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June 28th, 2014, 11:56 AM
After such an emotional week, I am spending the morning with a cup of coffee and trying to catch up on the forum as best I can. I feel really drained.

I was able to tell my boss of 24 years I was moving on to another job. It was soooo hard!! Because of his age and not wanting to break in another secretary, he decided to shut down his legal practice. The last day will be July 10. This past week we have been working toward wrapping everything up. The local newspaper interviewed us on Thursday and I was so glad to get through that. It's been a little difficult to be excited about my new job but every day it gets better. I have to have an "office" physical this Monday and will be glad when that is over. I keep forgetting that I will be in a "corporate" setting rather than a small business one.

DD's cosmetology practical testing has been scheduled for July 7 and her written test on July 23. In the meantime, she is working with a local beauty salon and seems to be enjoying it so far. Of course she could always use some more business but I've been encouraging her to be patient as it takes time. I'm just so proud of her.

A very tragic event has occurred in my ex's family which resulted in an attempted suicide by my nephew-in-law. He is getting the help he needs in a facility and called my DD Thursday evening. DD and her cousin are not real close as because of some of her problems in the past, my ex-SIL didn't want her around her kids. I can maybe see that possibly changing in the future. Personally, I haven't seen him or his mom for over 12 years but I do pray that he can find a positive way to handle his pain. I would ask for prayers for DD's dad's family at this time.

Such a crazy week with all the upcoming changes and events. I think I will take some time to just breath over weekend.

As always, thoughts and prayers to all in need!!!!!

Sandy Navas
June 28th, 2014, 01:41 PM
Sending lots of prayers, hugs, and understanding to you, Sharon! Hang tight - it just has to get better.