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October 11th, 2013, 07:51 AM

Happy Friday Folksies

I know for some reading here, it is the end of the day. Good news for you then that your weekend has officially started . . .
In an effort to keep a good attitude in my heart and a smile plastered on my face, I have decided to start the day off with physically writing down all the wonderful blessings I have to be thankful for. It is always a humbling thing to do. I highly recommend it as a way of realigning priorities, and keeping a proper perspective.

Off to work in a bit. Now where's my coffee. That always helps my perspective - can you tell it is a big priority? I am blessed with a big cuppa. Seriously, a huge blessing.

Have a terrific weekend full of fall fun. Be kind to someone who is rude. And never forget to


October 11th, 2013, 08:06 AM
Good morning....

Blondie....I have more blessings than I can possibly count :)

I may complain about work sometimes but am so thankful to have a job.

I think we're getting out of the house for a bit tomorrow and going to Bass Pro and then we'll see where we end up from there. In a couple of weeks we're going to Amish country...the leaves should be pretty by then.

I got my great-niece's quilt all sandwiched and ready to go so that's my project for tonight.

Need to get busy...have a wonderful day! Prayers & hugs

October 11th, 2013, 08:11 AM
Good morning! Thinking about all the good things in our lives sure does help put things in perspective. I've been upset that DS is furloughed due to the govt. shutdown, but he's safe and well and that's a blessing. We can deal with the rest of it!

I cut the grass yesterday afternoon and the wind blew dust and grass everywhere. I knew I'd wake up today with an allergy/sinus headache and I was right. Tylenol, coffee and toast should be kicking in any time now. But my lawn looks the best it's looked in months! :)

I hope everyone has a great day and a better weekend!

October 11th, 2013, 09:11 AM
It's true - too many blessings to count!

This is my last whole day off work - have to go back tomorrow night. Tomorrow is going to be a whirlwind! DS1, DIL , sweet Evan and Penne the dog, will be here early. The "big kids" are going to do a mud run and grammy will watch Evan and Penne. Then ex . DH's family has a get together at 2. I don't think I will go this time, but DS can run by so that all can see the baby. Prior to knowing that, I scheduled an apt for family portraits at 4:30 and then we are going to dinner to celebrate DD1 and DD2's birthdays. Courtney turned 21 in Sept and Steph will be 31 on the 31st. And, after dinner, I get to go to work! Yay!!!Oh, and did I mention I got a call yesterday that DS2's baseball game that was rained out on Wednesday has been rescheduled to tomorrow at 10?. Yeah, a fun day for sure.

Well as soon as I can get DD1 up and moving, we have to go to my storage unit and see what we can rearrange. Also some things need to be located. I never thought it would be in there this long when I rented it 3 years ago. Oh to find a place of my own. Soon. Please. Now THAT would be a blessing and a half!!!!!

Everyone have a great weekend!

October 11th, 2013, 09:21 AM
Many blessing, too many to count. but, I look as each day that the good Lord gave me one more to live my life to the fullest! Of course, my fullest would be the whole day in my sewing room creating many pretty items made of fabric!

I miss my Mom, I miss the days of simplicity....but a true blessing I have as of late? Being a part of something so wonderful and having quilt friends to share my passion!

And I have the "I don't want to go to work blues" today! I would love to stay home and attempt the new coin tutorial!!!!!

October 11th, 2013, 09:36 AM
Good Morning all!

Blondie, you are so right - counting our blessings does put everything into perspective. Sometimes we get so caught up in the current goings on to even think straight and taking a moment for complete quiet and counting your blessings can recharge your batteries better than almost anything! Allows us to put the "minor" irritations back in their place.

Have a 3 day weekend and I think we are heading somewhere about 4 hours north to pick up a canoe that my DH found on ebay - he has been looking for one for about a year and a half - I was willing to buy him a new one at this point, but he was enjoying the hunt and it paid off. Will stop and see SIL on the way back and may spend the night. Will be good to get away. I have other sibs who can visit mom on the weekend. We will pop by there tonight and maybe again in the morning.

Need to get the living room and hallway painted. DH said we would do it, instead of hiring it done while we had contractors in the house. So far, we have just picked out the paint and the furniture is still all in the middle of the room. But, we have a house and the money to do improvements and the health and ability to do the painting our selves. Contractors are supposed to be finally finished today - end of week 11 of a scheduled 5 week project. Yeah!! I will hopefully share some pics this weekend. :)

October 11th, 2013, 09:46 AM

All is well here...Jeff is off to work, laundry and dishes are washing, the Girls have been fed and are napping. Today has to be a day of housework for me. Jeff has 9 days off beginning tomorrow. It's hard to get anything done when he's home, so today is the day. I hope he gets some rest while he's off. I'm married to a workaholic.

My life seems to settling down a little now and I need to get back to the sewing machine. I have missed the machine embroidery the most. I have two family quilts to make, but I won't finish them until after the new year. I would also like to make a small Valentine quilt. For now I'm on a fabric diet and probably will be for a long time!

Tonight we will have Chalupa (pinto beans cooked all day with pork loin and spices) and homemade flour tortillas for dinner tonight. This is one of Jeff's favorite meals. The leftovers are always wonderful. We love Mexican food.

I'm off to begin my morning. Wishing everyone a great Friday and weekend....Hugs, Barb

October 11th, 2013, 09:58 AM
When I was pregnant withe my daughter 23 yrs ago I start thanking God every night for what I had and the strength to do the right thing by us the next day. When hubby was sick I prayed for us all and and thanked him for everyone making it through that day. I now fall asleep thanking him for all of the blessing we have and the wisdom to find the blessings in the challenges we face.

Prayers to all who need them and those that don't know they need them.

October 11th, 2013, 10:00 AM
I recently did a dictionary & scripture search on "contentment". I had just been to a friend's beautiful home for lunch; she was not happy with her house, which in her opinion, is too large. I live in a 41 y.o. ranch style house that has had NO updates. About the time I was researching new carpet, floor coverings, kitchen counter top, sinks, etc., my husb's health took a down turn. All plans for updates went out the window. Due to his health problems, which include a lot of anxiety, he could not tolerate workers coming in, having his daily routine disrupted, etc., so all plans came to a screeching halt. But I have learned to be content with what I have. My hubby, though it poor health, is alive & with me. In view of all the recent devastating flooding in Colorado, where people have lost absolutely everything, I still have a warm & comfortable home. Although our street flooded, thank God, the water did not get in our house. I have a new sewing machine, a large stash of fabric, & I can quilt to my heart's content! My 1st grt. grandchild was born on Sept. 19 in Ill. I'll be flying out to see him & my grand dau. on Oct. 19, so I will have a week's break from the caregiving, which I badly need. I haven't been anywhere for 2 yrs. A son will stay with the hubs so I can get away. Pray for good weather & safe travels for all. JCY

October 11th, 2013, 10:08 AM
In the fast paced life we lead I sometimes forget to count my blessings. Thanks for the reminder, Blondie.

Last week I was at Missouri *, this week I spent 3 days bicycling and going to wineries with two friends. This morning I got up early and went to exercise class, just so I can spend the rest of today, as well as the next two days doing only what I want to do. Of course, that means sewing! I have to get moving on sewing the fabrics I bought while on retreat. Hubby comes home Tuesday from his two week trip to Canada, I have to show some progress!!

Myra, I do have to mow lawn sometime this afternoon. Thanks for the reminder to take some allergy medicine before I even walk out the door. When are we going to be able to quit mowing? I'm really getting tired of it.


October 11th, 2013, 10:15 AM
Counting my blessings today, always good for me to take stock of what is going right in my life instead of complaining about what is going wrong.

Friday's chores, make a runner for hope chest in TV room. DH uses it as his catch all next to where he sits to watch TV, books, mags, pens, tissues and whatever he doesn't feel like putting away. He takes kitchen towels to keep it top from getting scuffed as he is the one who refinished his mother's badly painted hope chest. I was going to sew up the runner after dinner last night but the light in the dining room where I set up my machine was too dim.

After that is done I'm heading up to my sewing room with my shopping bag of Secret Pals gifts. Now that I have her name and researched her a bit I won't be using all the items I first picked out. Need to add some quilty stuff too and get ready to mail it off in a few weeks. Also need to take photo of Patriotic Christmas Stockings I've made so I can get them in the mail ASAP as Martha needs to have them before Nov. 1

Now to get another cup to keep me going.57815

October 11th, 2013, 10:18 AM
When I was in the hospital last month, I needed to complete, among other things, a gratitude list. That was actually so hard for me to do, especially when my meds were brand new in my body, and I was depressed. But they did help me realize what I have that others don't.

I think today is a stay home, mostly, day, working on quilting or cleaning or finishing up my new room.

October 11th, 2013, 11:45 AM
Hi folksies!

Wanted to make a quick check in but sadly I am not in good mood. I am rather annoyed today for a couple of reasons. Here's the first:

Had an oncologist appointment on... errr... Monday or was it Tuesday? Anyway, she said my blood results are top notch and there's nothing to whine. Then I found a knot in my still existing breast yesterday and oh... it might be nothing (you know sometimes in the middle or at the end of the periodic cycle there might be something) but I will definitely have it checked out. I am not that worried yet because the risk to get another tumor in the mirror breast is relatively low (around 10%-20% in my case because of my family history, for some it's freakingly high, I know but not that bad in my opinion still). I will wait over the weekend and if the knot is still there I will have to call my oncologist again *sighs*.

The second one is that now, that I am finally in the KELA system (health insurance in Finland) they promised to reimburse us for the travel costs that I had for my trips to the treatments (we paid staggering 900 euro this year so far..) and their policy states that once you exceed the 250 mark they reimburse partly. (I think 80% or so, not sure atm). So the KELA lady called me on Wednesday and asked why there are trips on the form that were at the start of the year. She can't reimburse those, only those within a 6 month frame into the past. Fine for me, I responded, as long we finally see money after all the paperwar the last 6 months. I haven't received a single cent from them so far. No child benefits, no sick leave allowance, no trip reimbursement. The lady said at least the reimbursement will be paid now and there will be money on my brandnew account by Thursday or Friday. Well guess what, there's of course no money. Grrrrrr! Also the employer of Juha didn't pay the half month salary as promised with a shady excuse. I had my last sick leave day today. I had planned to go shop for fabrics and wool (for knitting, yay!) but that's only dreams. -.- On Monday it won't be stressfree shopping anymore because there's a 1 year old toddler with me.. *sighs* oh well.. we shall see :D

Glad to get that off my chest. Sorry. I hope you ladies are fine! *hugs


October 11th, 2013, 11:56 AM
Yes, thanks Blondie for the reminder. I'm putting a big sign on my computer, to remember to count my blessings every day. As I stated before sometimes "life" gets in the way and we forget. God's Blessings to all on this forum, especially you, Blondie!:icon_wave:

Kat 2
October 11th, 2013, 12:35 PM
Good Morning to all.

My Blessing are thought of and thank for each and everyday. Myself and DH had two of our four grandkids for a few days this week. We are usually tired when they go home but love every moment we have with them, we try to do as many fun things with them as we can. Well need to get busy have a lot to do today including some sewing time for me.

October 11th, 2013, 12:36 PM
This is my blessing for today...well actually it was yesterday but I'm feeling it today. :D

After two months, convinced my New Doctor that I need my regular Migraine dose! After 13 years as a Chronic Migraine patient, I KNOW what I need thank you very much!! Got a print out from my pharmacist for the last 7 months, which showed my Hawaiian doctor's dose. Showed it to two nurses, explained it twice, got a call from a third nurse, explained it again. Oh, no problem, we'll eFax it over. Pharmacist calls, can I have your Dr.'s number...Your prescription makes no sense. 50 mgs a day. Take 100 mgs x 2 times a day! Yep, still wrong. TG He remembered me asking for the printout. Explained it one more time, he got it! 2 tablets of 50 mgs x 2 times a day! Yea = the max of 200 mgs a day! Now I might get rid of this 4 day Cluster Headache!!

Last evening I had the pain sweats - my face was dripping wet, I felt like my head was burning from the inside out. Don was a tad worried when I came down from cutting fabric for the pillowcase drive. Laid down on the sofa and just sweated it out.

This morning took my next dose and I'm starting to feel a bit more human...so I'm counting my blessings that the pharmacist didn't try to call the doctor's office back to talk to the ding-a-lings! :P

October 11th, 2013, 01:01 PM
Good morning everyone.

Blondie: I have so many blessings and you and the rest of the forum members are included in those blessings.

I is a beautiful day right now....but the wind is going to blow and the rain is going to be falling sometime tonight and there is a chance of rain everyday for the next week. It will be a good time to stay in and finish my Fall cleaning and get back to my sewing machine.

Going to go to groups and see if I can do a little more investigating on my Secret Sister so I can get my box finished and ready to send out.

Hope everyone has a marvelous day.
Hugs and prayers to all.

October 11th, 2013, 03:04 PM
Hello everyone!!! I have a ton of blessings! One in particular has to do with a box I found on my porch. A while ago I posted that we had been looking for a glass bunt pan. My Darlin DH broke mine. We've been looking for 2 or 3 years and hadn't found one.
Joe came home from work, and said as he came through the door, "Honey, did you buy something? There is a package on the porch." I said, " no I haven't, where is it from?" He said, "Colorado."
I went out and got it, as he had his arms full of mail and books etc. Sure enough it was addressed to Joe and Jan Luna. So, I opened it, and much to my surprise, it contained a glass bunt pan!!!!! Who, I wondered, bought us a glass bunt pan? I asked Joe if he found it online. Nope. Finally, I found a card that said "Guess Who?" had sent it. Since this is the only place I had mentioned I wanted to replace it, Guess Who? had to come from here. We were very surprised, excited, grateful, and Amazed!!!
There are so many people on this forum that would have been this kind, to send it to us. I can't remember who I mentioned it to, so I have no idea who "Guess Who?" is. So, here is my note to "Guess Who?" : Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Your kindness is Amazing! God Bless you for this gift!!! I'm making my meatloaf for dinner tonight. Joe, took a deep breath and said, "Thank Goodness! Can I get out of the Dog house now?" He is too funny. You made both of our days! We are overwhelmed with your kindness. Please let me know who you are so I can send you a thank you card, at the very least. You are Amazing!! As I write this, I have tears in my eyes. You have all been so kind to us and to our family, with this, and the GD's quilts. We are just overwhelmed! And we feel very loved.
God has blessed us with your love and kindness. The last couple of months has been really hard on us, and we are Over the Moon with your love and kindness. Thank you and God Bless all of you. We will pay it forward. Who ever "Guess Who?" is, please know we love this gift. Joe promises not to break it, and I would love to cook you a special meatloaf dinner. And maybe, someday, I could do that. Or I could make Monkey Bread, and send it to you. A cake? Anything? Thank you.
Blondie, we have always felt blessed. We say thank you everyday for the blessings of that day, and for our life. There have been so many blessings. We are forever Grateful, for Love, Kindness, our Family, our Friends, and for being on this site with all of you. We always ask a special blessing for the Doans, because without them, we wouldn't have all of you.
Love, Hugs, and Prayers, Jan and Joe Luna

October 11th, 2013, 03:11 PM
Thank you for the thread. I need reminding to stop each day and say thank you for all the blessing I have. Life comes with issues, its the blessings that keep us going.

Happy weekend to all.

October 11th, 2013, 09:15 PM
Wow! What an inspiring post for the day!! I am really late getting in here today and after reading thru all the posts, feel very fortunate to have found this forum!!

Barb...if I had read your post earlier I would of drove over for dinner. Lol...sounded yummy!!

Steffie, so,sorry you are having such a rotten day! I hope it gets better for you...I am sure your health care situation is frustrating...confusing for me..? I don't blame you for your aggravation!!

Amy, so glad you are feeling better! Enjoy your day of sewing!!

Jan, tooooo cool that someone sent that to you!! very sweet!!

Me, my blessings are my family, my son turns 21 tomorrow and is a wonderful young man! My daughter is home this weekend on fall break....replenishing her spending money working the weekend away, but here for me to hug daily! DH is doing well. My little furry ones are happy and healthy. My mom was out last night for dinner and doing great. I am loved, employed, sheltered and healthy. Can't ask for much more!!

Everyone have a great night!!

Ginny B
October 11th, 2013, 10:11 PM
I am definitely blessed and try to remember that each and every day. It makes my life so much nicer when I keep myself from focusing on the things that are not making things easy or blissful and instead look at the good things. Unfortunately, a few of the people I am surrounded by at work look on the negative side most of the time and don't understand when I try to point out the positives. They try to convince me that the glass is half empty but they haven't succeeded. I smile at people even if they are sort of grumpy and my day is much better for it. While things in my life and the lives of my loved ones are not quite where I would have them be, there are so many good things to be thankful for. For the most part, we are all pretty healthy; we will all be getting together next month for ds #3's wedding; we will be welcoming another grandchild into the family next month also so overall, there are so many blessings to be thankful for.

Thanks for the nudge Blondie to stop and smell the roses in our lives. And yes, one of the blessings in my life is that my weekend has begun. :)