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June 27th, 2011, 05:08 AM

Hi Ladies
Still dark thirty here and I woke up with springs on my feet, ready to do the dash again today! Saturday I received a call from a sweet relation wanting to stay a few days for a visit. Spent all day yesterday trying to get the spare room freshened up again and that led to other cleaning and of course, I had to help in the garden. Still picking blackberries, squash, peppers, zucchinni, cucumbers = tomatoes still growing. We do still need some rain. Seems to be all around us in clusters but we just get wind. Sigh.

Carmen, your apple pie sounds great! Hope you enjoyed it. I can eat mine cold or warm. With a cup of coffee, mmmmm good. Of course, everything tastes good with coffee. LOL. I have an apple tree that is loaded this year. The apples will be ripe come August. So good to see you posting again!

Ladies, I may be spotty here again this week - depends on the company and then there are a few Dr. appts for my Mom. I will be giving you my blessings and lotsa hugs right now!
(((((((MSQC FRIENDS))))))))))))

June 27th, 2011, 09:41 AM
Bondie - you and I are on the same page with the cup of coffee. I could have a cup anytime/anywhere. But, holy cow, did you see that price jump in the stores? I couldn't believe the price when it was on sale! Told my Dad we need to throw some coffee beans in the garden and dry them out in the shed - he drinks alot of coffee too. And strong at that.
I finally jumped and got the Daily Deal last night. I think this is only the 2nd or 3rd time I ordered the Deal. I also got a bag of those crushed walnuts and the Dresden template. I am just liking that Dresden flower more and more. I love what Jenny did making one in to a flower - I can see it done in all kinds of fabric designs. Christmasy, Civil War, flowery, etc. Christmas is coming and if they are so fast to make - I can see pretty table runners forming.
I am keeping up with my walking 5 out of 7 days a week and the cool mornings are surely helping with that. I think today will bring some towels and sheets washings to hang out and some sewing. I
I did purchase some of that heavy vinyl, Bakermom. It was on sale and I got a half yard for $3. I don't know how much it is usually, but think I got a deal. So, I will be trying that sometime today. Thanks for the suggestion.
Well, better get moving. Have fun with friends and family today everyone!

June 27th, 2011, 09:45 AM
I envy the blackberries! My garden was destroyed by a hail storm with tornados! It's slowing trying to come back though but I believe the okra are a lost cause. Working on two quilts today that only need the borders! yeah!

Introduction: I'm Vanessa and I live in Norman, Oklahoma...home of the OU Sooners! But, I was born in North Kansas City, Missouri. I love quilts as well a some other hobbies but quilting is my passion and fabric is my down-fall vice.

Sandy Navas
June 27th, 2011, 10:53 AM
Hey, lookie here!! We have another (albeit former) Missouri girl here. It's okay, Vanessa, we accept Sooners with open arms!! Come back up here to MO once in a while and I'll take you to MSQC!!

Running kids around today. Mom has Dr. appt and she's also taking little Em in for possible allergy testing. She keeps getting hives and they are thinking it is a cat allergy, but not certain. Bigger girls have swim practice, Rita is doing her last Fancy Nancy and serving tea - I'm an invited guest . . . I'm practicing holding up my little finger just so.

Wind, rain, thunder, lightening, more wind and more rain all night long. Looks like we got close to 2 inches of rain. I'm freezing some and packing with dry ice to send to Blondie. And Vanessa, I'm sorry to hear your okra got beaten down. Love that stuff - fried, pickled, or dried into chips, made into soup - love it.

Hugs and prayers. Anyone heard from Jan Luna?

June 27th, 2011, 12:31 PM
Good morning to all.....We began our morning (and most of last night) with severe electrical storms, wind and hail. Had to chase our garbage can down the road and into the woods - not easy for a grandma in flip flops. Things have calmed down a bit so I thought it was safe to get online.

I finished constructing the blocks for my layer cake + honeybun quilt made from Prayer Flag fabric. Had to square my blocks a little smaller due to making a boo-boo cutting one. Since I needed every block I had to make them match the boo-boo block...par for course around here lately!!

Yesterday I decided to make a small (40X60 inch) flag quilt to hang on our porch for July 4th (yes, 2011). Things were going great until our weather turned wild and I had to unplug my sewing room. With a little luck and a late night or two I hope to get it done in time. Every year I intend to make a flag quilt, and every year I procrastinate and don't get it done.

Blondie, have a great visit with your family.....Barb

June 27th, 2011, 12:49 PM
Go Barb! Go! I'm sure you can get that flag done! I wish I didn't know what you were talking about when it comes to making a block size boo-boo!
Blondie, enjoy your company, and I hope your mom's appts go well.
Sandy & Barb, sorry to hear about the rough weather.
Sandy it sounds like you have a full day ahead of you! You are a Super Grandma!
Miss Trish, what pray tell, are you making with heavy vinyl? I went back to see if I could figure out the project, but I must have missed the thread.
Vanessa, it's terrible that your garden was pulverized. I tried growing okra here, but I don't think it gets hot enough. I love it fried or pickled. It a bit to slimey for me other wise. I was going to try black-eyed or cow peas, but it hasn't been a good year for them either. I guess some of my southern favorites just won't grow here in western Wa.
I too am hoping that some of our "regular" visitors are just out enjoying summer and are too busy with family & fabric to drop us a line!
It looks like it might rain a bit here today. Yea! Might sneak some sewing time in! Off to get chores done!
Have a great day! Cathy

June 27th, 2011, 01:20 PM
I know, some of you girls have this weather in summer all the time, but for us, here in Holland, it is HOT at the time. About 34 Celsius (= 94 Fahrenheit). We're not used to that at all. Tomorrow it will be even hotter, so I've heard. I've been sewing all afternoon, making some scrappy hearts (use all my scrap even the tiny, tiny peaces). Have to make some pictures, for my album... They make nice little gifts, with a card of a single flower attached to it. Tonight it will be nice outside for a long time, so I think I jump into my favourite chair on our porch, get myself a pot of tea, and finish the book I'm reading.

June 27th, 2011, 02:08 PM
Lenie, 94 IS darned hot! Hang in there!

Barb, good luck on on your flag project! You can do it!

On vaca from work till the 5th, have lots of sewing to do so I'll be checking in later. Wishing everyone a Marvelous Monday.

Granny Judy
June 27th, 2011, 02:34 PM
Finally gtting back on line.. my pc got fried and I'll be getting a new hard drive for it.. not even 2 yrs old and it got burnt out during a big elec. storm that passed thru. We were without electricity for a few hours then I found the DeaD PC- dug out my laptop and put thre new security on it before getting here.

Otherwise, the surgery went well - which means "as expected". Dr wants a 6 month follow up. I'm still trying to get my strength back.. but the extreme pain is gone and the incision(s) have healed and I can enjoy my Hot Tub again. Walk the dogs. And go about my normal routine. 5 weeks and all is well!

Now to get back to the sewing...just run out of steam before I get there these days. Hope to get intoTHE MOOD soon. Good to be able to check in here and get some sparks of creativity going. Am looking forward to seeing what ya all have been creating...Vinyl? Hugs, Granny

June 27th, 2011, 04:30 PM
Ok - here is the mystery answer - hehe.
On the 24th, Bakermom asked a question about her needle breaking. And I said I was having the same trouble and after some cleaning, changing tension, thread, etc. etc., I mentioned that the backing of the quilt seemed to have a waxy feeling to it so I was going to wash it gently to see if the waxiness would come off so I could continue to free motion without the needle and thread breaking.
So, she suggested that I tape a piece of clear, heavy vinyl on top of my machine bed to help slide the fabric before I attempted to wash it.
Voila! The vinyl. I don't have one of those slider covers that some have for their machines.

Haven't tried it yet cause I've been cleaning the bedroom all day and getting the wash caught up again. Meeting tonight so probably won't try it until tomorrow.

June 27th, 2011, 05:39 PM
Oooh! OK! I thought we might be missing out on a new quilting technique or something. :icon_heh: I have heard of making a vinyl liner for the inside of your quilted bags, purses, or totes to keep pens and stuff from ruining them.

It is warm and raining here. Ugh! Perhaps I can get in some cutting or sewing today after I update my blog and send the grandparents some new pics of the girl.
I switched the baby goats from the individual bottle to a lamb bar (2 gallon bucket with nipples & "straws" down into the milk). This is a huge time saver, but they need to be up and going before you have them eat that way. It takes a few days for them to get the hang of it, but then get out of the way!

I'm going to enjoy a quick snack of goldfish crackers and Hawaiian Punch with the youngster and get to it!
Hugs, C

June 28th, 2011, 01:46 AM
Another late night hello! Been busy cleaning and doing laundry today. Took alittle break in the afternoon due to the verdict coming in on our infamous former governor, Blagoevich. The press was just having a hayday and I just had to sit and watch.
Tomorrow I HAVE to get to the store and get some backing for this quilt that has to be done by Sunday! I will probably be sewing the label on our 5 hour drive!
I really enjoyed catching up on everyone's posts and also happy I don't have to wake up in the middle of the night wondering what I was missing by not seeing the "vinyl" post!
Off to visit blog land, then dream land....

ps - Congrats on winning the giveaway Cathy/Togpine!

June 28th, 2011, 03:18 AM
Thanks Patti!
Now I have to decide what to actually buy with them! I'll probably let them ride for a little while until I find the perfect DD.
Don't you just hate when something snags your imagination and makes you wonder. I am so glad Trish decided to tell us!
Good luck on your quilt!