View Full Version : It is the last Saturday in September....

September 28th, 2013, 09:29 AM
and I'm off to lead a Pillowcase Sew In at my Guild. Have to find my key and stuff and off I go. DH will help me today as I need to set the tables and chairs up and also our building is in the middle of a little park and no other building is open today. I like him to stay until some of the other sewers arrive. Getting him to come back to pick me up on time is a problem, since DS#3 is here I asked him to give his Dad a push out the door around 1:30.

Have a Good Day, May

September 28th, 2013, 09:40 AM
Good morning! September has flown by. I hope to finish machine quilting the second of 2 baby quilts. I bought 1/2 yards and think there may be enough fabric left to make one more, maybe half-hexies alternating with a solid. Have fun with your class May.

September 28th, 2013, 09:54 AM
Good morning :) I'm going to work on my sister's quilt for a bit this morning and later today I'll be going to visit with her. This is the first week-end, in a long while, I've had no plans to do anything. Have a wonderful day everyone!

Sandy Navas
September 28th, 2013, 10:07 AM
Don't you really hate it when plans go awry? Bluegrass Festival in our area this weekend. Original announcement said 10 a.m. today - and we got up to rain so they have delayed the start until 2 p.m. The musical girls really want to go but they have to be home before 3 p.m. for another commitment. DRATS - not worth the effort but I'm going to have to deal with four disappointed girls. Hmmm, maybe I can pawn their attitudes off on their Momma!!!

September 28th, 2013, 10:25 AM
Good morning. Have been up for some time. Didn't sleep well last night. I had such a headache yesterday. It is down to a dull ache this morning. Mostly sinus pressure. :(
Gator (pug) woke up this morning and couldn't get off the bed. I put him on the floor and he is limping terribly on his right front leg. I have no idea what he did. He has been licking that leg like it is a lollipop for about a week. He doesn't react when I rub it so I don't know whats wrong. I hate it when one of my fur babies has a problem. He is almost 12 years old, so maybe he is just having some old man issues.
The rain that Sandy woke up to this morning will be here later today. So I will not be working outside. I am going to take it easy and play a few games on the computer and do some reading. I may even decide to get off my butt and finish a UFO this afternoon.

Hope everyone has a great day.
Hugs and prayers to all.

September 28th, 2013, 11:24 AM
Ahhh...Saturday! No solid plans for this weekend, which is fantastic. Mom has had another stay in the hospital this week and now is settled at a nursing home for rehab therapy, so it was a crazy week. Got a call yesterday as we were in the midst of the move that a cousin had died unexpectedly. I still haven't told mom, she was already worrying about the change in location. Checked on her this morning with the nursing staff and she is smiling, so I feel a little better. Need to get off this computer and make some phone calls, but couldn't stay away from the forum.

Hopefully, I will make it into the sewing room today for some therapy of my own. The humming of the machines and creating something soothes my soul.

Hugs and prayers for all, with special prayers for Blondie and her mom.

September 28th, 2013, 11:49 AM
Good to see you Sandy! I agree Shirley, this is the first weekend we don't have somewhere to be. So that means I get to be behind the pitchfork and wheelbarrow today. It's raining, so mucking the barn will be an extra fun chore. The girls will all be crammed inside since they are sure they will melt like the Wicked Witch of the West if they get a drop on them. Oh well.

Once that is done, I can then enjoy the rest of the weekend doing laundry and hopefully playing in the sewing space getting things settled and sorted.

May you all have as much fun as I am this weekend!

Ginny B
September 28th, 2013, 12:03 PM
Good morning all. We had a wonderful Friday night out with my sister and her "significant other" (I really think of him as my brother-in-law -- they have been together for almost 6 years now). We went out to dinner to celebrate our birthdays -- hers was a couple weeks ago and mine is next week. It was a fun night.

I slept in this morning until 8:45! Couldn't believe it when I woke up and looked at the clock. I had been awake before 6 -- we are babysitting my step-daughter/ and son-in-law's cat while they are away at a wedding and he wanted his breakfast so I woke up to a big orange furry furball rubbing against me and head butting my hand to pet him. But I went back to bed after I fed him and fell into a deep sleep again. Guess I was tired. His nickname is Bobby the Beast because he can be a bit of a terror. Always getting into things and not being super friendly. He was a bit standoffish the first night -- hissing and swatting at as when we would walk by him. But he quickly remembered that he used to live here and that we were the ones that would be giving him his food the next few days, so he decided "What the heck, let's be nice". He has been playing, rubbing up against us, letting us pet him and purring since Thursday evening. I will text them and let them know he is being an angel for us.

I will be in my sewing room a lot this weekend. I've got a craft fair to do on Friday (it's at my dh's workplace) so lots of things to finish up. It is a nice sunny day out but I will not be able to be outside much. At least the sun will be shining into my sewing room.
I will take pictures and post. I have a bunch I want to get up into my album here but I need to resize them all and just haven't sat down to do that.

Ok, off I go to the farm market to get the fresh stuff we need this week and then dh will head to the grocery store, bank, butcher, etc. and I will head to the sewing room. He is cooking tonight too so I don't need to worry about that.

Have a terrific day everyone.

September 28th, 2013, 12:17 PM
Morning all - no sewing today - painting my bedroom still - not sure it will ever get done!!

September 28th, 2013, 02:44 PM
Good day all. I am late getting here, no power this morning and then I had to go to work for 9. I got the little quilt sandwiched yesterday, but upon closer examination, it needs a few more repairs. I don't know what the rest of the day will bring. It is a beautiful day today, I hate to waste it inside.

Have a great weekend everyone.