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June 9th, 2013, 08:44 AM
Good morning everyone. The Pontiac Relay for Life raised $106,150. What a fantastic job for a little town.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I was disappointed in the auction sale yesterday. It was not lots of assorted quilting supplies. I did get a few old magazines, and two boxes of fabric samples. They are 100% cotton. I will get posts as soon as I can.

We are going to get out today. Motorcycles are descending on this little quiet town. Not sure where or what we are going to do yet.

Have a wonderful day people. AND SMILE!!!!!!

June 9th, 2013, 09:12 AM
Good morning!!! I am heading off to work in a bit, and then have Laylabug tonight and all day tomorrow, so no more work on the bathroom till Tuesday I guess...
The rain left, the heat and humidity stayed...oh, well!

Hope everyone has grabbed a hug from where ever they see one available...they make the world worthwhile every day....

June 9th, 2013, 09:48 AM
Morning, darlins'! Monique, how great on the funds raised onthe Relay for Life! Fanstastic! Rining her in the KC MEtro; making it challening for softball tournaments this weekend. Hoping to get more done on the house chores today and getting my to the #3 child quilt project (I'm about half through on piecing the quilt top).
I got to talk to my Navy daughter (on tour with the Pacific Fleet and ported in Japan right now)...she was kind of excited that their ship team has an Australian Ship touring with them the next couple of ports!

June 9th, 2013, 09:57 AM
Good Morning,

We had Relay For Life in our county last night. I don't know yet how much they earned. It's such a good cause and the events are so emotional and encouraging. I have participated every year since my late husband Mike was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2004 .

It's a dreary day here and it's supposed to rain off and on all. Some of our dear friends are stopping by on their way home from a quick trip to Branson. Dave was diagnosed with prostate cancer just a few months ago. It will be so good to see them...it's been quite a while. Jeff hunts deer on their fairm in northern Missouri every year and they have become our closest friends since Jeff and I got married.

This afternoon I will sew the binding on the summer quilt I made. It will take me several days to complete. I sew the binding down on the back by hand and I can only sew so long before my hand gives out...darn arthritis!

DH just hollered that we have little zucchinis all over the place on our plants. So far everything in the garden looks good. We just need some sunshine.

I just saw Dave and Jenny drive down our lane. Time to go...wishing everyone a great Sunday with your family. Try to do something that makes someone else smile....Hugs

June 9th, 2013, 10:58 AM
Spent all day yesterday in my pj's doing lots of little chores and getting the downstair's rooms clean and straightened out so I'm taking a break today. We will be taking a long ride north through Jersey to NY state to have a nice long late lunch with an old friend of ours. Haven't seen her since last year so there is lots to catch up with. Have a Good Day, May

June 9th, 2013, 11:33 AM
Good morning! I've been busy washing down all the vinyl on the front of the house...shutters, windows, porch posts and ceiling. They're sparkling white...for now! LOL! If you've never used it, Mean Green from Dollar General is great for this. I buy it by the gallon.

Mexican potluck at work tomorrow. I'm don't cook Mexican at home, but I'm making Spanish rice and taking chips and salsa. I started back to Weight Watchers last Tuesday and except for so far today, I've had an eat out lunch or dinner every day since! I think my determination is being tested.

I hope everyone has a blessed day!

Sandy Navas
June 9th, 2013, 12:48 PM
Goedemorgen! Ah, what will the day hold for me? We were semi-surprised last evening when the girl's Licorice cat had four kittens on our front porch. Of course Zoe insists there are really five of them as Licorice must be hiding one behind her. A very young mother who was too young to be spade . . . guess we'll have some mousers around for a while, if the girls don't scare them all off. They are showing so much attention that I think Licorice will move them all away until they grow. But they don't listen to me . . . E V E R!

Lots and lots of rain over night. I give up on trying to get an accurate reading of waterfall. Every method I have tried has been nixed in one way or another by the ruling forces . . . if Al doesn't like it it gets sabotaged.

I'd best get off here before my true personality comes through. Glad to see that Mr. D. posted Daisy's latest window dressing. Rebecca, your work is brilliantly showcased!

Hugs to all. Prayers for those with struggles - whatever they may be. And to those who wish they could turn flips in the air but have lead in their butts (like mine), I offer this hope:


June 9th, 2013, 01:10 PM
Good Morning!

There is a list of things we are supposed to do today, but we'll see how far we get. This is the top of the list:
Wainscoting on the office walls.
Install closet organizer.
Transplant pumpkins, sunflowers, and beans.

Farther down, much farther down, comes time in the sewing room. I may have to see what I can do about that!

You all have a good day!