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June 8th, 2014, 08:16 PM
I found this today in some reading I was doing...great advice...

ďOnce upon a time there was a poor, unfortunate man. He lived in squalor. Mice and spiders shared his home and it was rare that he ever bothered to clean it.

One day an old crazy wizard knocked on his door and gave him a beautiful vase. ďItís magic,Ē said the crazy wizard.

The man looked at the vase and figured he could sell it for a fair amount of money. He could buy some booze and spend the day in a happy daze.

But then the man looked at the vase again. He appreciated the vaseís beauty and since he never had anything quite so beautiful, he decided to keep it. He put it on his table and sat back to admire it.

It was clear that the vase was too beautiful to be empty. He went out and picked the finest flowers that he could find. Then he decided the vase was too stunning to be surrounded by mice and cobwebs. He cleaned the table and the cobwebs. He continued to clean his home until it felt cozy and the beauty of the vase matched the coziness and cleanliness of his home.

The man was no longer a poor, unfortunate man. He was a hardworking host who had no time for thoughts of his misfortune.Ē

What is our vase?

We all have a vase inside of us. It might be our personality, our heart, our faith, our childlike belief in the impossible. But we often lose track of our vase. We bury our vase with misfortune, bad experiences, bad relationships, the stress of balancing kids and jobs, and old memories that make us lose sight of how beautiful we really are.

Then, when we lose sight of our inner vase, we stop taking care of ourselves. We match the ugly, unkept inside with our outside. We donít deserve to look good on the outside when we canít even see good on the inside. We eat garbage and fill our bodies with fake, non-nutritious food.

Find your vase!

Find your vase. When you were a kid what made you special? What do your friends see that you donít? Find your vase and plant flowers in it. Put that vase in the center of your mind, your heart. Build around it. Clean your body, your mind, and build around that vase.

I realize this seems very fluffy and new-age (which Iím generally not a fan of). But I truly believe we all have something that makes us who we are. Is it a curiosity for life? Is it a desire to help others? Is it an innate need to be good? Your spouse and your kids will be better served by having you take time for yourself to rediscover the good person you are. Find your vase. Build around your vase.

Only then will you take the time to clean house (your body and soul). When you love yourself, youíre more likely to take care of yourself.

How do you plant flowers and get rid of cobwebs? With good, wholesome, healthy food. With exercise and hard work. If you donít believe youíre worthwhile, if you donít believe youíre special, all your efforts will fail. You need to keep track of your vase and keep it close to your heart and mind. Only then can you expect long-term success, a true cleaning of your house. Change.

June 8th, 2014, 10:56 PM
This is very apropo right now for me! Because I really feel loke in the past two weeks I HAVE found my vase! It's like I have awakened from a deep slumber of waiting for "someone" to fix my vase and then fill it for me! I have NO idea who that someone was supposed to be or how they were going to fix my vase or how they would know what to fill my vase with!! I finally woke up and realize that I am the ONLY person who can deal with my vase!

Thanks for sharing this! It has particular meaning for me and really describes well where I am right now in my life! What an awesome feeling!! Xoxoxo

June 9th, 2014, 03:07 AM
Wendy, We'll help you hold it steady while you clean around it and fill it up with beautiful things.