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Tanya D
June 3rd, 2013, 02:04 AM
Eric called home at 1am this morning (does your heart ever stop jumping into your throat when the phone rings when your child is on their way home? I doubt it)

He had found a dog running around and picked him up. He was driving around trying to find someone out looking for their dog. No luck. So he brought him home.

Luckily we have a kennel that the pup fit into. He was very scared and shedding like no tomorrow but he settled down once he was in there and promptly fell asleep.

I got up early this morning and let him out...he instantly peed on the floor. While I was cleaning that up, he pooped. Good grief.

I got on the computer right away and posted a picture of him. A friend of mine instantly shared it with several higher profile pages on Facebook. I also joined a group on Facebook that is a swap and sell site. I called By-Law and the radio station.

A few hours went by and I still hadn't heard anything. I even took him back to where Eric found him and let him lead me around. Emma came with me and chastised me when he wanted to cross the street. She said, "maybe that's his street mom". I said we should stay on the main roads in hopes his owner was driving around.

Well, his owner saw my post on the swap and sell site and bylaw phoned at the same time. His owner came to pick him up and slipped me $40 to give to Eric, thanking him profusely for picking him up.

When I asked where he lived, he told me the street name. Guess where it was? Yep, the street the dog (Squirt) tried to lead me to. Who says dogs can't talk??

It wasn't the day I had planned but I'm happy to report that Squirt and his owner were happily reunited, my house has a poopy smell, my own dog Scoop is feeling loved once again and Eric has some extra cash in his pocket. Sadly, the quilt I was so close to finishing is still unfinished.

June 3rd, 2013, 02:18 AM
I hope I am not the only one that laughed at the names "Squirt" and "Scoop"
You're a good Mom for giving your son the money - I would have kept half for all the work I did.....

June 3rd, 2013, 02:27 AM
But you and Eric did a good deed for the dog and his owner.......that reminded me of something. Years ago we heard something bumping on our door one night.........looked outside and saw a little dog. He seemed nervous........so we gave him a little food and water. The dog did not look familiar to us so we thought he might be lost. I hated to leave him outside.......worried he would get run over so we let him sleep in our hallway by the utility room & put a doggie gate up to keep him in. We were going to try & find his owner the next day. The next morning I let him go out to get the paper with me.......he was running along side of me down the driveway.....and a car was driving by........it slowed down & turned in our drive. The man stepped out & told me that was his dog.......and the dog was happy to see him. He said he was visiting someone down the road the night before and the little dog got away from him & they could not find him. I told him that we fed the dog and keep him inside over night. He thanked me for keeping his dog safe and a couple of days later when we returned home there was an easter lily plant on our porch. It was a thank you gift from the man & his family. :icon_bigsmile:

Jean Sewing Machine
June 3rd, 2013, 05:19 AM
Glad the Squirter found his owner. Dogs know whwer home is, he knew his street, that's the funny part of this story!

June 3rd, 2013, 06:50 AM
Reminds me of the time my little chihuahua escaped from the back yard. We didn't realize he was missing yet when the phone rang. It was my sister, informing me that he was at her house (seven houses down and across the street). He had actually gone in the other direction and a very nice man found him, put him on a leash and just let him lead the way - he went right to Aunt Kathy's house and stood at the door barking!

Glad your story has a happy ending and thank your son for caring about the little doggie.

June 3rd, 2013, 09:55 AM
What a great story and happy ending! Way to go, Tanya and son!

June 3rd, 2013, 10:02 AM
What a great story and happy ending! Way to go, Tanya and son!

Really nice doggie stories. My friend's DD found a little dog wandering out in the snow and cold and brought into the house. They never found the owner but little Gizzy stayed with them for about 15 years of love and attention going both ways until he passed away a few years ago.

New York Sue
June 3rd, 2013, 10:19 AM
Great story, Tanya. You've raised your son well! You are obviously ALL animal LOVERS!

A few days ago, my husband and I were working in the yard, and focused on the task at hand. My three pugs were supposedly sun-bathing on our deck, but SOMEBODY forgot to latch the gate... My first warning? The 8 year-old across the street screaming to his buddies "THE pugs are loose, The PUGS are loose!" Mayhem ensued, with three 8-10 year old boys chasing the three (who are LOVING every minute) around the neighborhood. PRICELESS.
I now have children, who 'have my back'...lol

Sandy Navas
June 3rd, 2013, 10:39 AM
Tanya, I can't keep up with you. Your life just gets more and more exciting. I'm looking on cable to see if you are starting your own sit-com. Life in your house is always up and at'em!!

June 3rd, 2013, 10:56 AM
We found a very muddy Westie looking for his home one winter day a couple of years ago. It was one of the few years that our area of Texas gets snow and it was beginning to melt. We took the doggie in and bathed him twice and combed him out...what a job that was. We posted signs and bought food for him ( we are cat people). He slept on our bed for a couple of nights. On day three I was walking him on a leash (left over from our German Shepherd) and a car stopped and asked if he was my dog. I said no and she said I think he is mine. He was. He had gone underneath their shed trought the mud and escaped. She gave us a monetary reward but the best reward was reuniting "George" with his owner.

June 3rd, 2013, 11:22 AM
Phew! What a day! You have a good heart to spend so much time looking for the owner. I probably would've called the people who pick up strays and let them deal with it. You were that person's guardian angel for the day.

Tanya D
June 3rd, 2013, 11:35 AM
Rebecca, I did call the SPCA in Calgary (about half an hour from us) but she said they were at capacity :( and although they would take the dog, they likely wouldn't be able to keep him long. I read between the lines and knew what she meant. I couldn't do that.

Being that it was a Sunday, there were no vets open to take him to for them to scan him for a micro-chip and by-law took their sweet a$$ time getting back to me. The poor pup was stressed to the max!

Haha Sandy...you are not kidding! Life in the Dowie household has been much too exciting lately. I crave a lazy weekend where I lounge around in my jammies and sew all day.

Cathy F
June 3rd, 2013, 12:10 PM
What a wonderful ending for him to be reunited with his family thanks to your son for picking him up and to you for looking for his owners!

June 3rd, 2013, 12:58 PM
We lost one of our dogs when our garage was burglarized. We did not realize the suspects left the side gate open when they fled and when the dogs were left out that morning, they went out it. One went around the yard and sat on the front porch, but Yoda the schnoodle was gone several hours before we found him.

When our daughter was living in Oregon, she got divorced and had to move into an apartment w/her sons. The apartment did not allow pitbulls, so we got that dog for a few years. We had gone on vacation to Hawaii that summer and got a phone call from the house sitter that Runtie had run away with Yoda. Runtie liked to pull off the fence boards! Yoda was found, but poor Runtie was not. We got home a few weeks later and looked and looked for that dog like there was no tomorrow. When she first went missing, the police and several dispatchers looked for her because we were getting calls of sightings from all over the neighborhood we live in. She would always be gone by the time someone would get there. One night, the mom of the boy who was house sitting was driving in to work (we work together) and saw her running on I5!!! That is a BUSY highway. She was unable to catch her, but she did manage to get her up an onramp and off the interstate.

Once we got home, we continued to look but had no luck finding her. After she had been gone almost six weeks, I resigned myself to the fact she was gone for good and just hoped a nice family had taken her in. Well, as luck would have it, while I was out shopping for my husbands birthday, which is exactly six weeks after mine, my phone rang as I stood in Hallmark looking for birthday cards. It was a woman who said she thought she had Runtie! She had remembered seeing a posting on Craigslist and found it and called.

She told me she had shown up a few weeks prior and was hanging out in the parking lot of a church across the street from her. She is a very timid dog and would come over and play with her dog, but it took her three weeks before she could get her to come anywhere near her so she could check the tags. I got her address and drove out there. It was probably six miles from our house. I see the woman walk from behind her house followed by a dog, which clearly was not Runtie. Well, then here comes another dog around another corner that started barking ferociously at me....I looked and it was her!!!! I told her to stop barking and as soon as she heard my voice, she barreled the fifty feet between us and nearly knocked me over!!! She is a red nosed pitbull and when they get excited, their area around their noses and bellys get a flaming red. Boy do they!!!! From that day on that dog never ever left my side. When I got her home, I went in and woke up my husband and told him I had a birthday surprise for him. When he saw it was Runtie and not something 'good' it was pretty funny, but she was just as happy to see him.

Those people who had taken her in would accept no reward of any kind. I would have given them anything, but they just would not accept it. The husband said he had forced his wife to call me that day because she had decided to keep the dog and had been trying to figure out her name, but had no luck and never would have guessed Runtie for a pitbull's name! He told her he was taking to the pound, which would have been fine because they had her pictures on the wall and knew she was missing, and that was what convinced her to call. To this day, I still can't believe we got her back. Now she is back with our daugther, her new husband and the boys, but when we visit, she still won't leave our side....she truly believes we are 'her people'!!

Tanya D
June 3rd, 2013, 01:28 PM
We were trying to figure out this dogs name too. We tried Jack, he didn't answer. Then Steve started calling him Pacer because he wouldn't stop pacing...like AT ALL. When the owner called and said his name was Squirt, we laughed. I would have never thought of that name. But people laugh at Scoop's name all the time. The reason he got the name Scoop was because when he's panting, his tongue looks just like those scoop tortilla chips.

When he didn't answer to Squirt I started to worry that someone was just saying this was their dog. But after being told he's going deaf and blind, I understood, he just couldn't hear me.