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June 10th, 2011, 09:28 AM
The weather here has dropped considerably since yesterday. Heck of a lot cooler than it was.

I finished quilting the baby quilt yesterday and started putting the binding on last night. I am hand sewing it on and now I can't get my corners right. I tried to watch Jenny's tutorial again but it still won't work. I am sewing from right to left and she is sewing another direction. Just can't figure it out. I guess I will have to machine sew it on instead. Poop!!

After that is done I think I will start the quilt for my new daughter-in-law.

Sorry to hear Blondie has really been under the weather. Get well soon, Blondie. Everyone here misses you lots.

A wonderful weekend to all my quilting buddies out there!


Sandy Navas
June 10th, 2011, 10:19 AM
Good Morning!! I'm like Monique, relishing the wonderful drop in temperature. Even got to sleep with the window open above my head. Love that, and waking to the bird calls.

Taking 3 DGDs to swim practice this morning. I hope I'm up to sewing quilt blocks when I get home. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day with 7YO Emily who has been begging, begging, begging for a special "Nana Day". We're going out to breakfast, shopping, learning to make biscotti, going out to lunch, making a special sewing project (as yet to be decided) . . . and who knows what else she will want to cram in there. She's running on over-load half the time.

Al was gone last night taking some classes with the Red Cross so I got to sew more. I have Rita's D9P quilt blocks over half put together. I'm really going to have to square them up good though. I think I mentioned that I cut in two separate sessions and cut part of my blocks 6" square and the rest 6.5" square. I just made allowances for it when I pieced the 9 blocks together. Now that they are cut into 4ths the difference is really showing up. This is going to be a random assembly quilt, too!! No real rhyme nor reason for the way I'm putting the blocks together. There will definitely NOT be a pattern once it's all together. But, since I do patchwork much better than precision quilting I'll be most pleased.

Everyone out there enjoy a peaceful, wonderful weekend full of good health and happiness. Special prayers and hugs going out where needed!!

June 10th, 2011, 10:19 AM
Another week has gone by - Friday already!
I free motioned a baby quilt yesterday too! Picked out the binding this morning and since I make mine using a certain sized square depending on how many inches I need, I am about 2 inches too short of the perfect orange that I found in my stash. So, I guess I will take the quilt with me and pop into Joann's on the way to my Dad's and get a piece a tad larger. Hope I don't see anything else I NEED while I am at the store. :)))
Well, guess I better get moving. Time waits for no MAN or WOMAN QUILTER! (I know you 'guys' are out there, you just haven't popped in for awhile. What cha' working on anyways?)


June 10th, 2011, 10:58 AM
TGIF I was looking at the abreviation for a while before knowing it meant thank God its Friday.
Well yes, TGIF and the vacation comes nearer and nearer.
Sandy and Trish - in a way I'm glad it happens to other people too, I mean the cutting too short or forgetting the seam allowance.
But we're not alone I guess. To those who that doesn't happen, I always tell myself they just don't sew or cut.
Have a nice weekend with the weather you want and hugs and prayers to those who need it.

June 10th, 2011, 12:53 PM
Sandy, if you get a box from me in the mail - open it quick! It will be a red-breasted sapsucker. I had to shut the windows this morning. The stupid sapsucker has decided that our metal livestock gate is his new favorite place to hammer his beak. He's been at it since about 5:30. Today was a sleep in day and I was hoping to make it to about 7 before guilt rolled me out of bed. Oh how I wish it had just been song birds outside my window!
I have found that squaring up blocks before you put a top together is always a good idea. Even if I can't make them exactly square, I am much more aware of the irregularities when I construct the rows.
Good luck on your binding hunt Trish! If you can't find something perfect, think about slipping in a bit of fabric from the top along each side. You have to measure it out and splice it in, but it uses up extra scraps and apparently, in your case, some of your stash! I actually pin mine down and mark it so I can make sure I account for the corner folding amount. Can you guess that sometimes my measuring/planning isn't always as accurate as I would like?
Mamaquilt, a vacation sounds nice! It makes warps time though! The time before you go drags, until the last minute when you are rushing around to make sure everything is packed and set before you leave. Then time flies while you are on vacation. I hope you are going some place fun!
You gals with your "finished quilting" whatever you were working on are making me jealous! I've been otherwise distracted with things around here that I haven't had a lot of time to sew. Glad to hear somebody is making serious progress on their projects! I'm happy just to get a few minutes tucked in here or there.
Speaking of which... I'm really going to go try to fuse this top to the batting. I am soooo afraid that I may make a sandwich with the carpet or the tabletop though. I haven't decided where the best place to lay the top out to iron it down will be. Wish me luck!
Have a great day!

June 10th, 2011, 01:59 PM
TGIF is right! Day 2 of the black eye and it's even blacker. The bruise is right in the crease of my eye lid. Maybe I should get some dark purple/black eye make up for the other lid and just go goth! Not really my style - if I had a "style". Sunny and cool here today. I hope it stays nice tomorrow because we are having a lawn sale. Nice Sunday to, because if I'm going to drag all my junk (I mean treasures) out for Sat. I might as well leave it out for Sun. too. Then give what's left to charity.

Have a great weekend everyone - I'll be out of cyber space for the weekend as usual.

June 10th, 2011, 04:23 PM
monique, I feel your pain! I redid one corner on a quilt for DD 3 times before walking away! The other 3 corners were perfect. I was ready to remove the whole thing and redo it. I left it sit for a couple days and tried one more time. Went perfect! why, I have no idea. i did the same as I always do.
I was cutting a border yesterday and for some reason as I went to cut the last one, I turned the fabric wrong. fabric was too short! Now my option was to buy more so there would be no seam or fudge it with what I had. i decided to fudge it. Once it's quilted it won't be noticable. It's for DD3's BD next month so I felt bad, but not bad enough to buy another 2 yards to get a 6 inch length! She won't care, she sews and quilts too.

we are dogsitting this week so everytime I stand up not only does MY 90lb friend have to move with me, the guest has to come too. It's like having a house full of toddlers again! "Oh no! mom's going in the bathroom again. we must stand outside the door and whine!" "Ooh look! Mom's in the kitchen! Maybe we can get a snack!"

Sandy Navas
June 10th, 2011, 07:24 PM
we are dogsitting this week so everytime I stand up not only does MY 90lb friend have to move with me, the guest has to come too. It's like having a house full of toddlers again! "Oh no! mom's going in the bathroom again. we must stand outside the door and whine!" "Ooh look! Mom's in the kitchen! Maybe we can get a snack!"

That's so funny. I told Al at lunchtime that our DeeOGee is very religious. I go to the kitchen and he follows where he PRAYS I'll drop something for him.

June 10th, 2011, 09:54 PM
I love Doggie stories. My guys come running whenever we open the refrigerator. And if we don't open the meat drawer so they can check out dinner they bark. It cracks me up every time. Of course my guys are spoiled rotten. They get steak every night and my husband cooks it for them and then hand feeds them. They have no idea what a dog dish is. The reason Joe started doing this is because we rescued 6 puppies from a garbage can. Someone threw them away. There were 6 babies. At home we had 3 cocker spaniels. We hand fed the babies as they were about 1 day old when we got them. Then when we weaned them we had 6 puppies, our 3 cockers, and my stepmom moved in with hers. Only 1 thank goodness. Now we had a problem. How do we feed them and make sure everyone get their fair share? Joe sat them all in a half circle in front of him and started the one for you, and one for you.... We got homes for the puppies. We ended up keeping two. We still had 4 cockers. One for you, one for you ...and so it went. Well, over the years of course we lost our doggie friends to old age and illness but we still have the two rescues. I said now we can feed them regular. They all, including Joe, looked at me like I was crazy. I put their dinners( not Joe's) on the floor and they went and sat in front of Dad as if to say," I don't know what she's thinking, but somebody has to feed us, right?" The dogs won. Now I have 3 spoiled "men" in my life. However, Joe feeds them. If ever we get new dogs it will be after we lost our babies and THEY WILL EAT FROM A BOWL ON THE FLOOR!! And I will feed them as Joe has fed them too much, and they weigh way too much. So do Joe and I and that will be changing too! I've already started Joe's diet. He's not a happy puppy. LOL Hugs, Jan

June 10th, 2011, 11:14 PM
You gals crack me up with your great sense of humor as you tell your stories....whether they are animal related or about quilting! Thanks for the laughs! It sounds like everyone is going to have a full weekend. Tomorrow I'm meeting some high school classmates for our Alumni Parade and on Monday am going to Maine for sun and sea (and quilt shops!) with another friend. Poor DH will just have to fend for himself. (Oh heck, he'll appreciate the quiet!)
Take care everyone. Hope your eye is feeling better, Nancy and that Blondie is doing better. Thanks for keeping us updated, Sandy!