View Full Version : I'm off!

June 28th, 2013, 07:23 AM
I'm packed, I left both my job and my client today and now DH and I are getting the kids and then we are driving to Varberg, on the Swedish west coast, for a week. Will be fun, going to meet cousins and other relatives I haven't seen in more than ten years! I will have internet on my phone only so I will have very limited access. Stay safe, have fun and take care of each other until I'm back!

Big hugs all around!

June 28th, 2013, 07:24 AM
Have a wonderful holiday.

nana margaret
June 28th, 2013, 07:25 AM
Hope you all have a lovely holiday and enjoy the company of your relations!

June 28th, 2013, 07:32 AM
Have a nice holiday! I hope you enjoy =)

Swedish leo
June 28th, 2013, 07:42 AM
Have a great vacation! :icon_wave:

June 28th, 2013, 07:44 AM
Have a great vacation! :icon_wave:

June 28th, 2013, 08:25 AM
Have fun!!

Jean Sewing Machine
June 28th, 2013, 08:28 AM
Have a great time!

June 28th, 2013, 08:59 AM
Sounds as if you and your family are going to have a great vacation, Enjoy!

June 28th, 2013, 09:26 AM
Enjoy your holiday and get the power to come back for a new step in your live

June 28th, 2013, 11:40 AM
Have an AWESOME VACATION!! Stay safe and have fun!!!! xox

July 6th, 2013, 12:06 PM
Thanks all! :D We had a great week, although the weather wasn't too great - the company was much better! We just came home today after driving back home via first DH's relatives in Småland and then our family cottage. Now the unpacking... Our car looked like a 3D Tetris, I kid you not. We will unpack for days!


July 6th, 2013, 01:15 PM
Enjoy your vacation, Anna! Sounds like fun. Post some pics when you come home please.

Miss Sheri
July 6th, 2013, 02:18 PM
Anna, welcome home! I know first hand about all that unpacking, you almost need another vacation at home to get over being away!
We are glad you are back with us again.