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June 6th, 2011, 08:09 AM
I'm back from my trip to see my BFF. Had a great time as we went to see Falling Waters which is a big area for whitewater rafting (nope, didn't do that!) and just walked around the place to see the rapids and falls. Also went to see the new Bridesmaids movie - so funny! Also saw the movie Hangover? It's about 4 guys who go to Las Vegas before the one guy gets married. I think that's the name of it - it was funny too. So we had lots of laughs that day. Had to come home Sunday and headed straight to Dad's. Spent about 4 hours weeding, digging out trees that wanted to grow in the garden, cut down a spindly rose bush, and got the first of the garden plants in. Have plans to go back on Tuesday before the humidity sets in again.
Need to get some things started here - wash, my walk in, some sewing done.
I hope you all have a great Monday - give someone a hug today. Lots to catch up on with the reading here.


June 6th, 2011, 08:56 AM
It's back to work for me. I do love my weekends! At least the weather is supposed to be nice today and I have a massage appointment after work.

Hope everyone has a great day. Share the love...

Sandy Navas
June 6th, 2011, 10:01 AM
Just listen to that Nancy - a massage after work . . . and she didn't say if it was before or after she arrives home. :icon_heh: :icon_heh: :icon_heh:

Trish your weekend sounds fantastic. I spent my yesterday recovering from the bus trip. I was even dreaming about it this morning and in my dream an old school friend was going to a fabric sale and wouldn't tell me where it was because she was afraid I would get there before her and buy up all the pretty fabric.

I'm taking my 4YO DGD to MWSU this morning where she will participate in a "Fancy Nancy Tea Party". This is something that will go on every Monday for four weeks. What a great program for the little ones. I saw her last night and she is terribly excited about doing her own thing while big sisters are at a swim meet.

I need to be outside cleaning winter accumulations from around the pool so we can have it opened up this week - but I do fear it will be way too hot and humid by the time I get back from the tea party.

Hope everyone is doing great! Missing Blondie and Patti. Hope Jan has some great news about our Gina. Has anyone heard from Paula lately?


June 6th, 2011, 10:30 AM
'Morning All!
We have a fun time planned for this afternoon. It is pre-school at the beach day. We are going to the local state park and checking out the wild fishy life on the beach. My guess is we'll see crabs, mussels, clams, oysters, limpets, starfish, barnacles, and the geoducks will squirt at the kids as they walk by. Geoducks (pronounced: gooeyducks) are huge clams that can live to be 100 to 150 years old. When you walk over their spot in the sand or clay they retreat farther down the hole and send up a squirt of water. This thrills the kids and adults alike.
Until then I hope to get in some housekeeping chores while the kids are still asleep. I need to go out an milk now that we have our first doe fresh for the season, no more quick morning chores of tossing hay and grain in the bunk feeder!
I'll try to get some sewing in if I have the quiet time. I have the back done for the most recent quilt. I want to use the fusible backing, but I am not too sure of the quality of the stuff. When I opened the package one end of the batting seemed much more dense than the other. I am letting it rest to see if it was just compacted from shipping. I am afraid that was distorted when they rolled it up for packaging. Like they over pulled the fibers as they were rolling it and thinned them out. The sized doesn't seem off, so it may just be the quality. It is a June Taylor product, but that may not mean anything I guess. We'll see how it looks after being out of the bag for a few days when I get to it this afternoon.
Off to do some tidying up!
You all have a great day!

June 6th, 2011, 11:25 AM
Hey, everyone! Hope all are happy and productive this am!
Trish---what a wonderful weekend with your BFF! If I could only be so lucky!
Nancy---am I qualified to do your job? I think I would work, if I could have a massage afterward! Oh, wait ...I do work, just don't get paid!
Sandy---about those tea parties....are they like baby etiquette classes....too cute!! I want to watch! Hope you can get to that pool opening........it is so hot, so be careful....but will need that refreshing water soon!!!
Cathy---sorry about the batting, but envious of that beach walk......how fun!
Had extra teen boys this past weekend, so all I did was cook and keep them from killing themselves! Must do those curtains today! (or I promise I won't mention them again!) Where does my time go? Too many projects, too little time!

Granny Judy
June 6th, 2011, 01:20 PM
I am trying to catch up on the happenings around here... I'm 2 weeks and 3 days post op from a repaired hiatal hernia and fix for GERD. A major repair, but without a big scar on the tummy. Just 6 little holes. Isn't mediciene evolving by leaps and bounds?

Still a bit weak and low level energy, but feeling much better.. Hoping to get back into my sewing nitch to finish up a quilt that keeps calling my name. I promise to share when it's finished.

Now ya got me dreaming about getting a massage!! Love 'em and can't wait to get my next one.

June 6th, 2011, 09:41 PM
I did the laundry today. Gina called Saturday night and said she made it to her Mom's in good shape. She feels better all ready. She has a doctor appointment on Wednesday. She feels safe now.
She said to tell you all thank you for your prayers and she sends her love. Hugs, Jan :icon_wave: