View Full Version : Any Retired IBMers Having to Deal with the Ins. Hassle?

September 9th, 2013, 08:04 PM
IBM has turned over all its retirees to Extend Health, an agency that is supposed to help us pick out an ins. plan that suits our needs. Prior to this, IBM has offered several plans from which we were able to choose. We had printed info. in front of us we could read at our leisure. We've had such good coverage with our secondary Aetna plan. Now we have to input our profile into Extend Health's web site & set up a phone appt. for after Oct. 1 for some "expert" to help us select a plan. I wonder if this is just a foretaste of Obamacare?! I heard on the news that after Obamacare goes into effect, people will have sticker shock. I don't like the direction this Country is headed. Anyone else struggling with this insurance hassle? JCY

September 10th, 2013, 12:57 AM
I think big companies like IBM are more interested in cutting costs by reducing their Human Resources staff so they get a 3rd party like Extended Health to take care of their retirees. DH didn't work for IBM but we have Extended Health and aren't happy with them. They weren't too much help choosing a plan, but in the later years DH's company staff wasn't helpful either. Last year EH was not very helpful. We were told we would be contacted in October to get set up for 2013 but we didn't receive anything from them until late December. They didn't send us our 2013 health cards until the end of January, good thing we didn't need any prescriptions filled or had any doctor appointments in January.

Extended Health has an account for DH and we pay our health and RX insurance premiums and EH reimburses us. This year we weren't getting reimbursed for our health and RX premiums. Oh, they forgot to send us the forms to fill out. Finally got reimbursed for our health ins. premiums and has been continuing each month. After much discussion over the phone and more forms filled out and sent it, DH's RX premiums were reimbursed, so what about me? Over the phone I had to give them permission for DH to talk to them about me, I was asked for 30 days, 6 months or a year? My reply was DH can talk to them about me Forever as I have been his wife for almost 60 years and plan to keep on being his wife. OK, that settled so DH asked about reimbursesing RX premiums for his wife May. A few weeks later DH receives notice that he filed a false claim as they have already reimbursed him for his May 2013 premium. Had to convience them that I'm not the month of May but the spouse of the retiree. Finally the other day I received notice that the premiums have been reimbursed, I'm assuming into my checking account. Notice was addressed to DH and clearly stated that we should keep the notice for our records. Records of who and what as it didn't include any account number nor did it mention my name. Good Luck! Or I should say Be Prepared to ask how you will get coverage and reimbursed.

PS: My friend's DH worked for AT&T and his health insurance was turned over to a 3rd party about 15 years ago way before anyone heard of Obama, it is just big companies trying to get out of their responsibilities.

September 10th, 2013, 08:19 AM
Wow, Sorry for the rant but DH and I have been going nuts lately not only for our health insurance but for almost everything else. Can't hardly ever get a 'real' person to speak to about anything. The few times we did they had no idea what we were talking about. Loved the bill that said for Customer Service call this number. Called the number and it referred me to go to their website. Go to website and it referred me to call the same number. Nan Nan Nan, it's the Twilight Zone!