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June 23rd, 2013, 04:48 PM
I'm picking my new Babylock Ellisimo Gold tomorrow and I have a question. I've done a lot of Free Standing Lace on my other embroidery machines but I've always used Poly Embroidery Thread. Now I want to make some Doileys for gifts and would like to make them softer using regular sewing thread. Have any of you done this and if so what weight and brand of thread do you use? Thanks in advance...Genny

June 24th, 2013, 09:13 AM
I cannot see a reason why you could not use cotton/poly thread. Just make sure you use the same thread top and bottom.
I have the Brother version of you new machine, the Quattro. You are going to love that machine. It sews beautifully and the embroidery is sooo easy to use. This machine is very user friendly. There are so may features on the machine. Take time to read your manual and try using everything, at least once. I have had my machine for almost 3 years. I have all the upgrades, but have just recently started playing with all the features.
Have fun and enjoy your new toy.

Sandy Navas
June 24th, 2013, 10:57 AM
Genny, I have used all kinds of thread to make doilies on my embroidery machine - everything from metallic, to cotton, to rayon, to poly. I am a firm believer that if it is what you want then go for it. If your machine doesn't like the thread then it is time to regroup but otherwise - the sky is the limit. That's how genius is born!!