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October 26th, 2013, 05:54 PM
I am in need of a Halloween Witch to make an applique pattern. Can anyone help me?
Thanks in advance. Bratbear

Iris Girl
October 26th, 2013, 05:57 PM
google halloween witch and then look at images thats how I get alot of my stencils

October 26th, 2013, 06:01 PM
I'd look in kids Coloring books - Did a quick google and the Teacher websites are the best (and actually FREE to use hehe)

Also check out Martha Stewart, saw a few on her's as well as this one

Free photo editing, free templates, free calendar templates, collages (http://free.myscrapnook.com/index.jhtml?partner=9Nxdm003&pkw=printable%20halloween%20stencils&theme=Halloween&gclid=CNW2opiytboCFco9Qgod9w0AKw)

Miss Sheri
October 26th, 2013, 06:01 PM
Coloring Books are also a great resource.

October 26th, 2013, 06:04 PM
http://www.craftandfabriclinks.com/halloween/halloween_wallhanging.html There are three different blocks. One is a witch.

October 26th, 2013, 07:39 PM
Thanks everyone, I had tried googleing but didn't find anything I liked. Will look some more. You are all supper stars in my book. :)

October 26th, 2013, 07:51 PM
Did you try witch clip art? Search that.

Just one of many attached

October 26th, 2013, 09:35 PM
I used a Sunbonnet Sue and gave her a broom and Hat... LOL Google Witchy Sue... I made my own.

I used her for my October block in my BOM quilt.


October 27th, 2013, 02:00 AM
Thank you ladies. And Kensington your blocks are awesome.