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May 19th, 2011, 07:23 AM

Good Morning, Ladies
Just sitting down at the 'puter - been a whirlwind again this morning and what's the first thing I do? Grab a cup and sit down to get caught up on my quilty friends at MSQC. Email can wait possibly until I get home from work. Thursday are normally a light day - home by 1 or 2 but today and tomorrow both are longer days. Today mostly because of big gaps in my scheduling. I will bring some handwork and a book to read.

Cathy, when I was a child, we had a small farm where we raised our own food. When I moved back home many years ago, I had several goats, a flock of chickens but didn't have the resources for beef. I kinda miss the noise and aggravation of the chores but oh well. I am debating on getting chickens again. I sure miss going out back to gather eggs. And if I ever get goats again, it won't be whatever the breed was I had before. They were mixed mutts and trust me, I learned more about a billy than I ever wanted. They stink! lol. I want them more for their manure than anything. You're right, the garden does like that compost.

Read about the p\military pillow cases, will make a few set this weekend and get that mailed out. Such a tender story and worthwhile.

Gotta head to the shower and get ready for work - I hear the sun will come out and be in the 70's. Of course it will be a stellar day - I have to work!

May 19th, 2011, 07:39 AM
Happy to hear the sun is coming out for you Blondie. We'll have another 2 days of rain here, but Saturday is looking great and the yard sale is on! Have lots to do to get ready for it so really have to get moving on those little jobs tonight after school.
I also have to get ready for work. Since the rains have stopped for now, I won't get wet going in. The little birdies are singing their hearts out - think they are happy it's stopped for a bit too.
Have a great day everyone and do something today to be a blessing to someone else.

May 19th, 2011, 09:47 AM
Morning ladies, It's the same old same old here. Dreary and rainy with work on the agenda. Blondie, I've thought of getting chickens but my DH says no way. Apparantly he experienced nasty ones as a child. He's such a big strong guy, I get such a chuckle out of that....:D So far all our livestock experiences have been sharing with other friends and it has always happened at their house (pigs and lambs) - works for me! Hope everyone is successful with their plans for the day.

May 19th, 2011, 10:08 AM
Dreary here so far too. I am off work today, but tons to do as usual. I am working on the friendship braid quilt and it's about 1/2 quilted. DH and I watched American Idol last night and I was burying threads the whole 2 hours of the show. DH even commented that it's a pretty quilt, coming from a guy, I take that as a great compliment! LOL I am quilting it on the sewing machine, so lots of turning, but it's definitely worth it. I don't trust (myself) taking a couple of stitches to lock the ends, so that is why I am burying the threads just like with hand quilting.
I would love to have laying chickens! We have a guy that brings brown eggs in to us at work, and
they are simply the best eggs, the yolks are almost orange--they made the prettiest scrambled eggs and pancakes for supper last night. Wishing everybody a great day!

May 19th, 2011, 10:16 AM
Morning! No farm animals or pets here, not even a fish, but I come from a farming family so I know the hard work & all that comes with it.
Look like it could rain any second here but weatherman says no rain today. Had a busy day yesterday babysitting 2yr old Frankie. He is a ball of energy & kept Papa and I on our toes all day. Needless to say no quilting was accomplished all day!
Did have some fun quilty news yesterday that I won a copy of "Fresh Fabric Treats" book from United Notions-Moda!! Can't wait to get my hands on it!!
Well time to get this housework finished! Hope you all have a great day!

Sandy Navas
May 19th, 2011, 11:23 AM
Blondie - as a former farm girl, I share your experience with the Billy Goats - YUCKO! However, when I was growing up I was in charge of two groups of our farm animals - the rabbits and sheep. The rabbits are the easiest to care for and their droppings make the most wonderful compost 'tea' for your plants. That may be an easy choice. I, too miss gathering eggs though!!! We have acreage here but I am old enough I don't want to be responsible for taking care of animals again. Oh, and the rams in the sheep family don't rut and smell!!!

Off to take my oldest DGD to work this morning. I'll visit Mom and then see if my favorite thrift store has more fabric . . . as if I need ANY at all!!!!

Maybe, just maybe one of these days I'll get back in the sewing room!!

May 19th, 2011, 12:11 PM
Yes the buck goats do smell from about mid-September until about February. Then they are done making eyes at the ladies. Here they get a front end bath in warm water on a sunny days and they smell much less until I can give them a haircut and a better bath later in the spring. Apparently that smell is quite the turn on for the lady goats. It makes me think of the guys that drown themselves in cheap cologne and hang out at the bar saying "Hey Baby"! (Yeah, you know the ones I'm talking about!) I usually only have one, maybe two intact males on the farm. The rest of the breeding is done with artificial insemination. Those boys in the liquid nitrogen don't stink at all!
We do love our fresh chicken eggs here too! I can't wait to start getting fresh milk in the house too. It looks like I have a few more weeks before that happens. I should have baby goats by the end of the month. Whoo Hoo!
Well, gotta scoot! Check in with you later.

May 19th, 2011, 12:18 PM
Oh yes rabbit poo makes a great fertilizer. When my kids raised rabbits we rakes the droppings into the garden. Got monster sized strawberries.
I am a former farm girl, too. Egg farm- chicken manure isn't good for gardens,"too hot" and will burn the plants. Fresh eggs very day was nice though.
Dh is taking me to Joanns today. I need my fabric fix! LOL Then off to check on mom. afterwards, pizza and a movie with my sister and BIL.

May 19th, 2011, 01:18 PM
Cloudy and cool today in Alberta. Hoping the Northern parts of Alberta get rain for the fires. Slave Lake a town of about 7000, was burned out, they are saying up to 40% gone. So sad. The people are still not allowed to go back, they say it might be next week.

All this talk of poo and suggestions for keeping cats out of your flower beds? We have no pets, but all the neighbours cats use out flower beds. I have put bark in them, but they still want to dig it it. Any ideas other than rock?

Talking of pets, since I have been at home I get so lonely and would love a cat or a dog, but the DH is being stubborn and he does not want one. Any suggestions on ways I can convince him that a pet would be a good idea!!

May 19th, 2011, 04:50 PM
Your own pet is a good idea cause it will keep out the neighbor cats out of your flower beds! Sorry, had to post that one.


May 19th, 2011, 05:02 PM
Your own pet is a good idea cause it will keep out the neighbour cats out of your flower beds! Sorry, had to post that one.

Especially if it is big dog!! LOL

May 19th, 2011, 06:42 PM
Hi, Ladies! Happy Thursday! Just returned from a retirement party for my SIL in Washington DC. DH and I took the long trip home via Amish country...talk about beautiful country! Not to mention all the neat quilt shops. Those Amish and Mennonite women are so creative! The fabric was cheaper down there, too....so of course, had to get some! Not that I needed any, but could not resist!!
Love reading your tales of raising animals! Have always wanted to do that, but too old now. Besides, not enough land. So I will live vicariously through my quilting buddies who raise animals as well as much of their food!

May 20th, 2011, 03:48 AM
Big dogs = big poop!

There are some things that you can sprinkle on your flower beds to keep the cats off. We used some stuff that looked like dark green jello and had a citronella type scent. We learned that you only want to get it on the ground and not on the leaves though. It left chemical burns on our Hollyhock leaves. It did a fine job of keeping the cats out of the new flower beds.
The other thing would be a ground cover. Once the wild strawberries, labrador violets, lithdora and vinca set up shop in the various beds, there isn't much dirt for the cats to dig in!
No sewing done today either. Probably won't get back to the machine until next week some time. Two more days of farm chores and the rest of those days will be filled with cleaning and painting a bathroom for a friend. Feast or famine I guess. I'll take the $$ while I can. Hubby is gonna drop the daughter off at Nana's on his way to work and pick her up on the way home so I can knock out as much as I can without her "help" on the paint job. She's cute, but messy!
Gonna wash up and hit the sack so we can do it all over again tomorrow!
Hugs to my quilty friends!