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November 15th, 2013, 01:10 AM
Lisa & Cyndi I'm giving you a bit of a break since I have a question for tonight.

Last night I went digging in my stash and realized I had no orange fabric larger than a slightly used fat quarter. I needed, at the very least, a 2" strip WOF. I went through everything including the Halloween/Fall pile. Nope. Nothing.

So I ventured out to get some orange today. Now I know why I had no orange fabrics. They are all horrible! I settled on three and hope to make them work. I was looking for small/blender prints that read as a solid. They are in the dryer and I'll get to them after I tuck the Missy into bed for the night.

So my question is what color(s) are sorely lacking in your stash. Is it because you just don't like that color overly much, you don't use it very often, or you just haven't found the "right" prints? Do you force yourself to buy colors that you don't usually gravitate towards, but should have to round out your stash?

I hope someday my orange prints will come, and that they will be charming additions to my stash.

Happy Hooting!

November 15th, 2013, 01:16 AM
No greens, oranges, or yellows for me! Well, maybe one piece of yellow, now that I think about it. I like the blues, purples, pinks and teals and that is normally what I buy.

Miss Sheri
November 15th, 2013, 01:20 AM
Orange, Brown, Yellow, all the colors that I look "Yucky" when I wear them. Those I rarely get, only a few fat quarters just in case, but otherwise, only as needed.

November 15th, 2013, 01:33 AM
My stash is made up of colors I like mainly.

November 15th, 2013, 01:51 AM
I love orange if it used right. One of the favorite things I ever made. It had about ten fabrics.


It's hard to find purple here.

November 15th, 2013, 01:53 AM
Cathy: Great question!

I just had to go look at my stash. I don't have much green at all and I am not a huge lover of green so at the moment I am OK with that. I also don't have much of any brown at all. I really don't have any of it really except a couple pieces of homespun. I love brown, deep rich brown is my favorite and cream and any color in between so I might have to work on that.

November 15th, 2013, 02:14 AM
The color I am lacking the most is orange......I have one orange fat quarter. I like orange........I just haven't accumulated much of it yet. I'm trying to work with the stash I have because I can see how it could easily get out of control! :D

November 15th, 2013, 02:21 AM
I would have to say oranges and yellows. Could use some nice browns too.

Jean Sewing Machine
November 15th, 2013, 02:24 AM
I have no brown! I wanted to add some brown to something and I have a few ugly fat quarters in brown but thats it.

November 15th, 2013, 03:01 AM
I know I have plenty of blues, creams and beiges in my stash and a fair amount of reds and greens but the least amount is in orange and surprisingly in pink fabrics. I know I used orange before but that was when I was making a small challenge quilt with pumpkins. A few years ago I found a sweet soft orange print that my DGD Elizabeth loved for her quilt to take to college with her. 3 years later it still is on her dorm bed so she likes it and as her roommate said, "the quilt is just like her".

I have a bunch of greens only because I never seem to have the right shade, they are sometimes too yellow or too dark, never the right leaf color so why do I have so much? They were on sale for half price!
Color me pink tonight,61003

Tried to remove the orange quilt photo but it won't go away.

November 15th, 2013, 03:01 AM
It is interesting to see that orange shows up on most lists.
Red used to be another one I was short on. My daughter has decided that red is her favorite color, so I have a few more of those these days.
Lori, that dress is adorable! I find it amazing that purple is hard for you to find.

Jean, the browns I had were primarily for applique bits of things. I found a line that had a chocolaty color with cream and thin-line raspberry designs. I picked up several of those prints. Not too much more than that though.

May that quilt is fabulous! I have to agree that I have acquired some of my stash precisely because the other colors I had weren't quite the right right color for what I was working on. (Another good reason to always bring a swatch of whatever you are trying to match when you go shopping!)

I have found that working on some of these quilts take me outside of my normal color comfort zones. Sometimes the trip is pleasant, other times I can hardly wait to get it done and back to my happy place!
The ones I needed the orange for last night are quilts for my grandson's new "Big Boy" bed and a snuggle blankie for my nephew. The fabric & design dictated I needed some of these colors.
I still tend towards the blues & greens when I have my choice though!

November 15th, 2013, 03:01 AM
Like you, I am missing some orange and yellows in my stash. Until the other day when Cyndi sent me a great package of fabric, I was also missing purple/lavender colors. That is my mom's favorite color and I had been thinking about picking some up to make her a lap quilt. Now I don't have to! (Thank you again Cyndi :) )

November 15th, 2013, 03:09 AM
This question is making me realize that I don't have much of a stash. Rats! I mostly just have nursery fabrics from JoAnns. I think some shopping trips to the LQS are in order. Along with some orders from M*, of course!!

November 15th, 2013, 03:15 AM
I am a true night owl tonight - I worked on my IQ earlier and then went to bed, but now am back up and have been working on pillowcases for Ruby! Thought I would pop in and see what the rest of the night owls are up to. :)

I don't think I have a single cream in my stash or a grey. Neutrals look beautiful in other peoples quilts, but I have a hard time buying them - something else always catches my eye and the pocketbook only stretches so far...so the brights tend to get to go home with me instead of the neutrals.

I have some orange, but not much yellow.

Sew Perfect
November 15th, 2013, 03:25 AM
I don't have much orange either. I like it, just haven't used it much. I don't have hardly and yellow and no on the purple as well. I've used these colors and just about every other color in one project or another, but those are colors I just don't keep in my stash.

I tend to gravitate to earth tones, reds, & yes greens. I've been collecting so.e blues for a quilt these days. Let's see what happens with that.

November 15th, 2013, 03:36 AM
I try to have a well rounded stash, although it is heavy with blues. Green is my favorite color so that is the next largest amount. I don't have a lot of red, though. I usually buy oranges when I see something I like. Probably because a few years back I tried to do a pumpkin appliques that needed six different oranges and I couldn't find more than two. I ended up using browns that had orangish tones. So, now I tend to buy a fat quarter or a small piece if I see something that I like. I also love the fall colors, and my quilting friend's favorite color is orange, so those two things also influence me.

November 15th, 2013, 04:34 AM
This question is making me realize that I don't have much of a stash. Rats! I mostly just have nursery fabrics from JoAnns. I think some shopping trips to the LQS are in order. Along with some orders from M*, of course!!

Funny thing! I was trying to use up some of my little kid fabrics out of my stash when I discovered this lack of orange. I bought a bunch of yardage with a jungle animal theme and it had drifted behind my batting & stuffing box. It will make a totally cute quilt for my nephew.
I finally used my charm pack of Animal Alphabet for my grandson's quilt. He needs a twin size for his new bed and I don't have enough blocks. I am adding his name to round out the extra space. Hopefully it will look OK.

Lisa, I have some creams & off-whites in my stash. Grey was a new one for me. I bought some to go with a design I want to try out. It's still sitting together, looking pretty on the shelf. Perhaps I'll make that my drag-along project this year at the girls weekend @ the beach.

Donna, this is what I found too. They did have about 8 or 10 bolts of fabric with orange, but only about 5 that were really just orange and not a combo print of 3 to 5 other colors. Those 5 were almost all the very same color of bright orange. I picked three and we'll see how well they go together in the end.

I pulled them out of the washer and realized I missed two edges when I ran them through the serger. Dang! I can't remember the last time I had to untangle frayed threads! It will be a good reminder to double check before I pre-wash. Off to iron them out and see how far I get with the cutting out. I was up pretty late last night and the rotary cutter might be a bit dangerous to operate while drowsy. I only have a wee bit of those oranges to use. I don't want to mess them up with sloppy cutting!

November 15th, 2013, 04:44 AM
I heard there was owling happening in here.


I'm a bit short on grey fabric in my stash. By short, I mean I'm owl out.

Andrea F
November 15th, 2013, 05:09 AM
I also donīt have lots of orange and yellow, only some really small pieces for a pop of color here and there. And I donīt have any brown or neutrals like beige tones but I am going to change that because I relaized that I could probably use some at times. I have a little bit of green because I forced myself to buy it. I also donīt have any greys as I realize now. I think I need to write a shopping list... :D

November 15th, 2013, 05:48 AM
I have lots of orange as I have been buying up red-orange fabrics for a few years now, just scraps really, because I always wanted to make a teal and red-orange quilt. Which I finally just made! But it is small and now I wonder what I'll do with all the leftover pieces. Oh, look at my avatar! That's the quilt I made!

Green is my all-time favorite color, but somehow I have hardly any of it. Maybe I used it all up and forgot, but I do not have much in the way of green. I guess it's time to work on that.

Another thing I have none of is floral prints. I used to, made a beautiful quilt out of large, colorful florals and ended up giving it away to someone, thinking I had enough left over to make another one. Wrong! I miss that quilt. I'm not sure it's being appreciated by the recipient. Didn't receive a thank you and it's never been mentioned. But that's the way it is with gift quilts. Sometimes you just never know.

Boy it's quiet in the house in the middle of the night! I find myself once again wishing for that elusive white powdered sugar doughnut! Good thing no one around here delivers them at 4 am or I'd need a separate budget just for that! And the Weight Watchers that would surely follow.

Great question tonight!

November 15th, 2013, 05:52 AM
There is a little of most colors in my stash. I am more missing yardage of different colors. I have been trying to buy yardage to add to my stash but I get so picky that I sometimes leave the store with none. It will get there but slowly

It was interesting to see so many people missing orange. I gravitate more toward colors that are bright and different. I think that is probably why I have so much trouble buying yardage

Iris Girl
November 15th, 2013, 06:18 AM
yellow would be the color I have least of. I don't like it can never find a nice yellow and look horrible in yellow.

November 15th, 2013, 12:06 PM
Brown is the color I have the least of, because I love bright colors. Since I got to pick through my Mom's stash I tried to get some browns cause sometimes you just need it. Though I don't have yardage of it.

Granny Judy
November 15th, 2013, 12:24 PM
Greys... unless there is some tiny bits in what I already have in my stash. I just realized that color was missing in my stash when DD#1 & I were shopping for fabric Weds. Turquoise is another color that I don't have much of. Hmmmm. Guess those colors are not in any quilts I want to make.

DD 's are influencing my color choices?

November 15th, 2013, 02:29 PM
Cyndi, No donuts but later tonight I might have some birthday cake to share. We were going to celebrate my cousin Ann's 80th Bday a few weeks ago but we had to reschedule to today. Cousin Alice is bringing one of her huge delicious cakes and since there will only be 6 of us for lunch I'm sure there will be plenty to share with the Night Owls tonight.

November 15th, 2013, 02:47 PM
No oranges, GREENS, yellow or browns in my house unless I have no choice but ot put them in. I am a jewel tone type of person, and the rich colors make me swoon. funny thing is that I married a guy that things greens are great...

November 15th, 2013, 02:54 PM
Red...I don't have nearly enough varying reds.

November 15th, 2013, 02:56 PM
No orange here. No Brown, no blacks... I just don't use them enough for anything.

I did some Halloween table runners this year for DD, but I bought just what I needed and now all that is left is scraps. LOL.

November 15th, 2013, 05:24 PM
Some of the colors are hard to match. Reds can be some of the worst.
Ibake, Emeralds are green! Canary diamonds are yellow. I have seen TV ads for chocolate (brown) diamonds. So technically, they ARE jewel colors! :D

I have found that since I have some of these colors around, I am playing with them more.

November 15th, 2013, 06:32 PM
Doing the pillowcases...No true primary color solids besides red, white and black. Don't like them, don't have them. I keep having to skip donated NICU/PICU fabric that I've received over the years that's hanging in the closet 'cause I do not even have Dots to go with them. It's pretty sad and when I do have funds to go fabric shopping I can't bring myself to look for coordinates in those colors. My eyes fall in love with something else...