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October 8th, 2013, 03:57 AM
To all you genealogists out there: have you ever looked at a document you've reviewed several times and suddenly realize you've been overlooking a critical piece of information? Yeah, that happened to me this week. I was looking at the 1920 census with my g-g-grandparents on it. I suddenly realized they'd listed the cities of origin for themselves and their parents, rather than their country of origin. The names of the cities were then crossed out and replaced with the country. I learned that my g-g-grandfather really is from a little village called Voehl, as were his parents. His wife was from Hanau, as was her father. Her mother was from... someplace I can't make out. Is anyone really good at reading the names of German cities and be willing to help me out? Thanks! It "almost" looks like Strosbernstad. Almost.

October 8th, 2013, 04:13 AM
Meli, I think there are some members (of the forum) in Germany! Hopefully, they will see this and help you out!

Andrea F
October 8th, 2013, 04:41 AM
When I found the links on the German websites (in case you remember) that was a site from a synagoge in Voehl where someone of your family was listed. I should be really good at reading the names of German cities :D and of course would help you out. Do you have a picture of it?

October 8th, 2013, 05:19 AM
Meli, it seems to be "Gross-Bernstadt", a City in the Hanau/Kassel area

October 8th, 2013, 02:40 PM
Renata, I think you're right. Thank you!