View Full Version : Memories of Branson!

October 14th, 2013, 07:12 PM
Hubby took me to Branson 2 years ago after I had my kidney removed. They had these hot spiced/sugared pecans at the Sight and Sound theater, and I loved them.

Last year we went back, I bought 5 packs to bring home... kept them hidden, and used them in my Chopped salad or to eat a few here and there. LOL

At Christmas it was the thing all over pinterest to make them. Dh cousin came to our open house and she had them. I like her recipe a lot. Last week, I picked up a 2 lb bag at the price club and today I made them,

They are so good. So easy and so good! Sitting here nibbling on my hot sugar spice pecans. They are addictive. I want to make them up for gifts I think!

October 14th, 2013, 07:18 PM
I haven't been to the Sight and Sound theater yet. We keep saying we are going to go to Branson and see a show but never get it done. We have driven around Branson a few times DH has done a few gun shows there.
I love all the nuts where ever I can find them though. I especially love the salty/sweet combination.

K. McEuen
October 14th, 2013, 07:20 PM
I have a friend that makes 50 pounds of those every year at Christmas for gifts and to have when company comes by.

October 14th, 2013, 07:23 PM
so, can you share the recipe??

October 14th, 2013, 07:26 PM
I'm sure going to go buy more pecans to make these simple things up into gifts.

October 14th, 2013, 07:55 PM
Mmmm! I love those! I hope you share the recipe :)

October 14th, 2013, 08:16 PM
Right now is the best time to pick up pecans. .....fresh harvest and the price is lower than usual. If you wait to closer to Christmas, they will get very expensive. You can freeze them and make them later, if you want. We have 2 trees that are currently producing, but it looks like the harvest will be not very abundant this year. It varies every other year. I can't get enough of these nuts, plain or sugared or spicy!!

Miss Sheri
October 14th, 2013, 08:29 PM
Sooooooo, the recipe?!

October 14th, 2013, 08:58 PM
sure... I'll put it in the recipes section!

October 15th, 2013, 03:53 AM
We were down in Georgia once and I bought a big bag of pecans to bring home. My DIL's and I cracked them and gobbled them up. They were so moist and tasty, nothing like the bagged stuff we get in the supermarket.

October 15th, 2013, 04:20 AM
I can't imagine having pecan trees in the garden! Sounds very exotic to me. Sorry to say I think spiced pecans sounds revolting! But I think I'll give the recipe a go, for Xmas gifts.

October 15th, 2013, 07:34 AM
you had me a pecans....

October 15th, 2013, 07:40 AM
They sell these nuts at the Renaissance faires and call them "King's Nuts" .... :icon_heh: