View Full Version : What are you thankful for?

October 17th, 2013, 11:27 AM
Happy Thursday, Everyone!

Today I am thankful for DD#6, who is celebrating her 25th birthday today. She is beautiful, talented, and loving. She is also one of the most "self-aware" people I know; by that I mean that she always knows when she needs an attitude adjustment, and will own up to it, and make the adjustment needed. She teaches Kindergarten at the school where her dad serves as principal, and has been a great addition to the staff there. She's also working on her Master of Education degree, not because she has to (you don't need a master's degree for private or religious schools here in CT), but because she wants to be the best educator she can. She also makes a mean cupcake, and recently made the "cutting cake" for her cousin's wedding!

When she was born, I burst into tears because I'd been expecting a boy (Moi? WRONG? How did THAT happen? :icon_heh: ). So I looked at my DH and said, "What are we going to name her?" Because I just didn't think she looked like a Daniel. And DH smiled and said "How about Sarah Danielle?"

Some of you know that Sally is a nickname for Sara, which was my mom's name, and also my "government" name (meaning it's the one I use at work, the bank, the IRS, and the doctor's office, but not among friends and family). I was really surprised that DH wanted to name her after me, but it really suits her. We did put an H at the end of her name to avoid confusion, and when she worked at my office doing filing during her summer vacations in college, my colleagues called her "Junior" or just "H".

Hope you all have a wonderful day, and that you have many reasons to give thanks! Please let us know what you're thankful for!
Blessings, ~ Sally \0/