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January 27th, 2014, 06:12 AM
Had a pretty long first sleep and woke up around 3am and have been checking on an order I have for boots. Having a difficult time getting a pair of winter boots. First order cancelled because it was Out of Stock, 2nd never came, notified it was returned and all charges credited to my credit card - think this was an Out of Stock situation also. I ordered on line and there was no indication that stock of either boot was depleted.

3rd attempt today, right size, width, easy on and off and strap closure just what I need but only 1 left. Phew got to hurry and order so I'll have boots at last. Amazon emailed order denied because of credit card, they had an old number but I quickly updated my info and prayed the boots were still available. From last email it looks OK and boots should be here end of the week. With all the snow and ice this Winter I really need the boots as my old ones fell apart

Speaking of Winter I came across this photo the other day and only reason I think I saved it was because of the deep freeze so many of us have been experiencing this year.

January 27th, 2014, 06:28 AM
Good luck with boots. I pretty much live in boots because of my work and non-quilting hobbies all require substantial footwear.

I slept until about 2:30 but never could get back to sleep. Got to wave hello to Mrs. HandsomeRyan on one of her many nightly trips to the bathroom though. I think she grows more ready to have this baby out of her with each bathroom trip. She has reached the stage which have named "hilariously pregnant". I call it that because her belly sticks out so far it looks ridiculous. She is still looking as beautiful as ever though.

Work in a few hours. I guess I'll go start getting ready.

Have a great day!

January 27th, 2014, 06:42 AM
Long first sleep for me too. Woke about 3 for a trip to the bathroom, and kinda of tossed and turned and dozed after that. So at about 4:15 decided to just get up and start my day. I'm a lazy girl this early though - will sit here and surf while waiting for DH to roll out and go downstairs for the coffee. I'm a spoiled girl.

Of course this won't be a problem when we finally move to the one floor condo we hope to find soon. Getting closer finding out if DS and DDIL can buy our house. DGD has to pick a college (out of about 6 that she's been accepted to) because they'll need to list the tuition when they apply for the loan. Then they'll have to list and sell their house before we can even start looking for our condo. Totally different then when we bought this house 30 years ago. Then we found this house, put a contract in on it and went home and listed our house.....Now no one will take contingent contract - so you have to sell your existing property first, then go looking for a new place to live. Crazy!!!

In the mean time we're cleaning out like there's no tomorrow. So much accumulation in 46 years of marriage.....wow. We even have things in that basement that are still in boxes never used - a ceiling fan, a flush mount light fixture, a hanging light fixture - to name a few.....Now wouldn't you think if we went out and made a purchase we would have come home and put those things up???? Weird!!! I've been selling things like crazy on our neighborhood Virtual Yard Sale. Usually list an item and within a hour have a buyer and the item is usually out of my house within 24 hours....nice!! We're putting all that money aside for purchases for the new place.

I hear some movement.....hope it's my coffee coming.

Jean Sewing Machine
January 27th, 2014, 07:31 AM
Morning, Owls! Went to sleep at 12, woke up at 4, this is going to be a nappy kind of day. I ave to take the grandkids to school this morning, so no sleeping in for me!

I got my costume sewing complete as of yesterday afternoon, so now it is quilts, quilts, quilts from now on. I'm waiting very impatiently for an order from MSQC to get started on a commission quilt needed in 2 weeks as a stage dressing for a play. Tracking has it in my neighborhood since Thursday--why don't I have it? Come on, USPS, get you act together! In the meantime, I practiced on Xs and Os, put together a top, need to border it then quilt it. Two charm packs makes a pretty tiny throw, the one I'm making for the customer needs to be bed size, so I'll be hugging and kissing twice as many charms as this little throw.

Have a great day!

K. McEuen
January 27th, 2014, 11:35 AM
You should get your other fabric package today so at least you can get a bit of a head start if the MSQC package still doesn't arrive, Jean.

January 27th, 2014, 12:19 PM
Good morning everyone! Didn't get much sleep last night with the 55mph winds that made the house sound like it was being ripped off the foundation. Theres black shingles all over our back yard which means the new roof that we didn't get on our storage shed last summer will be put on this year...soon as possible. Very cold out -30 degree wind chills and schools being cancelled or going in a few hours late. Not sure what upset Mother Nature but sure wish she'd get over it.....

Jean Sewing Machine
January 27th, 2014, 12:34 PM

May, I was "sold" an expensive pair of ankle boots before I went on my vacation to Europe. I needed warm and good walking footwear. I got some Romika boots, they cost a pretty penny, but I LOVE THEM! My feet are never cold and never sore when I wear them and I've been in cold, snowy weather, walking cobblestone paved streets for hours. I can't say enough good things about them! I got them at Dillards, just in case someone needs a great pair of boots for this awful winter weather!

Jean Sewing Machine
January 27th, 2014, 12:37 PM
You should get your other fabric package today so at least you can get a bit of a head start if the MSQC package still doesn't arrive, Jean.
Thanks Karen, the MSQC package has been at the big mail facility 5 miles away from me since Thursday. What's up with that?

January 27th, 2014, 05:40 PM
I woke at around 3 am. I think I've slightly torn a ligament in my neck and the pain is awful. I want to scream but have to bite the pillow instead. I have to lift my head off the pillow with my left hand because the pain goes all down my right arm.

I'm usually awake around 3 anyway. I try not to look at the clock because I know the time will be 3.33 am. But when I look at the clock, no matter how long I wait - it's 3.33 am!

I like Ecco boots and shoes. They're lovely and comfy and keep out the wet, and recover well from being covered in mud.

Guess what! My MSQC delivery is due tomorrow. It takes ages to get to England.