View Full Version : Yippee skippee - look what happened in our town today (sigh)

April 16th, 2014, 11:59 PM
Explosive Device Found In Downtown Solvang | News - KEYT (http://www.keyt.com/news/explosive-device-found-in-downtown-solvang/25523934)


April 17th, 2014, 12:04 AM
So sad that people do this kind of thing. :icon_shake:

April 17th, 2014, 12:15 AM
Glad that no one was hurt before it was discovered.

April 17th, 2014, 12:29 AM
Solvang is one of our favorite places to visit. This makes me sad.

April 17th, 2014, 12:30 AM
I'm glad no one was hurt. I don't understand one human wanting to hurt another human. No disagreement is worth hurting someone else.

April 17th, 2014, 12:39 AM
That was one of my favorite places when I was little. I still have Christmas ornaments from those trips. That would be one of the last places I thought this would happen.

April 17th, 2014, 12:45 AM
Crikey! Do they have any clue where it came from? Those things show up here often, but we have two huge military bases as our neighbors.

April 17th, 2014, 01:27 AM
That is terrible, and sad. The world we live in is such a scary place any more.

April 17th, 2014, 01:29 AM
This is exactly why were extending our tour in Germany. Glad no one got hurt and everyone is safe

April 17th, 2014, 11:19 AM
It looks really old and rusted. Seems like maybe someone dug it up, had no idea what it was and just tossed it in the trash. Still scary though. Has there been anything new updated about it's origins?

April 17th, 2014, 01:10 PM
Good grief <<<sigh>>>

April 17th, 2014, 11:46 PM
Oh my grief! We love Solvang! We were out in California last summer for a wedding and drove down the Pacific Coast Highway. We stopped just outside of Solvang so that I could relive my childhood with a big bowl of soup at Andersen's. Then we drove around Solvang and looked at all the shops. It's really grown since I was a little girl.