View Full Version : Anniversary........30 years!!

June 27th, 2014, 05:48 AM
Today is a special day!!
Jan and I are married 30 years today, AND our daughter Roselique turns 20 years young today.
Every year it is very special to celabrate two things on one day!!

Jan and I will be leaving for the States next monday, we are looking forward to it, but as a mom I feel a little strange leaving all the kids behind :( First time without our childeren on vacation!!
I am not sure if I have time to log in here very often, we will be traveling to Hamilton and Gloria and I are stopping by the shop for sure, hope to meet some of you ladies there!
Jan and I will be going to the shops also, but I was thinking to get together with some of you who lived close enough so we could have a nice lunch or so......what do you say?

Hope you are all okay, I have been extreem busy, not much sewing in my past few weeks, today is the last day of work, so much to clean tonight and slowly getting ready for take off.....

Love to all and have a great day!

I will enclose a fun picture of 30 years ago.......we were sooooo young back then :)

Jean Sewing Machine
June 27th, 2014, 06:02 AM
Happy anniversary! And happy birthday Roselique! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

June 27th, 2014, 07:42 AM
Hartelijk Gefeliciteerd! Happy Anniversary you guys! Plus Happy Bday Roselique! How did you plan that to the day? :D

June 27th, 2014, 07:48 AM
Congratulations :) Hope you have a wonderful day! Enjoy your vacation in the US.

June 27th, 2014, 07:55 AM
Happy Birthday to you and Jan and also Happy Birthday to Roselique!

June 27th, 2014, 07:59 AM
Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday. Have a good trip to the US

Iris Girl
June 27th, 2014, 08:00 AM
Happy Anniversary! Happy B'day to your daughter! Enjoy your trip!

Sylvia H
June 27th, 2014, 08:07 AM
Happy Anniversary! I hope you have a wonderful time in the USA.

June 27th, 2014, 08:47 AM
Congratulations, Klasien! Have a wonderful trip, too. Wish you could stop and visit all your friends in the U.S. Bet your planning on adding to your stash! :)

June 27th, 2014, 09:12 AM
Happy anniversary! Lovely pictures. I wish we could meet you while you're in Hamilton. Enjoy your time there.

June 27th, 2014, 09:17 AM
What lovely photos of your wedding day and lots of Best Wishes for your 30th Anniversary and Happy 20th Anniversary to your DD. Have a Wonderful trip to the US.

June 27th, 2014, 09:24 AM
Wow. I only hope my wife is still putting up with me after 30 years of marriage. :) Congrats!

June 27th, 2014, 09:28 AM
Happy Anniversary!! and Happy Birthday to Rosalique.

Sandy Navas
June 27th, 2014, 10:54 AM
Definitely chiming in with a gigantic CONGRATULATIONS to you and Jan, as well as a very, very HAPPY BIRTHDAY for your Roselique.

June 27th, 2014, 10:57 AM
Happy Anniversary! My DS & DIL were married in Spakenburg on June 21 in 1990. I traveled to Holland for a 2 wk. visit to attend their very traditional Dutch wedding, which was an all day event! It was a unique experience. We drove to 3 dif. locations for their photo shoots in the a.m. prior to the actual wedding. Enjoy your trip to the USA. JCY

Swedish leo
June 27th, 2014, 10:58 AM
Happy anniversary!

Big hugs to you on your happy day!


June 27th, 2014, 11:08 AM
Happy Anniversary Klasien :) and have fun - wish I was closer to where you will be...

Grandma G
June 27th, 2014, 11:32 AM
Happy anniversary, Klaisen! I think you should just take the next three months and travel the USA and meet all of us whose lives you've touched with your kindness and friendship!! Maybe Missouri Star would hire you as their international goodwill ambassador!!!

Have a wonderful vacation. You certainly deserve it.

June 27th, 2014, 12:07 PM
Congratulations, Klasien! You and Jan were - and are - a lovely couple!
Enjoy your vacation - what a wonderful "2nd Honeymoon" you will have. About 6 years ago, DH and I had our only no-kids vacation in the 35 years we've been married. When we got back, my DD#2 picked us up at the airport, looked at me and said, "Mom, I don't think I've ever seen you or Daddy look so relaxed before!"
Please give all the M*QC folks a big hug from New England!
~ Sally

June 27th, 2014, 12:44 PM
Beautiful picture...beautiful couple..."Happy Anniversary"

June 27th, 2014, 01:08 PM
Happy Day to celebrate! What a fun adventure your trip overseas will be! I hope you get to meet many of the ladies in the Missouri area :)

June 27th, 2014, 01:11 PM
Happy Anniversary!! And Happy Birthday also! What a pretty name she has!

You will have so much fun at M* and I surely wish I could be there with you! Enjoy! xox

June 28th, 2014, 12:10 AM
Happy Anniversary! and hoping you have another 30

June 28th, 2014, 03:38 AM
Happy Anniversary!! to you and your husband.I hope you have a great time on your vacation.