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May 23rd, 2011, 05:15 AM
Good Morning. I know it is morning because even though it is still dark outside, I did go to sleep with the telly on and woke up and news was on. I've been doing that all night. The lightning was so bright and seemed to pierce my closed eyes through drawn shades. That is pretty durn bright! Here I sit waiting for the coffee to perc down.

Weather seems to be really more insistent these days, doesn't it? I am nervous about a cousin in Wisconsin and my son's in laws in Minnesota. I was speaking with my cousin yesterday on the phone when she said the alerts were being sounded so she needed to say good bye. I will find out later this morning if it was just alarms - crazy weather!

Well, I KNOW you are all just waiting with baited breath to hear about our PJ party the other night. We had a blast. You know, I couldn't always say in my lifetime that I have enjoyed my Mom's company. She has always said she was a serious person. That does not equate to fun. Trust me. I spent many, many, MANY nights when my one Granny who was into having a good time. She is the one who taught me to quilt, crochet, garden, identify wild flowers (which are weeds to some), really laugh at myself, and etc. I came to a point in the past few years of caregiving to try and give this attitude of a life well lived so you may as well laugh now to my Mom. Daddy never needed to learn that, since it was his Mom who would giggle with me.
So, sis and I armed with DVD's, an old laptop, and our sense of humor pretty much kept Mom up all night long. We looked through ancient photograph albums, whose residents predated my grandparents a bit. We tried to match these oldsters to some of the geneology we have done. I got Mom giggling as I made up my own stories about these people with the huge hats long before Prince Wm and Kate's wedding. Oh wait! That was hair, not hats! And we discovered that women on both sides of the family were always busty. We told Mom, she must have been adopted . . . I perservered and got to watch my Topper movies, Mom had made some whoopie pies before we got there and Luscious called me twice telling me how much Gracie missed me. I twisted his arm and he brought himself and Gracie down to finish watching Topper Returns and sleep in Daddy's bed. Yesterday was a fun day. I like fun and make sure that each day has some in it. Even if it means finding humor in discovering a family of mice had made a home in my old vacuum. I never knew that my husband knew the Mexican Hat Dance.

Okay, girlies, The rain seems to have stopped, I have taken Gracie outside, the coffee is almost finished perking down and I think I could go lie back down. Good grief! But wait!!!!!!! It is time for Luscious Larry to wake up. And so my day will really begin.

May 23rd, 2011, 06:19 AM
Good Morning, it a bright but blustry day here in my part of the UK

I have over the past few months been watching DVDs all quilt related i find that by watching them & where possible having the books to go along side it i am very possible going to try some

I think my only moan about any quilting books ect is that you can say find 3 or more quilts that says it queen or whatever size it may be & all of them could be different sizes so there don't seem to be a standard size so all quilt patterns are to that size it as if they make the size to fit the pattern rather than the pattern to fit the size is this just me or what

Being in the UK it hard enough to get sizes that fit some of our beds so do tend to use a pattern for the blocks & then have to possible redesign it on the EQ to get it to the size i want which is fine if the block is on there but with a block having several different names it could go by it hard.

Well that is my Monday Morning Moan :lol:

I hope that you have a good day take care
Hugs Janice :icon_wave:

May 23rd, 2011, 06:46 AM
Blondie I'm a little concerned...your little mouse seems to have his tail originating from his front side rather than his back in some of the animations...speaking of having a giggle. :lol:

Janice, most patterns give you the size of the block and the size of the entire quilt and they often will tell you that if you want a king size then use a setting of X number of rows by Y number of columns, and the same for other options down to cot size. I doubt you would need to resort to EQ to get a size you need. Simply take the size you need eg 90" x 100", subtract whatever the border size of the quilt is, eg it may say in instructions that the border is cut 6", so subtract 2x6" or 12", and then divide the remainder by the block size eg 12". Do this for across the quilt and down and you will have how many blocks you need to make it fit your bed. I hope that helps.

May 23rd, 2011, 07:27 AM
Hi Lyn, yes i know i could alter some without using EQ but some i do also it does the maths for me & i can change size of blocks so it would look the same as pattern just smaller blocks & possible change on borders i can for the most part do it just sometimes i wish that when a pattern says it for a certain one eg: Queen it like clothes if you are one size that your size why can't all bed quilts be the same if they say they queen twin ect be a standard size so you never have to worry about what size it is
Hugs Janice

May 23rd, 2011, 07:56 AM
Good morning everyone! Prayers coming for the storms all over again - rain here again, in fact, looks like it's a gloomy week until after next Monday! HA! Maybe I should talk DH into turning the VW Bug that's decided no matter what you do to her, that she isn't going to run, to just put some floaters on her and we'd be set for the great floods.
Our last week of school - so come on Friday! Don't like to wish away time though.
I hope you all have a great day - counselor meeting tonight so pray that the right words come out of my mouth concerning Katie. I do miss her so much - just so ready for her to come home again.
Well, better run and I'll catch ya all later tonight!

May 23rd, 2011, 09:43 AM
Hi ladies
I went back to bed shortly after hubby left, and thought I would check back in. Terrible to turn on the tv and hear of all the tragedy left by those horrible tornadoes yesterday. Very sobering to think I got an inch of rain while some don't have a roof to hear it fall on.
LOL, Lynn, never noticed the mousie's tail. You've got a sharp eye and mouth made to smile!

Blessings to everyone. Off to do some laundry.

May 23rd, 2011, 10:03 AM
Morning Quilty Crew!
How fun to hear about your pj party Blondie! Sharing with us with a vision of LL doing the Mexican Hat Dance was good for a giggle. Your Mom must treasure you I am sure and any woman that shows up for a party with Whoppie Pies is ready for a good time! One comment you said really spoke to me and that was about "really laugh at myself" because I never truly enjoyed life until an ex-bf taught me that exact thing, wish I had learned it sooner in life.

I am feeling so sad about the people in Joplin, MO who were so devasted last night. The pics on the news are horrific and my prayers go out to all involved. I know we have some members from around that way, hope you are all safe.

Been up since sunrise and it was a brilliant one, but now dark clouds and cooler temps are upon us with a cold front blowing in from the west. I am happy to see it as I don't really want to be at the sewing machine as much if it is sunny out so I am welcoming a rainy, cooler day.

Yesterday was such a nice Sunday with family over for the whole day and early evening. I made pulled pork and beef BBQ sandwiches (my Mom always cooked a pork and beef roast together for wonderful flavors!) and with chips and a salad it made any easy dinner that we ate on the patio. Little Frankie kept us entertained all day and he finally can say my name, Grandma Patti, which comes out "Ga ma ka". That really touched my heart.:icon_bigsmile:

I am off now to do Monday morning chores. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!:icon_wave:

May 23rd, 2011, 10:37 AM
rofl !!! @ Lynn you worried that his missing something hahahahahahaha

May 23rd, 2011, 10:51 AM
Morning All!
Prayers for those dealing with the aftermath of the savage storms of yesterday and the continued flooding. Yikes! The weather certainly has some harsh blows for us this year.
Thanks for your concern over my lethargy yesterday. I am sure that it had a lot to do with running two farms, a household, two long days of cleaning/house painting for a friend, and seasonal allergies combined. Yesterday was the first day of back to a "normal" schedule, and I was dragging.
The iced coffee did help and we (Em, Hubby, & I) managed to get some stuff done. The veggie garden has been completely weeded, two rows of peas and another row of spinach planted, and the new herbs tucked in. I have added feverfew, valerian, fennel, and dill to the gardens this year. I also replaced the Italian parsley since it didn't make the transplant earlier this spring to where I wanted it it to grow. I did try to start my own dill from seeds last year, but they never got much bigger than toothpicks, so I went for a nice healthy one from the nursery this year. The blueberry patch was also weeded as that is where I wanted to put the feverfew since it likes to self seed. It can duke it out with the lemon balm in there. We made a weak attempt at weeding a few other places around the farm as we walked by. Not as productive as attacking the space, but still, progress. I also got all of the feed pans, buckets, and stock water tanks cleaned. The milkers are all wearing clean collars with their proper ID numbers. (The number tags are for milk testing and to help my husband know who is whom since a lot of them look alike to him.) After DH got home from his session at the rifle range with guys, he busted out the weed eater and cleaned up the stuff the mower can't reach, planted a few things in pots, and best of all made dinner while I gave Em a bath! All in all, not bad for really wanting to just sit on the couch and nap.
Since I'm up, I think I'll try to get the backing pieced for the two quilt tops I have done so I can try out the fusible batting. I do have to make a run to the feed mill today for animal chow, so the basting will probably happen tomorrow during preschool time when I can lay it out without being interrupted.
Janice, I guess the sizes are flexible so you can add your own touch. Some want the quilt to just top the bed, others want it to drape nearly to the floor. So with adding borders, or an extra row of blocks you can make the quilt the size you want or need. It can be frustrating but if you look at it like a big jigsaw puzzle, you can have fun with creating the perfect quilt for you or a friend. Good luck on getting it all worked out!
Trish, remember the end of each year gets you one more closer to retiring! Prayers and a hug for you to help you through the appointment with the counselor.
Blondie, when you are done, I have some laundry, and dusting, and probably some vacuuming to do if you are bored and looking for something to keep you entertained. I made chocolate chip cookies, from scratch even, but the housework fairies still haven't shown up to help out!
Off to find some allergy meds to dry up the snozz.
You all have a great day! Cathy

May 23rd, 2011, 01:13 PM
ALLLLL Rightyyyy THEN!:icon_doh:
How many cups of CAFE have you had Alreadyyyy:icon_stunned:
Heyy...Your Hampster ESCAPED AGAIN!!
Happy Monday.

May 23rd, 2011, 03:15 PM
You gals just crack me up! I do a lot of giggling when I read a lot of your posts. (been known to weep at some of them, too)
Cathy....it sounds like you are a woman on a mission and nothing will stop you, allergies or lethargy or not!!! You are such an inspiration. Yes, Blondie....his tail is on backwards. Funny, though! Feeling so bad for the folks in the Joplin area. Hope Sandy wasn't affected. Good thoughts are sent to each of you. You are all such a newfound blessing in my life!

Sandy Navas
May 23rd, 2011, 05:47 PM
I'm late getting on here - did some sewing today!!! Yipee for me!!!! Finally finished Zoe's quilt and have it in the washing machine. Also made the lining for a purse my daughter crocheted.

Cynthia I'm way north (almost 200 miles) of Joplin. We did have a small tornado hit about 15 miles from here, but other than about 30 mile per hour winds we had nothing. The tornado north of us had huge hailstones following it. Only three homes damaged there. We barely got rain over night.

Went with Agnes and our daughter to have baby pictures taken this morning. Wouldn't you know she fussed most of the time we were there. She did stop long enough to get a couple quality shots done though.

I can't look at Blondie's mouse without chuckling - when I see the tail on backwards I'm reminded of my Dad always saying he'd 'crop their tail right up behind their ears'.

Hugs to all!!

May 23rd, 2011, 06:25 PM
l think that mouse is missing a body part and the tail was deilbrately put on backwards to cover it up...he probably lost it in a mouse trap hehehehe

May 23rd, 2011, 06:29 PM
I live in Minnesota and that was the area I was born and raised in that was hit the worst! My family still lives there and has a lot of damages to homes like windows blown out etc. Trees fell on homes and roof damages and garages. It's unreal!!

May 23rd, 2011, 06:34 PM
Sandy, so glad you weren't affected by the terrible weather I saw on the news. Such a shame. This time of year the weather seems to be exploding somewhere, all the time. Glad to hear about the photo shoot, looking forward to seeing baby Agnes again. Also looking forward to seeing Zoe's quilt - congrats on getting it done! When are you sharing pics with us??

Meemee, we're glad you found us, you're one of the gang already!

Got through my short day at work, ran errands and did grocery shopping, got everything unloaded and put away and now I'm sneaking in a few minutes' quilting before I make dinner - all microwave convenience foods tonight, I'm too pooped to really cook (but never too tired to sew, isn't that odd?). My tension is perfect on my machine on my girl's QFK quilt ( http://forum.missouriquiltco.com/album.php?albumid=221&attachmentid=5518 ) so I'm not moving the quilt or turning the machine off until the last quilting stitch is done! Hope the link works; if not, the pic is in my Works in Progress album.

Blondie's time with her Mom sure has me missing mine. She lives in Georgia, we see each other about every two years or so.

Patticakes, little Frankie sure sounds like fun :).

Wishing everyone a great Monday night! Trish, GOOD LUCK at your meeting tonight!

May 23rd, 2011, 10:22 PM
Hi all, finally back from the counselors. Took an hour to get there - geez, you would think there were closer counselors. Came out from the meeting and it was pouring with a tornado warning. I surely kept my eyes peeled. Did see some damage to trees here and there on the way home. But, here is basically the scoop. The counselor is not a psychologist/psychiatrist - she is a 'trained counselor'. It is a church based group and they basically get the person to talk about their emotions and problems, get them to admit the wrong things they are doing with their lives, confront the people/persons they think have contributed to their problems and then try to work on doing the right things. The counselor thinks it would be a good idea if I came back 'every week' well, that isn't going to happen since she charges $100. an hour - and really - it isn't about me, it's about my daughter and her selfishness. I did agree to go in while my daughter is there so we can talk, but did inform the counselor that while I understand that part of it is probably about me since it involves the family - the bottom line is that I don't need to sit and talk things out and the counselor could talk to anyone she wanted and she would find out that we are not abusive, are not over controlling - anything that our daughter thinks we are - everyone who knows us just can't believe that she is behaving the way she is and really she just started hanging out with the wrong kids who don't have a home life and got in trouble and we are just trying to nip it in the butt before she gets into any kind of legal trouble - a typical teenager who is trying to find her way and has gone down the wrong paths. Also mentioned that I think it would be nice if the family she is living with give us a little more information other than 'its an adjustment', 'it's going good' and that I didn't think that one of the their family members has to be hovering any time I see our daughter - it kind of feels like they are afraid that our daughter will say something she shouldn't or that I will say something I shouldn't. If we are in this together to get her the help she needs, I would think that we could have a little more interaction from them. So, we'll see how it goes.
So - that's that. I am over my anger and just waiting until the time when she can come home and realize that the teenage years require a lot of growing up, alot of indecisions, and alot of choices - all the while trying to keep her morals in tact the way we taught her. The counselor is working on her 'issues' which is why I went - to try to figure out what they are and they are the ones I thought they were - typical teenage defiance trying to make her way into the world.

I stopped at an outlet store on the way home and was delighted to see 2 quilting books I don't have. So, for a few dollars - I grabbed them. Think I will sit and enjoy leafing through them tonight. Thank you for the prayers, they certainly helped my nerves!


May 23rd, 2011, 11:44 PM
Trish, my heart cries for you, this must be so hard to watch someone you brought into this world, loved and cherished go down this road. We have friends who had the same problem, their daughter ran away eventually and lived who knows where. The authorities eventually came to their door wanting them to sign a form to say they had kicked her out thus requiring her to need govt assistance. They refused to sign the form, said they had not kicked her out and she was more than welcome to come home at any time. The govt agency would not tell them where she was or anything else about her, they were absolutely powerless. Eventually she grew up some and did contact her mother, they now are in close contact but it was a few very heartbreaking years for them. They really have no idea what triggered the rebellion, other than teenage angst, they have two older children that they had no problem with and were certainly not abusive or overbearing. Teenage years can be quite a mystery in some cases.

May 24th, 2011, 12:41 AM
Hi all! Its been awhile since Ive left a post. Chemo really did a number on me. I was just wore out. I didnt work on anything that was post worthy so I just stalked you all. Im 1 1/2 week out of my lat chemo so Im gaining more get up and go. Just going to work everyday has been tough, but I did it. I missed a few days, but thats ok by me. Now Im waaiting on the Big exchange. Clothes are so freaky looking right now so tshirts n jeans are my thing for know. I hope by this weekend I will be cranking some out. Take care all and have a blessed night!

May 24th, 2011, 10:23 AM
Trish, warmest wishes for you and Katie - Lynn said it best when she said "teenage years can be quite a mystery". You hang in there.

May 24th, 2011, 01:08 PM
Trish so sorry you have to go thru this. it's so hard to be a parent sometimes. Prayers for both of you.