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Ginny B
August 3rd, 2013, 11:36 PM
Well, I didn't get any sewing actually done but I did get to clean a little and rearrange part of my sewing room. It was just me and my grandpuppy most of the day.

I was waiting for someone to come to check out a pipe over our boiler that seemed to need to be replaced (told to us by the oil company repairman that came to fix the oil leak we had a few weeks ago). Well, he was delayed and wound up not coming until much later in the day and I sure was glad because by the time he was able to get here, dh was home and able to climb up on the ladder with him while I just watched while holding dog on leash. Seems that while, yes, there is a pipe (actually he found another also) that needs to be replaced, the oil smell I am still smelling is not coming from the water that is slowly dripping on the top of the boiler and mixing with the oil and therefore causing the smell ( as was told to us by oil repairman). It is actually coming from another leak that they found -- there was fresh oil all on top of the boiler again. They actually found oil all the way down on teh floor behind my washing machine. (the set up here in the Levitt houses is a little weird -- the boiler is mounted on the wall in the kitchen and the washer hook up is underneath that). Sooo, dh calls our oil company and tells them that we have another oil leak in the house and that he wants someone out asap. We expected a bit of resistance since the first time I called about the smell, they tried to give me an appt. 3 days later). However, they put it in as an emergency call and they were here within 20 minutes. I don't think the repairman that came today was very happy with the repairman that was here the last time. He found a broken valve(which was supposedly fixed on the first visit) and a leaking gasket that needed to be replaced. And, of course, he had to clean up all the oil. He was here a couple of hours but it seems to be better. Now, the pipes do have to be replaced but at least the oil has stopped dripping.

However, while I was waiting earlier in the day, I did get some red peppers roasted and jarred, got a couple of loads of laundry done and also baked some chocolate chip cookies (which made ds and dh very happy when they came home). And I got to sit down and start looking through the latest Quilting Quickly which came in the mail yesterday. :)

So, that was my day. Hoping to get to the beach for a couple hours tomorrow morning before it gets crowded and then come home and do a little sewing on things I hoped to get to today. Hope everyone had a good day.

Ginny B

August 4th, 2013, 01:43 AM
I hope tomorrow goes as planned for you. We can't do everything ourselves but it still stinks to not be able to trust a repairman you call for help.

Cookies, that sounds wonderful.