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June 24th, 2013, 07:37 AM

Hello Folksies!
Well, it's Monday. It isn't raining - yet - and you can sure tell it's a summer day already. Hot, muggy and it isn't 6:30 am yet. No complaints from this peanut gallery. After all, I'm still grooving on the super moon of the past few nights. My middle son said the next one was to be in August. Any excuse for a get together, right?

What's everyone up to this week? Big plans? Vakays coming up? Myrna, I am so grooving with you right now. The countdown is truly on. There is some drama where I work which I am trying to sort out. The building I work in is now under new managing partner/owner ship. I am not sure what is going to be happening there. Sometimes change is a good thing; let's see how this one shakes.

Middle son has spent the weekend with us; he is going back home today. He will be starting a new job next week and we are all thrilled for him. Yesterday I made him his favorite dinner - roast beef, mashed taters, veggies, gravy, the whole shebang. I made a carrot cake for dessert. Cake was box but the one touted decadent. Hey, it was good. Really. Anyway, dinner was a great success; no leftovers of anything. The only thing left to top it was the Super Moon,

So, what's up for everyone this week? I haven't read in here since Friday morning, so I have some of the usual catching up to do. Prayers continue here for my loved ones. You are each my treasure.


June 24th, 2013, 08:28 AM
Good morning Blondie. Sounds like you had a blast. Good for you. It has been a quiet weekend here. Yesterday I did get out to get groceries. Phil and his family are coming for the weekend and I will not have time this week to shop. Today is a holiday in Quebec. Hubby is supposed to go golfing today. I may try and cut the grass today while he is gone. My quilt is coming along just nicely. It won't be long before it's somewhat done. I will take some pictures later and post them.

Other than that, not much happening. It will be a quiet day, hot and sticky with a chance of RAIN!! Tired of rain, but I guess after last summer, the rain is much needed.

Have a wonderful day all. Prayers going out to those in need.

Iris Girl
June 24th, 2013, 08:29 AM
It is hot and sticky here today going in the 90's its only 74 atm but thats because we are in fog early once that burns off and the sun shines thru it will be miserable. I will be at work at least there is AC there. Dinner will be light tonight as the heat makes me not hungry at all but must feed hubby, unfortunately a sandwich wouldn't do him he requires full meals no matter the weather. Hope the customers are nice today. Probably no quilting when I get home either. TOO HOT! Hugs and well wishes to those that need them and want them. smile!

June 24th, 2013, 09:07 AM
Good morning everyone!!

It's sunny and 79 this morning here with 0% humidity at the moment! Yesterday I cleaned cleaned cleaned! I'd say it was a lot of fun but it wasn't! But it's done, the laundry is caught up and everything ready to go for our florida vacation. We leave out of here around 5 this evening. Excited and ready to just relax. My daughter and her friend are beyond excited! Have a few errands to run this morning. I fear I will miss my sewing machine while I am gone.....I so enjoy my haven and the sewing is relaxing to me! But I will have my ipad with the nook app on it...for Christmas I was given a Barnes and Noble gift card...so if you know of a really good book let me know! Reading is my second passion...so I can blow through a book rather quickly.

I haven't seen Donna, crazymtnlady in quite a while.....hope all is well with her. Her hubby was out of town last I heard and she was busy readying the place for his return....I believe he was bringing furniture back. Maybe someone has some news?

Everyone have a great day!!!

Jean Sewing Machine
June 24th, 2013, 10:01 AM
Hi everybody! Lots of MIA folks on the forum, guess we are in the full summertime swing in the northern hemisphere, and full winter in Oz! My son and his three boys and my other two grandkids were here for two nights of fun and games. My oldest daughter is moving and some friends threw a going away party for her and her DH. Swimming was the draw for the kids, and as we drove closer to the party house, the skies got darker and darker! When we got to the actual street, the heavens opened up, and continued for hours. An outdoor party with 30 kids and adults having to be moved indoors makes for very close quarters. The kids had nothing to do except destroy the furniture and bug each other, so we made our exit early! But we had gone to the zoo earlier, that sort of made our day for the kids, even though we didn't get to stay long. We saw the new baby elephant, who is about 2 months old, and lots of noisy and hungry penguins, two animals on my youngest grandon's list to see. Their zoo in DesMoines is small, and they don't have room for elephants. The St. louis zoo has quite a nice size herd. We didn't get to see the new sea lion display, which I hear is really cool. Maybe next time, when we have a whole day to spend there.

Sewing today will be costume building, and maybe sewing some blocks for another twister quilt. I am using Owlivia which is so cute and colorful. I will perfect this twister thing before I make my queen size twister out of Paris Flea Market.

Hope everyone has a great and sunny day! And if it is raining, let a SMILE BE YOUR UMBRELLA! Sorry for the corny joke!

Granny Judy
June 24th, 2013, 10:06 AM

My week end.. Olde English Faire. A little joisting and learning about birds!!

It is still raining here this morning...but we had plenty of sunshine thru out the week end. Groceries laid in and the Tumbler flag quilt finished.. Did some fabric stashing thru eBay and bargain bins... and all in all had a very good week-end.

Kiddy pool is up for the doggies so they can cool off when our temps reach the 90's F. And I've got a kitchen to clean.. Hugs and prayers to all and hoping this day brings you lots of Smiles!!!

June 24th, 2013, 10:15 AM
hot and humid here, too. We did hear some thunder last night but nothing came of it. We could use a bit of rain, just not a downpour that will run off rather than soak in. No big plans for the week but it could change.

June 24th, 2013, 10:18 AM
Judy I would have LOVED TO gone to that fair! I wish I'd been born a man in that era! LOL!

Very busy week ahead both at work and at home and then off for 6 days to California. Hopefully will get some rest there...and be able to take care of my friend. A LOT happening there but it's calm and she needs us so we're going. Anyway...won't be online for about a week or more.

This weekend was supposed to be camping in our new rig but sadly the conservation area where we intended to go was not well put together...if there was 30 amp service, there was no water, and if there was water there was no service, and no sewage hookups at all...so we just left and camped in grandpas driveway all weekend. It was hot but lovely at night. Now if only we could get the bed figured out. You'd think on a rig THAT expensive the foam on the furniture would be half ways decent! uhg. Very tired today!

Karen, I'm sad you shut my post down but understand why you did and guess thanks. I always think debate is healthy and interesting, but seems that's not possible on that issue so I'll not bring it up again. Breaks my heart though, truly.

Everyone...have a wonderful day and an even better week ahead. xox

June 24th, 2013, 10:19 AM
Starting out as a nice day weather wise but the heat will be here later. Not so hot a day for me personally as I couldn't fall asleep last night, think I had too much ice tea when we returned home last night. My niece Melissa's bridal shower was so very nice, elegant dining room at the golf course, food was delicious and very varied and plenty of it. I even got to have a mini cannoli with my coffee. Oh, so many beautiful gifts and asking for clear wrapping sped up the gift opening and everyone got to see the gifts especially the beautiful quilt her Mom, my sister Carol, made her.

Just before we left yesterday morning I found the plastic bag holder I made as my wishing well gift. It was folded neatly in a basket on a chair in our dining room. While the family room was being painted I piled lots of stuff into the dining room and the basket got hidden.

Off to get the week started, May

PS: Did get to see the supermoon while we were driving home Sat. evening around 8pm. It was larger and more yellow than usual and was very fuzzy looking.

June 24th, 2013, 10:25 AM
Good morning! Last day of my stay-cation...and I stayed...and it's all been a blur, tbh...went to see Man of Steel--disappointing-- Monsters U, which was hysterical... Bathroom is all done except the floor and the toilet, which DH should do next weekend...

I did finally start on the RVA quilt I have been planning, and am happy with the results...

The supermoon was a bust here---even went to the river to get a great view...there was a three minute window just as it was rising that you could see a faint orange slice thru the cloud cover!

Hope everyone has a great day today!

Take care

June 24th, 2013, 10:27 AM
Looks like another steamy day here today. HOT, HUMID, and HAZY seems to be the forecast for now and forever. Summer has truly hit! I have tons of cleaning to do this week on top of everything else and try to get lots of sewing in, before my sis and her hubby come for a week. We will be trying to deal with my mom's property and finances and lots of emotional hard feelings amongst the sibs. NOT fun, but necessary so we can move forward. Please pray for peace and wisdom for us all!

June 24th, 2013, 10:34 AM
Good morning all!!!!!

I finished one of the three baby quilts needed by the end of the year and took it to the quilters on Saturday. It's a good thing the quilt is finished, but wasn't good when I took it to be quilted. I use a quilt store close to my house and boy did I spend some money on more fabric. I'm starting to run out of places to put it. I'm just glad I still have some bags stacked up with fabric in it and I can just mingle it in the stack and no one knows the wiser.

Hubby had to work all weekend, and my daughter and her boys stayed elsewhere Saturday night, so needless to say I did get some laundry done and some much needed sewing done. Tonight may not be as good. Since I did not buy groceries yesterday, I will have to do that tonight and a couple of other things.

Right now I'm working on two of the block of the month kits from JoAnns for a guy that does some quilting for me as well. We are working out a barter system on the two quilts I took him this go round. I'm doing the quilt tops for him and he is doing of my quilts for free or at least at a cheaper rate.

Oh well hope everyone has a great day. Prayers going out to those who need it and to those who don't.

P.S. Blondie I hope things work out for you at work.

June 24th, 2013, 10:49 AM
Hi Ladies,

I finished my last chemo today. A social worker joined me because I needed a paper for my MIL. A confirmation that yes, indeed I shouldn't care for my daughter 1 week after chemo. She needs it for the union because they refuse to pay her unemployment money. She rejected one job offer (that was limited to a month) because it fell exactly into my treatment periods. There's a law that you may reject job offers for a valid reason (like taking care of a family member who is sick) and we will get the paper from my oncologist. While she was there, she also told me what money we could apply for. We applied already for children benefits which every child gets here (it's around 100 for the first child, compared to other countries it's kinda bad even but of course better than none at all!) and there's also the possibility of applying for parenting money which would be in my case the basic money (around 580 euro after taxes). The children benefits are paid even for 6 months back after applying (that is, if the child is already at least 6 months old ;) ) so we will get a nice paycheck of 600 Euros at once this or latest next month. My husband thinks, if the parenting money is handled like all family related benefits, they might pay that too for 6 months back which would be ... a lot money. But even if we only get 580 after taxes monthly from now on it would be a nice moneyrain for us (especially for me, I would have a lot bigger allowance than now :D )

Sounds very good to me and if we really get a payback THAT big (I mean including the 6 months from the parenting benefits) I think I will surprise my hubby and Janna and buy a vacation (Sure a week of having fun is in budget then!). PSSSSSSST!

That gave me a boost of course, a girl may dream many dreams (if they come true is another thing lol) ;) have a nice day!



June 24th, 2013, 01:30 PM
Steffie that's wonderful! I hope you get ALL the money so you can have a vacation and buy fabric....
I really should cut the lawn but it's very hot and humid, so that might wait til later in the day when it's a little cooler. So in the meantime, it's back to my sewing room. I'm going to tear it apart and clean it up. I've been going in an d doing a little here and there but that is not getting it done. I need to devote my day to it and I think that will be today.
Hoping everyone has a great day..stay cool (or warm) depending on where you are.
Hugs and prayers to everyone.

June 24th, 2013, 01:53 PM
Hello Everyone!!! Hope you all have a wonderful day and week too! Steffi, Prayers still being said for you and your family.
I've been down more than I have been up this week. I hurt my shoulder, and the pain is horrible.
I need my picking arm to do all the stuff I need to do, dang it! Laundry is piling up, groceries need buying, cleaning is needed everywhere and I have to get DGD Bow Tuck purse done in time for her birthday. I am so frustrated! How dare my arm hurt anyway. Okay, I've vented, now I had best go shopping. Love you all. Have a great day. Love, Hugs, and Prayers, Jan L.

June 24th, 2013, 02:25 PM
It's morning and I'm here. I'm kinda sore, but we got a lot of stuff done outside this weekend. Two trees came down, the branches and assorted other stuff burned up in the brush pile. We usually do a burn pile at least once a year to clear out debris, but I think we missed last year because it dried out earlier than usual and the burn ban came early. The goats play on wire spools and after a few years they tend to fall apart. We had two days worth of burn pile this time!

I cleared out the back drive way to the barn. It is covered in fist to palm-sized rock. Great for the hay delivery truck, but a bugger to keep the weeds, trees, and brambles out of. We try to avoid pesticides and herbicides here on the farm if at all possible. I'm thinking we may have to cave in and use some back there. I spent all day back there and only got about half way. My joints are complaining loudly about all of the pulling. I think I may have gotten a spider bite too. I have a bruise about the size of a quarter with two red dots in the middle. I'm keeping an eye on it to make sure it doesn't do anything else. I've hard all of the horror stories.

Today was supposed to be a work day, but I got a call this morning that the gal was headed for the doctor. We were supposed to be sorting out some of her things today, so I can't really do that without her. She has some other issues, so we'll see what really comes of the trip to the doctor.

This does clear the day for sewing, well as much as I can manages with the Little Miss home from school! It may get broken up with some pedicures and flip-flop decorating.

You all have a great one!
Hugs, Cathy

K. McEuen
June 24th, 2013, 02:49 PM
I cleared out the back drive way to the barn. It is covered in fist to palm-sized rock. Great for the hay delivery truck, but a bugger to keep the weeds, trees, and brambles out of. We try to avoid pesticides and herbicides here on the farm if at all possible. I'm thinking we may have to cave in and use some back there.

Use white vinegar. It's cheap, it will kill weeds, grass, small trees and it won't hurt the goats. You can spray it on, wait about 24 hours and then pull the dead stuff. I told my sister and she has gone gung ho with it and just pours it on the little oak trees coming up in a non-tree area. She laughs and said it smells like salad when you walk to her front door.

June 24th, 2013, 03:05 PM
Use white vinegar. It's cheap, it will kill weeds, grass, small trees and it won't hurt the goats. You can spray it on, wait about 24 hours and then pull the dead stuff. I told my sister and she has gone gung ho with it and just pours it on the little oak trees coming up in a non-tree area. She laughs and said it smells like salad when you walk to her front door.
I was going to say the same thing....works great but it won't kill the root all the time. Here is a site that I have bookmarked for some issues I have in my yard. Hope it helps.
The 7 Deadly Homemade Weed Killers | This Garden Is Illegal (http://www.thisgardenisillegal.com/2006/05/7-deadly-homemade-weed-killers.html)

June 24th, 2013, 03:10 PM
Happy Monday! It's raining like a Fall day here and that's a good reason to stay inside and clean, maybe later sew? Have to wait and see if I make Monday progress on my cleaning....:0

I spent ALL of Saturday sorting and wrapping fabric on comic book boards. I wrapped everything that was over a yard and filled a bookcase! Oh Lord help me, I LOVE fabric!! Sunday my DD and DGD and I went to a Mary Kay party hosted by my niece. Not really my cup of tea, but I love her and wanted to support her. Playing in makeup is a hobby of my DGD so she really enjoyed it! 4 hours of my Sunday later I came home to sort flannel and get it ready to mail off to some of the ladies here. It's not too late if you want some....plenty left! PM me and we'll get it done!

We bought a baby gate yesterday (remember those) to help keep my DD's new puppy out of certain areas of the house. May take another one or two. Oy. Puppies are SO much work, but so worth it in the long run. He's 7 months old but still really impish. If he didn't have such a sweet disposition I'd have a problem with it!

Off to get more done before I run errands and hopefully have some time to steal away and sew! (and play with fabric!)

Hugs and prayers to all those in need today, and there are many. Keeping you all close in my heart and prayer....

June 24th, 2013, 11:18 PM
Hi All,
I am slightly envious of you all enjoying your summer. It is winter here in Aus, and even in The 'Sunshine State' I am finding it cold. Very sunny, but still cold. It is also school holidays here for the next 2 weeks. Unfortunately, I have to work (though it is only for 5 hours each day). I am lucky enough to have a great support network that helps look after our 8 year old daughter (also have a teenager - too old to be babysat, but too young to look after his sister). There's My Mum and my Mum In Law (aka: Nanny & Nanny) - Grandparents are just the best invention, my husband (who can work from home some days), my sister in law who has kids the same age (yyyeehhaaa!!), and my bestie Vicki. I am not sure what it is like over there, but the cost of vacation care over here is expensive (especially when you take it out of only 5 hours work). I am so lucky to have these great people.
In amongst all of that, I have booked my daughter in for her first 2 sewing lessons in the second week. They each go for 3 hours. First lesson she makes a cushion with her initial on it. Second lesson is a drawstring bag. She has only been using a machine for about 2 weeks, but this class is designed to teach them how to use the machine from scratch and all the basics. She is just about busting with excitement. If I get tech savvy enough, I will post photos of her work on show & tell, or at least I'll try.

June 25th, 2013, 03:45 AM
I tried to thank you all for the helpful suggestions on weed control earlier, but the computer was being spastic and wouldn't let me post it.
We have done or tried most of them. Some of these plants are mutants and drink the vinegar, I swear! We do really make a huge effort to keep chemicals off of the land and thus out of the soil and water. Sometimes we have to "spot treat" the tough ones. A paint brush and cross bow usually do in the nasties when applied directly to the freshly cut canes/stems/trunks.

Yea Steffie for your last chemo treatment. That sucks about MIL's pay, but good news about yours. Hopefully they will both get worked out in short order.

Nidan, Glad you came to join us! How exciting that your daughter will be learning how to sew! Mine's not quite ready to focus that much attention on a project yet!

I have another pair of strips to cut in to squares and I'll call it a night.
Blessings and hugs to you all!
Let's see if this will post....