. My DH really likes it so far. I'm glad.
Good day everyone.

June 30th, 2014, 11:50 AM

Good morning.....

Home Ec.....that is where I first learned to sew and found out just how much I hated to sew :)

I took a vacation day today because I had a doctor's appointment and usually I'm there for a couple of hours....today I was in and out! I thought my big toe was probably going to fall off so I showed it to the doctor and he said "looks like you cut it a little bit while trimming your toenails"....blood under a toe nail looks nasty. He said he did the same thing once.

Then I thought maybe my whole foot was going to fall off.....I had to throw away my favorite pair of shoes. They were so worn that the side of my right foot hurt so bad I could hardly walk on it. So all I did this week-end was sew and baby my foot. It's feeling better each day....a nice warm soak a couple times a day is helping.

I am going to give the house a quick pick up and sweep and then I'm going to work on the new quilt top I started.

Have a great day!

June 30th, 2014, 10:01 PM
well...it's 9 p.m so I will save my howdy's for the mornin! Just wanted to say CONGRATS to songbird...that's some green-worthy news for sure. I sewed all day today and it was wonderful! Be nice to do nothing else but ALAS the bank wants their money.

I'm off to work on the binding for my sisters quilt. see you all on tuesday!! :) xoxox