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September 8th, 2013, 03:02 AM
Hello Everyone!

I just want to tell you that you are all in my thoughts and prayers. I've noticed that many of the members here are struggling with so many things. It is probably like that for everyone more than we all realize. I do not comment or give my condolences on every post....so I just want you all to know that I feel blessed that you are a part of my life and am thinking of you more than you may know.
Have a Blessed Sunday, A Wonderful Autumn and may all your burdens be lightened!!!

Sew Perfect
September 8th, 2013, 03:08 AM
You are so sweet and thoughtful, Kathy. Sometimes, it is hard to keep up. But, i do think it is good that everyone can come here and unload, visit, do show and tell, and raise concerns along with our hurts.

Jean Sewing Machine
September 8th, 2013, 04:09 AM
Kathy, this is the sweetest post! You are a very thoughtful person! So glad to call you my friend!

September 8th, 2013, 05:59 AM
Thanks Kathy, No big problems right now but I know my friends here are always here for me, for that I am grateful and give thanks.

September 8th, 2013, 07:12 AM
Kathy, what a wonderful woman you are. Those are my feelings exactly. This forum has grown so much with so many new friends that I can't possibly respond to all posts and have become more of a lurker. But please know that I care for each of you and revel in your joys and worry and pray for your woes.

(((((((Hugs to ALL))))))

September 8th, 2013, 07:20 AM
Back at you.

Andrea F
September 8th, 2013, 07:30 AM
You are so sweet Kathy!

September 8th, 2013, 09:31 AM
Kathy: You are very thoughtful.

September 8th, 2013, 09:38 AM
Kathy expressed beautifully what I feel too. I don't always respond when forum friends post about concerns or problems, but they are in my thoughts and prayers.

September 8th, 2013, 05:07 PM
Not a day goes by that I don't pray for the forum members. How sweet of you to say what so many of think every day.