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May 3rd, 2013, 06:17 AM

Hello Folksies!

It is Friday, my Mom is home and I have work again today. We are all keeping our fingers, eyes & toes crossed that Mom will continue to get stronger and drive us all to distraction again soon. She came home Wed, and for right now Sis and I have been taking turns to stay with her. Saturday night, we shall both stay all night and have our girl's night. Mom is really looking forward to that and so am I. So, she came home on Wed and yesterday had a four hour treatment at the oncologist - an IVIG - which is what she needed the new port for. It went well and she has another treatment in two weeks. Now I am hoping for no more sickie talk from me for a long while! I just know that you agree. And from a personal and selfish point of view, it is so much easier to stand in prayer for others. Again, I just know that you agree.

We've had some rain and cool spring weather this week. Not anything like what others in this country have been having. My Daddy always loved the song, Nothing Could Be Finer than to be in Carolina. I think that the past two days have been my favorite days this year so far. Not only did Mom come home, but the weather was the perfect temps for me. Cool in the am and pm, lovely sun dipping in and out of the clouds and all I needed was a sweatshirt or sweater - thank goodness no overcoat! This is the only time of year that my yard looks really nice because it is all moistly green, dogwoods and azaleas and all the other spring bloomers are at their peak - lovely splashes of color.

Have a great day folksies! I need to read some more here. Big hugs to all - a grateful heart for your kind words, thoughts and prayers. I have a happy heart and big smile - today will be a good day. Smile!

Jean Sewing Machine
May 3rd, 2013, 06:24 AM
So glad to have you back with us. Hope mom continues to improve!

May 3rd, 2013, 06:24 AM
Blondie, So glad your mom is doing better. Your Saturday girls night sounds like just what you all need. Take care.

May 3rd, 2013, 07:13 AM
Hey Sis, good to have your read with my coffee this morning.

Wonderful news about Mom! Prayers that everything continues to go well with her recovery and continued treatment.

Today is my Mams birthday, she would have been 75! The last two weeks have been hard, I always get the blues...at first I don't realize why I'm blue and out of sorts. Then I'll look at the calendar and realize Mams' BD is coming along with Mother's Day. Ahhh that's why the achy heart! It's really the every day funny, joyful things I so miss sharing with her. Especially the grandbabies, they are too cute and always up to something. Great Grand Oma Daisy would have been oh so wonderful with Zander, Oliver, and Penelope! Zander and Oliver do know about her (by photo and stories) plus Oliver loves to use her soft fleeze leopard jacket that I wear in the house as a cover when he naps. :D It's been 13 years but feels like yesterday. Love you Mams!!

Working more on my shopping cart...learning new complex software language is interesting to say the least. lol

Tomorrow I'll be painting/distressing wood furniture pieces I found on the cheap. Some for the bedroom, some for the sewing loft. Trying to get boxes unpacked without a place to put things doesn't work. lol

Have a great weekend folks.

Prayers and huggers, Ruby

May 3rd, 2013, 07:48 AM
Good morning friends. Welcome back Blondie. I am happy to hear that your Mom is on the mend. She is so lucky to have you as we are here lucky to have you too.

Today is Greg's birthday. 29? Can't be. Where did my little boy go? A mom could not be any prouder. We will go visit him on Sunday and maybe go out for dinner.

I tried to get some quilting done but it was so hot in the post office yesterday, 81, that my brain turned to mush. I was so tired when I got home last night and was in bed very early. We are not used to this heat yet but I will not complain. We have waited so long for this weather. I have 7 more working days left, but who is counting!!! I NEED some time off.

Hubby is on day 2 of not smoking. He is doing better than I thought he would. It is now in his mind to quit. Please say a little prayer that he continues on this mission to quit. Thanks.

Another work day today and I hope they turned the air conditioning on.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

Iris Girl
May 3rd, 2013, 08:00 AM
Glad your back and mom is doing better, best wishes for her continued recovery. Girls night sounds great, missed all that growing up as I am an only child. Smiles to all that need and want them.

May 3rd, 2013, 08:33 AM
Blondie.............I hope your mom continues to feel better and stronger...........praying for her.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Going to an estate sale that has fabric listed this morning...........hope it's a good one. :)

May 3rd, 2013, 08:34 AM
Good Morning and welcome back to Blondie! Yay for Friday, it's been a long week. Gotta run!

May 3rd, 2013, 08:43 AM
Good Morning. So happy to see you back Blondie and glad that Mom is at home.

May 3rd, 2013, 08:49 AM
Good morning and I m glad to see you back, Blondie!!

I have 4 days of work left before vacation, and they are gonna be bears, I can feel it!

I QUILTED yesterday!!!!! Really!!! Well, pieced. And I didn't finish. But. Try this link if you aren't on FB... if you are, friend me. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10201432747324574&l=65d6367fa0

Hoping everyone has the best day!

May 3rd, 2013, 08:51 AM

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

May 3rd, 2013, 08:52 AM
Good morning all!!

Blondie, so good to hear things are getting back to normal for you and your momma is safe at home! She must be a really nice lady to have raised such a daughter as you!! I will continue to keep her in my thoughts and prayers!!

Monique, bang a drum every day on your count down!!! I will keep your hubby in my prayers as well...such a hard fight to quit smoking...I know!!

Now....DAY 1!!!! Just have to smile thru my day today and I am on vacation!!! Woohoo!! It's been since October since I have taken time off..and that is too long!!! I get 4 weeks a year and try to take one in every 3 month window of time..but it just didn't work out. If I don't take them I don't get paid for them, so taking them is important!! I have BOM tonight after work, a product graduation Zumba fundraiser tomorrow...180 women have signed up...this Zumba is some serious stuff!! Lol then it's a week of helping my daughter celebrate graduation from high school. I am so excited for her and sad for me...I go from happy to teary in minutes, but I will get thru. Yesterday morning she was expounding her words of wisdom on me when I ask her if she would be disappointed if she didn't get any of the scholarships she applied for...she said "no mom!! What will that matter in twenty years...this is the bus of life mom...you are either on it or not!" Lol silly girl!

There is quite a bit of sleet on the ground this morning..may 3rd..who would of thought...so i better pack up and get myself off to to work!!

Everyone, have a great day!!!

May 3rd, 2013, 09:11 AM
Missed you Blondie! Hugs to you, Luscious and Mom!

May 3rd, 2013, 09:12 AM
Morning, Blondie! Great news about your Mom...I miss my Mother so much. it was 10 years this passed December she passed away at 58.
We have snow here in the Kansas City Metro this morning; the furnace isn't working, a tree limb broke off in the yard and this is May 2nd? And I have high doubts we have softball tournament this weekend...Yikes! The best thing so far this week...got my order from MSQC yesterday, so brightened my day!!!!!

May 3rd, 2013, 09:52 AM
Good Morning everyone. It is so good to have you back with us Blondie. Prayers continue for your mother's health.
Monique: prayers for your hubby's battle with quitting smoking. That is not an easy feat. I know.

It is raining here this morning but the west side of the state from top to bottom is getting SNOW/SLEET...yuck. It is funny how here in the Ozarks the weather will follow the highways. It either goes west of 65 or north of 44... I live east of 65 and south of 44 so many times the worst weather will not hit us. Or it splits and goes around us almost like we live in a pocket. I like that!
The news has reported a few accidents over by Springfield... so please all stay safe if you are in the nasty weather areas.

Have a great day.
Hugs and prayers to all.

May 3rd, 2013, 09:53 AM

So glad your Mom is well enough to be home where she belongs. I am jealous of your rain. We are experiencing a lack of rain but plenty of sunshine. I finally took the time to walk the property last weekend and found a lot of things coming up. I know they are supposed to but it always feels like a surprise when I first see them poking through.

My month of craziness is almost over. It would have been over this week if not for the unexpected death of my BF's relative. Her family is in a lot of pain right now and she is their rock so I will continue to cover for her as long as she needs met to do that. She should be back to working a bit next week so my week should be lighter.

I have had some PM's and some voicemails from concerned forum members. I am alive, the family is whole and happy and simply swamped! I miss the forum and my sewing room. I have my alteration kit in the car and that is the only sewing I have done but it is worth it. I am taking a few hours today to go do some baby snuggling. My daughter and Kora have appointments and plans so I am going to do the mid morning feeding of Lillyana and actually taking a nap with her. I am so exhausted my body hurts and that is dangerous with Lupus so I need some rest. Taking a nap with the baby on my chest for her morning nap is just the way to get it and feed my sould at the same time. There is nothing like napping with a baby all nuzzled into you. I have clear memories of napping with each of my babies and Kora. I think I am starting a tradition here!

Tomorrow is Kora's 5th birthday party. It is a princess and prince party. I hate her parties. Something weird or scary always happens. Birthday 1- I was waiting for the call to come say goodbye to hubby, he almost didn't make it but he did so Yay! Birthday 2- the 1 yr old daughter of my DD's best friend from Kindergarten tripped and landed on a brick and split her head open. Birthday 3- my BIL went on a rampage about his infant DD being fat and embarrassed everyone in front of old and new friends. Birthday 4- a horrible motorcycle accident right out front of my parents house. I got blood on me from the man on the bike and most of the kids were terrified. We were all ouside and saw the whole thing.

So here is to a great weekend to all of you and I hope to be back in my sewing room and checking out all the quilts and such that I have been missing here!

May 3rd, 2013, 10:29 AM
Glad to see that Blondie is back and her Mom is doing good. Lots going on with our pals so good luck to all with whatever is going on with you and your gang,.

DGD Catherine called and invitied me, and DH of course, to her condo for Mother's Day Brunch. She's a sweetheart, always thinking of us for holidays and birthdays. Her Mom and Dad will be there also as well as her BF and while we are there her sister will call from her new home in New Orleans. Catherine is a special education teacher for high school age kids and really does wonders with them. Her sister is a RN is presently interviewing for jobs in her new hometown. These two grand girls always have been focused on their futures and both work in care giving positions, we are very proud of them.

May 3rd, 2013, 10:42 AM
BLONDIE! So glad to see your post today. I'm glad your mom is home and headed down the road to recovery. I sing that song too Blondie. I love NC weather and spring is so beautiful here. It's funny how the from the Eastern part of the state you are getting the blooms that we are almost done with in the Western part of the state. Our dogwoods and azaleas are almost gone. My iris's this year are just beautiful and so many of them. I'm still waiting on the peonys that are just about ready (waiting on the ants to open them up lol).
I've been stressed about finding a job since my contract is up on the 8th. And of course stress raises your glucose and it becomes a horrible cycle. Your stressed, glucose goes up, you get stressed even more because now you have to get your glucose down, up the glucose goes even more. What a vicous cycle.
But this morning I received wonderful news. The corporation I interviewed with on Wednesday wants me to start on the 13th! :icon_woohoo:
The sad part is that I won't be working from home anymore and won't be online as much. But I will be able to pay the bills and keep buying fabric lol.
Have a blessed day everyone and enjoy the weekend.

May 3rd, 2013, 11:02 AM
Welcome back, Blondie.....of course you were missed. So happy to hear your mom is home and recouping! Prayers will continue for her. Prayers to those quitting smoking, those counting down days till happy events and vacations, those in pain and tired, and all of you quilting, sewing, or working. We have about an inch of snow left on this 3rd day of May. We did get rain, sleet, snow, then rain...and I hear this will continue in various forms through Saturday. My poor hubby is lamenting not yet being in the field this year. I have a full lilac bush, but I have no plans for fruit this year! Our poor rose bushes can't decide what season it is and I have no idea what to wear from day to day. It was 85 one day and 33 the next! Well, we might not get much spring this year, but no one can say it was boring weather! Today is our eldest son's birthday.....number 27! Yikes that makes me feel old! I guess I was raising toddlers with others on here. LOL I best get off to start our day.....lots planned and I am only 3 blocks from getting caught up on the Farmer's Wife quilt along! YEAH!!! Prayers for great days for everyone!

Sandy Navas
May 3rd, 2013, 11:19 AM
Sometimes it snows here at weird times. Sometimes the Bradford pears lose blossoms at weird times and it looks like snow. Sometimes the sky is dark because it is nighttime, sometimes it is very dark because there is impending strange and fierce weather coming. Usually about the 5th of May we have the pool guy come and open the pool for the summer. Well, don't think that's going to be happening anytime soon.

My work schedule was cancelled for the day (they think I'm too old for all this hard work) and I was jumping for joy. So, that means I can hit the sewing room again today. Spent almost all day there yesterday but my plans were changed as DD reminded me I had PROMISED some box bags for a knitting friend. So, back again today to finish up for those. Think I did four box bags and a small zippered pouch yesterday but have fabric that this friend sent to make probably a dozen more.

Hugs to all and many blessings being prayed.

May 3rd, 2013, 11:27 AM
Blondie, so very happy to hear your mom is home and you are back! Lisa, good luck with the birthday...I predict NOTHING bad will happen this year! Poor wee girl! I'm also very jealous of your baby snuggly nap! I slept in a lazy boy with Liam on my chest for three months when he was born....the most awesome way to sleep ever! I sure miss it. You are very lucky indeed! Ginny!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I'M SOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU!! You'll be like me..popping in here in the morning and then spending half your evenings trying to catch up! Congrats again! Mary! You FINALLY made it to the last day before your vacay!! It's gonna be AWESOME! Have FUN!

I'm at work..but SOOOO happy it's Friday! EXCEPT there is a dude with a jackhammer RIGHT outside my office window. uhg. Apparently they are going to fix the front steps...AGAIN...honestly, this happens EVERY spring! The main entrance to the most important building on campus and they keep patching it up! Looks horrible...see?! 46482

I'm off for more tea and maybe some ear plugs! oye!

May 3rd, 2013, 11:48 AM
So exciting to see you this morning Blondie, and to her mom is home and doing better. Still have ya'all in my prayers. What great news to wake up to. Ok, I confess. I didn't get any sewing done at all yesterday. I did get some blocks cut from some wonderful Paddington Bear fabric, that I believe Cynthia (meemeecyn) sent me. If I am wrong, please someone correct me. I have enough charms from that fabric to make 2+ quilts. Next project is going to be a scrap buster. Hopefully will get all 3 done this weekend. Was supposed to be off ALL day today, but of course DD came up with something I just HAVE to do. Will only take a couple hours though. Glad you have the day off to Sandy.
Hugs and blessings to all, Prayers for those in need.

May 3rd, 2013, 12:23 PM
So glad your mom is doing better. Praying for strength and healing.