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March 7th, 2011, 07:43 AM
Good Morning and Happy Monday!
I was able to get several blocks for swaps that I am in completed and got some hand stitching prepared for the hospital "wait" with Mom. Yesterday was such a nice day to sew. Rained all day, then of course the wind blew at a fair clip. I hate to admit such a thing but I ate doughnuts all day. And drank coffee. I felt totally decadent.

Lola, would LOVE to know how you make your chow mein.
Shirley, Mom will be having her surgery tomorrow. Thanks in advance for your prayers. You're a keeper
Patti, I haven't tried the tumbler template yet. I purchased it, but haven't taken the plastic wrap off. Let me know how you like it.
Paula, Mom's are the best, right? Whenever my precious Mom says, "Oh honey I take so much of your time, I am so sorry" I will reply now and then - like how long did it take to raise your children? Years and years and this is a drop in the bucket." And that is not even adding in the time she had her folks or in laws to care for. Life can be as good as we see it. Families are ours for a reason. So glad you have a good relationship with yours. We are most blessed. I would gladly go with you to treatments and encourage you in person. Just think, you would have Blondie singing praise songs and actually, I can get quite silly and giggly. Probably would drive you crazy.

To my favorite " Jan's" - Janluna - SNOW? Pul -eezzee! We did get some in the mountains overnite here but not us. Just some patchy black ice. How's the back?
Sewmuch - attitude is everything sometimes. I am proud of you.

So many more I know I need to wave at - Patrice, wondering how the wood show went, PeachBottom Linda, did you ever sew yesterday?
Sandy, how're the relations doing? I don't even remember what I missed last week on that front. How is Al?
Sewsoft, hope you are feeling okay today. Thinking of you.
Everyone else not mentioned here, you have to know that I am thinking of you and wondering how you are today. All are in my prayers.

Will try to get in later after the pre op stuff if over and I am home. I hate driving to the city. Yuck. But at least it won't be rainy today and tomorrow, YAY

March 7th, 2011, 09:09 AM
Good morning Blondie. Sounds like things are getting back to normal for you. Did not do much in the way of sewing yesterday. I ended up taking my mother-in-law grocery shopping with me. Sure passed the afternoon. I am still a little stiff and sore from curling but that's okay. Today I am taking a resident of the community for his blood work. He is in his 70's, does not read or write, but sure enjoys the company of the ladies. I am sure he will take me out to breakfast after he is done. I might get some sewing in today.

Have a great day everyone and happy quilting!!


March 7th, 2011, 10:08 AM
I kept the kids home today. I felt that one more day couldn't hurt, and Terry hasn't been a full 24 hours without a fever yet. I have things to do at the barn, but it's gotta wait. My babies are still coughing terribly, so it can't hurt. I think I'm putting the tshirt quilt aside to do some smaller projects. I think I'm bored with it, but maybe will do a block a week until it's done. I started sewing a cooler for my horses out of fleece, and again I'm so happy for my walking foot. I also pulled out the fabric to make some Christmas stockings.

I think I'm also going to take my rotary mat and cutter down to the kitchen counter and cut and organize some of my scraps. I'm feeling motivated by some of the scrap posts. I can do that while the kids play
in the living room.

I hope you all have a blessed day!

March 7th, 2011, 10:21 AM
Hi Blondie, You sound so much better. PTL. Yes ...Snow!!! We got about 6 inches. Some in our area got a foot. You just can't trust March. The back is the same. I have to accept that it will never be like it used to be. It just is what it is and I have to live with it. Unless of course the Lord would heal me and I'm open to that miracle at any time He chooses. My orthopedic asked me if I was willing to go for more back surgery and I told that he knew where he could go. I asked would I get better? He said "not really but we could clean up some scar tissue". Now why would I do that when opening me up started the scar tissue growing in the first place? Nope, leave me alone to deal with it the best way I can. Thanks for asking, Blondie and letting me blow steam. I love you dearly and will be praying for Mama to go through her surgery with flying colors. How's Larry doing? The creeping crud didn't get him as bad as it got you? Boy I hope not. I was getting worried about you. You sounded terrible. Love you darlin, Have a great day.

March 7th, 2011, 10:26 AM
Just spent my morning catching up (on-line) with a classmate that I haven't seen for over 30 years. The internet has really been great for reconnecting with folks. It's a very gloomy, rainy day in Norway. We head back to London on Wednesday. I need to do some cleaning here so the apt. is looking good when Joe or Joe and I come back next time. It's amazing how clean it stays over months of no one being here. I managed to get the top done for a single bed "fish" quilt and have almost completed 14 "stack and whack" pinwheel blocks using 2 MSQC's Caroler turnovers along with some white yardage. It should work into a generous single-sized quilt and probably a table runner. I used the method from Jenny's tutorial for constructing the "stack and whack" blocks. I wasn't that pleased with the way they went together. I really had to do quite a bit of trimming and restitching. I had to adjust the sewing to give me a 1/4" seam allowance on almost every block so some of the points don't end up in the seams. Don't know what the problem was. Even so they turned out quite nicely. I also was feelin' pretty good to finally get my mug on my profile so you can see who is doing all this posting. Now, one of these days, I'll get some photos up for what I've been doing in the way of quilting. Hahaha. So glad you are doing better, Blondie. Saying prayers for your mom's upcoming surgery. It's always scary when older folks need to have procedures done. Monique, I had never heard of curling before. I checked in out on-line. Interesting sport. Nice to keep active, right?

March 7th, 2011, 10:37 AM
One Tired Mama,

I also liked the scrap links. I need to get busy with that while the fabric is still out from my latest projects.

I remember those days of kids home sick from school. I hated that they were missing and would have to make up the work. Oh well. What can you do? It's not good to send them to school when they're sick. Most likely that's why my kids ended up getting sick in the first place. I was one of the fortunate who was at home and could give my girls the time they needed to heal. Not everyone was or is that fortunate. Hopefully, your little ones will be feeling better soon.

Sandy Navas
March 7th, 2011, 10:55 AM

So there!!

March 7th, 2011, 11:02 AM
Good morning everyone.
I woke up to some snow and ice frozen on the cars. But, the ground was not frozen. Saturday I was in my studio with the door wide open and this morning had to turn the heat back up in the studio. Go figure. I am supposed to get my IPAD today accorsing to the tracking info on FEDEX. So, who knows if I'll get any quilting done. I am almost finished a baby quilt for my neighbor. She has no idea it's coming. I used a Lizzie B Creative pattern. Have a great day

March 7th, 2011, 11:21 AM
hello all.... i still have cold seems to be better!!! and went and checked out apt... it was STELLAR... clean, affordable... better life for me and DD. so need to gather pertinent income vitrifaction , SSI award letter... in mean time... will try to nap this am... need to grocery shop.... get the staples we need but colder than.!@#$%^&*! drat march in MN right now is no fun... but going to get out today.... friend coming to take me to a thrift store... going to see about some jeans to hack up.... for practice on squares... would be good. so on to the next chore!!! yeah dishes... and dusted ledges... vacuumed floors!!! isn't it gonna be great to have everything sparkle>>.... or at least generally picked up and tidy....

Sandy Navas
March 7th, 2011, 11:45 AM
Okay, I got my Garfield out of the way. Not really feeling Bah Humbug today, even though it's Monday. The sun is threatening us today and I am hoping it gets its way. We're in line for rain, sleet, snow over the next 48 hours (according to the dreaded weather forecasters). Al leaves in the morning for his Mom's birthday - taking the lap quilt I made for her with him. Funny story (Al and I have been married 43 years) throughout our time together Al has 'thought' his Mom's birthday was on the 9th of March. We've always sent her cards for the 9th, and then his Dad's birthday is the 19th . . . well, turns out all this time we've been WRONG on both counts. The 9th is his Dad's birthday and his Mother's is the 19th. So he's actually going to wish him Dad a happy birthday, but is taking his Mom her present . . . and we're hoping she won't mind. :-)

Al and I took three of our granddaughters to see the local University production of "The Phantom" yesterday afternoon. I was completely blown away. I've been around the world and caught professional performances in LA, NYC, London, Amsterdam, Singapore and have to tell you that this little town (less than 75,000) put together a show that would rival any of the professional groups I've seen. They had four performances, yesterday's matinee being the last, and every performance was completely sold out. And all this for less than $10. You can't get better than that. I could go on and on raving about it but I won't.

Hopefully I'll get the backing pieced together for Zoe's quilt so Al can help me get it pinned to the quilting frame before he leaves. I have to take the three middle DGDs to their guitar lessons this afternoon. Momma's due with #7 in May and has been having contractions so she's staying close to home. She lost a baby last May and I'm sure it's weighing on her hot and heavy - I know it's bothering me. She sees her OB on Tuesday so I'll have all six little ones while she and Donald make the trip. They are moving her to a high risk OB even though she's really not feeling 'high risk' - guess they are basing it on age, the fact that she's lost a baby, and her size. Big boned like her momma.

I hope Jan's snow melts before she blinks, hope Blondie can relax while waiting for Momma, Suzette doesn't waste too much time playing with her iPad, Rebecca gets some sewing done today . . . onetiredmomma finds the rest of her brain, and everyone else has a GREAT DAY!!!!!!!

Sandy Navas
March 7th, 2011, 11:47 AM
friend coming to take me to a thrift store... going to see about some jeans to hack up.... for practice on squares...

How much denim do you need? I'd be happy to share with you . . . could fill up a huge box - no charge. Let me know!!!!

March 7th, 2011, 12:18 PM
Howdy all!
Monday morning just stinks! I think it's the sadness of not doing all the things that I mentally list on Friday for the weekend. Oh well....
I did get the Baby Genius tumbler blocks cut. Loved the tumbler ruler Blondie! I had to put some little sandpaper dots on it so it would not slide around, but after that I cruised right along cutting 4 at a time and such a small amount of waste. After that I cut out about 150 7" blocks for two "Surfer Girl" quilts I am making for my Daughter and Grandaughter who have a special bedroom that they use at my ex's place. They have a Surfer Girl theme and DD and I bought the cutest fabric online and matched it with other fabric to make a twin and full size quilt. I decided on a Disappearing Nine Patch for simplicity of matching the eight fabrics and the quickness of putting it together. This is a fun one!
Tonight I am heading to get the extra fabric I need for son's quilt backing and hoping to get that basted for quilting. I usually just work on one thing til the it's finished but I am kind of enjoying having 3 things going at once.
Blondie - I will be thinking of you & Mom! Keep us posted when you can, we worry you know!
Gina - So excited about the new apt!! Hope you can get in it soon!
Monique - Curling is fun and exciting to watch. My DD went to college in the UP of Michigan right at the Canadian border and they were into curling up there.
Sorry I don't have time to mention everyone, have to get back to work. Tons of crap to deal with after a weekend off!
I will check in later!

March 7th, 2011, 12:29 PM
Morning Everyone! Love hearing how everyone is doing. Sounds like everyone is keeping busy. Thinking of you and hope this week is a blessed week! Hope we have some sun today , we are tired of the this dreary weather. It is hard to get motivated when it is so dark and dreary. Will check in with you all later.

March 7th, 2011, 12:54 PM
Morning all!
Blondie my thoughts and prayers are with you and your mama. My mom is healing well from her fall and she got a lot of nice attention from her girlfriends when they saw the bruises. Jan we had our Extra snow last week and I sure hope it is the last! I am done with winter! Gina and Lin, hope you and your families get well soon.
Back to the grind today. Going to be a busy one based on friday. I am hearing that several windows at work got broken over the weekend with rocks and it is a big mess. THe building is almost 100 years old and some of those windows are big and will be hard to fix.
We got out ice fishing yesterday Beautiful there. No one else around and the only noises were squirrels and wood peckers. My DH got 3 fish. 2 real big ones. Me, I only had a bite but that's okay. We are a team so one's success is a success for all!
I also worked on my "vintage" quilt top and also made 2 quilted pillowcase covers for my wingback chairs. DH couldn't believe how I just "whipped" them up. When I get my mind set on something look out...lol
Well must get dressed for work...Have a great day everyone! Big Hugs!

March 7th, 2011, 12:54 PM
How much denim do you need? I'd be happy to share with you . . . could fill up a huge box - no charge. Let me know!!!!

sure... would love some... Free.... thank you fabric fairy....* bing... * lovce it when wishes come true. sending you my addy

March 7th, 2011, 01:39 PM
Blondie - I hope things go well with your moms surgery tomorrow. Will be praying for good results. I wish I had my mom to take care of. I lost her 24 years ago this June and I miss her. Every now and then my MIL will let me do things for her but she has two daughters that pretty much take care of her when she needs help with surgery's and stuff.

Happy quilting everyone and have a great day.

Lynne Leavell

March 7th, 2011, 01:44 PM
Howdy All!
It really does sound like everybody is busy today. I've got some house work to attend to. It is much easier to get the dusting and vacuuming done when there aren't 3 other people traipsing through causing their own mini tornadoes of debris. I can usually get the 5 year old to help push the vacuum in the kitchen while I dust. She still sees this as a fun activity.
I didn't get to the sewing yesterday. I got started cleaning Em's room and purging her closet. It is amazing how fast she outgrows stuff. Not quite as quickly as she did as a baby, but still. I have a box for a pre-school family that has a girl a little younger than Em. With six or seven kids (some fosters that they adopted) the clothes are greatly appreciated. Emily's room looks so much better now.
We are just debating wether to take down the crib or leave it be. Emily doesn't need it, and we would really like to sell it since it wasn't one of the recalled cribs. I just know that if I do, Cody won't get into the Coast Guard, and he'll still be here at home, and we'll end up having his baby here, thus needing to put it back up. Does anybody ever have those kinds of thoughts. (NOT about cribs necessarily, but the leave it be so you don't jinx it type?)
Well, this is just procrastinating on getting the housework started. I'll see you all later!
Prayers for those in need, and blessings on us all.

March 7th, 2011, 04:30 PM
Ladies, I want to make a fast nice Man quilt. Any ideas for colors and blocks that look nice as a man quilt? Need to get started asap. Thanks for your input. I'm new to quilting.

March 7th, 2011, 05:48 PM
Ladies, I want to make a fast nice Man quilt. Any ideas for colors and blocks that look nice as a man quilt? Need to get started asap. Thanks for your input. I'm new to quilting.

I'd think nautical colors instinctively. Blues and browns and yellows and greens.

March 7th, 2011, 06:01 PM
Finally got some mindless sewing done last night.
Prayers for your mom's surgery tomorrow Blondie. I'll be thinking of you guys all day. I always pray for the surgeons since they seem to be the ones in charge. I just put someone Higher in charge with my prayers.

Katie came and got some more stuff today. She'll be changing schools and getting counseling soon. It's only in the next town and the mom said that she'll keep me informed as to what she's doing. They'll have temporary custody for a few months to see how she does. I really am ok with everything if she can get some help with the drinking and lying, but I'm still usually just a smidgen away from crying my heart out. I can usually hold it together if I'm with other people, it's when I'm alone that it hurts that she so despises us and noone can figure out why.

Anyways ... snowed here last night - even though they said 1-3 and we got about 5, everyone was still surprised it came. Was really a mess last night and this morning. Hopefully that's the last sha-bang for us. The robins are here and the geese are flying north so that's good.

Off here for now. Have some chores to catch up on.
Oh Gina - so glad you are moving to a better place.

Hope everyone has a great evening!

March 7th, 2011, 06:04 PM
kansas troubles jelly roll.. friendship braid for sewsoft.

March 7th, 2011, 08:44 PM
Blondie I will be covering your mom in prayers tomorrow. Along with you as well. Please take comfort in knowing shes in the best of hands, Our heavenly Fathers. BTW, it would be a riot to have ya at treatment, you have the same spunk as my mom, so we would have a blast.

March 7th, 2011, 09:32 PM

Hi Ladies
Just getting in a little bit ago; started to sit and read and the phone started in. Oy vey! What a long day.
What a long day, mostly because of the drive over and back. It is about 65 miles from our house one way. I don't have the lead foot my Mom does. I drive more like my Daddy. And oh yes, did I ever hear about how much like him I am. I decided that was a huge compliment. LOL.
Mom is scheduled for a 2 pm surgery. Kinda late - but we have to be there at 11:30. She had a conference with the anethesia dr and everyone else there I think. Very thorough and comprehensive.
I want to thank each one of you for your wonderful friendship and prayers. It was so good to spend the day with Mom - hadn't seen her in TEN DAYS. I was feasting my eyes all day. She is my beloved. You know, I hope it doesn't make y'all want to gag that I love my folks the way I do. I couldn't always say that. I lived away from my family for so many years hopscotching all over the country with my first husband. I was young enough to not really realize what I was missing until 1993 when my Grandmother was at the end of her life. I flew home and was HIT BETWEEN THE EYES with homesickness. I suddenly could see my parents as Ruth and Melvin, not just Mommy and Daddy. I could see the progression of aging that I never noticed because I was too wrapped up in my own young family.
I knew the many sacrifices they had made in caring for my Granny for several years with alzheimers. I also knew that I wanted to be here for them if God forbid they ever needed me.
While I was home, I remember sitting on the front porch with my dear Daddy (oh how I miss him) and I told him I would be home within a year. I was home in less than 6 months. I wanted my children to know their grandparents better than once a year when everyone is on their best behavior. I wanted them to know these extroadinary folks who loved this country, their family and the Lord. My Dad used to say, You only have one of each, once their gone that's all she wrote, you don't get any more. That God forbid moment came a few years back with first Mom, then Daddy and their health issues. I can only say that I am thankful that I outgrew that know it all superiority that plagues a lot of us when we are younger. For me it was kind of realizing my own mortality through viewing my own parent's.
While it has been a blessing and a few good hair pulling sessions to live next to them for years, it has been so much more of a blessing than words can describe. You know the saying that the older we get the more like our Mom's we become? Well, I have seen my Mom morph into her Mom and Dad. And I certainly saw the same with my Dad and his folks. I tell my sister all the time, it is like having the best of the grands and the folks bundled up. Loving it. I know, I am weird.
Off to find some food and oh yeah, we have the chi chi from Hades back at our house for a while. So hyper. I wish I had a doggie xanax. Sigh.
I sure can ramble. Sorry bout that.
LOVE Y'ALL!!!!!!!!!!

March 7th, 2011, 09:55 PM
Trish-I work with troubled youth as well as with kids with disabilities, so if you ever want to talk, feel free to pm me. Blondie, may He watch over your mother tomorrow. Sandy, six? You must be tired!

I cut, cut, and cut today. I'm taking the Caroler honeybun and making a friendship braid for a table runner out of it. I'm also making the valentines quilt from Jenny's tutorial, and I'm making Christmas stockings from her tutorial. Nap time treated me well!

March 7th, 2011, 11:08 PM
Trish my heart is with you. Go ahead and cry it will help ease the tension. You have the right after all you have been through. I know I did with my son, and it helped. Love you and you and Michael, Katy, and Odie are all in my prayers.
Blondie I think it's beautiful how you love. I spent so many years taking the elderly out of homes where they were abused, misused, and not loved or wanted and it broke my heart. Sometimes I was happy about moving someone cause at least they weren't going to be starved or hit by their kids anymore. And while they were being transferred to a home, they would be warm and fed and not abused. No, You can love your parents all you want, I think it's beautiful. God Bless you for being that kind of daughter. You are such a special person! And rare. I will be praying for you all tomorrow, for you, your Mom and her doctor. Love you sweetie. How's Larry feeling? Better I hope.
Hugs to everyone I'll keep you all in my prayers and thoughts. Hugs, Jan