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March 28th, 2014, 11:06 AM
This is from Carla Neggers book 'Cider Brook':

"Gran and my aunts sewed them. They love to quilt together. Everyone gets quilts for presents. When we decided to turn this place into a getaway, they got busy and made a bunch of quilts for it. They'd like it that you appreciate their quilts." He pointed to a log cabin quilt on the couch. "That's got pieces of one of my old shirts. I wasn't ready to part with it, but I left it on Gran's living room floor one day and it ended up in a quilt."


Quilts were mentioned several times in the book, but I thought I would share this paragraph with you! It reminded me of an old Fons and Porter commercial for the "George" longarm. George would be wearing a shirt with squares cut out of it.

This is how we made quilts when I was a kid. TG&Y and K-Mart were the only two places around us that sold fabric. We would use old clothes for the quilt top and buy that expensive fabric that was a whole dollar a yard for the back - unless we found a sheet that we liked!

Read any good books lately that mentions quilts?

March 28th, 2014, 11:49 AM
I really enjoyed that. I've made note of the book and author as a possible read for my quilt/book small group. We began by reading books about quilters solving problems/mysteries etc. but haven't read one of them in a long time.

Quilting isn't an old family tradition in my family but if my grandmothers hadn't died when I was very little they probably would have taught me to knit and crochet. I've tried to pass quilting down to my 9 grandkids, best I got was when Josi and Ben helped pick fabrics for pillowcases for kids in hospitals and then they sewed them up and when Beth put together a few squares for a doll quilt that was never finished. One thing I know for sure that they all have at least two quilts from me and I hope they always bring back good memories for them of growing up and family ties.

Jean Sewing Machine
March 28th, 2014, 12:02 PM
My grandmother quilted. But she died when I was 4 so I never had the chance to know this. When her youngest child ( my aunt) died several years ago at age 93, my cousin found several of grandma's quilts in the closets of her mother's home. No one knew that the quilts existed. My cousin knew I quilted, so she gave them yo me.

This past week, my own daughter showed me a quilt she had found in my husband's parents' home. She had moved into the home after college after my FIL passed away. The quilt was a lovely appliqued large quilt. I vaguely remembered my MIL having it on the bed, but really didn't recall that it existed until I saw it. Don't have a clue who made it. My MIL sewed, but I don't know if she made the quilt. It is in really good condition.

My aunt on my mother's side always talked about quilting. But I don't think I ever saw a quilt made by her. She did more small handcrafts, but wow, she had a whole room full of fabric for her stash! My mother sewed beautifully, but her sewing was geared to garment sewing, home dec and one of a kind small accessories.

So, I never really had a quilter in my family to share the quilt making with.

March 28th, 2014, 12:11 PM
Hi May, Carla Neggers is a mystery romance author. There's a couple of love scenes in the book but they are just a few paragraphs - not like some that go on for pages and pages. It was an enjoyable read but it wasn't about quilts even though they were mentioned more than once in the book.

Sharon Sala wrote a book about a quilter. I'm pretty sure the title is 'Til Death. And she makes a quilt called Storm at Sea.