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April 6th, 2014, 10:25 AM
Mornin' everyone!

The day is starting out somewhat of a challenge...sinus headache! Today, the people the bought the piano will pick up the piano today. I have high hopes that goes off without a hitch. Then, DH is already gone to Home Depot to get plywood to replace the floor in the back yard shed. Then, we are moving all the furniture out of the living room and taking up the old carpet and padding. The NEw stuff gets laid on Tuesday. And I am wondering, will I get any sew time today.

I am using hubby's laptop since I had to take our PC tower into Best Buy to get looked over. I couldn't get into the forum yesterday. I was having withdrawal......

Gotta get busy...hope everyone has a great Sunday!

April 6th, 2014, 11:24 AM
Good morning Sherri. Sorry to hear you have a sinus headache. We are going to rip out our carpet this summer. It will be a chore for sure. Before we put in new, I have to pull ugly border paper off two rooms and paint. My neck is aching already. Hope you enjoy your new flooring! Today is sort some stuff to donate DD#1 left when she moved out then pack it in my car to take to the thrift store tomorrow. Then do some sewing if I have time! Hugs to all and prayers for Sandy and those who need them.

April 6th, 2014, 11:34 AM
Megan we're facing the same problem with old carpeting and border on the living room walls before painting. Wish I was 10 years younger and it would have been done by now but we have to hire someone to do it. Asked sons to help out but they have their own stuff to do. Gee how come when DH and I were their ages we were never too busy to help them paint, wallpaper, move etc. Paying for chores we used to do ourselves is expensive and will slow down the process. Debating about new carpet or hard flooring - whoever buys this house after we're gone will just pull everything apart and probably build a bigger more up to date house. Just thinking about it makes me tired so I guess we're going to stay stuck with the '80's décor for awhile.

Need more coffee, or as they say in my old home town, 72809

PS: The photo reminds me of the time we were in a restaurant near Las Vegas and the manager stopped at our table to ask us how we liked our meal. We told him it was great and we were going to finish with coffee and dessert. As soon as we said coffee he was all smiles as he was from Brooklyn and missed hearing the accent, the cawffee and dessert were on him!

April 6th, 2014, 06:59 PM
It has been a fairly quiet day here, my group of neighbors had a pizza lunch today. We call ourselves the Nit-Wits. There are eight of us. One of the Nit-Wits retired so we had to celebrate. We usually don't need much of an excuse to get together. We planned a couple of trips for the next month. We are going to Boonville, MO to see the ranch where the Clydesdales are raised, the St. Louis Zoo and over into Illinois to visit the Mid-Eastern War Veterans Memorial.

Hope getting your carpet is fun. You probably have stirred up the dust and that isn't helping your sinus headache.

April 7th, 2014, 08:04 AM
Hope you got some sewing in Sunday Sherri. I have a spare room that is all in a mess right now and am trying to get myself motivated to get back to work on it. For some reason I end up sitting at my machine instead!!