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January 31st, 2011, 07:33 AM

Good Morning Ladies
There are two ways to look at this. Either January was the l - o - n - g - e - s - t month or it slipped right through your fingers. How about both? Part of me can't believe it is just now ending (hush my mouth), or how it zipped right by!

And wow, Mondays - always a much treasured day by my Sis and I. It is generally our play day. Since I got so much accomplished yesterday between here and Mom's, I should be in decent shape to spend time without guilt.

Patti, sounds like you are a real trooper, and a real smart cookie. I will keep the light on for anytime you are ready to visit. That goes for any of my MSQC friends. My house is small, my heart is big. My house is always dusty, but my smile always makes the dust bunnies diminish.

I am looking forward to getting some seeds started this week under lights. Anyone else like to garden? Betcha I get a big Amen to that!
Check in later.

January 31st, 2011, 10:07 AM
Good morning all! Blondie, it's nice to hear someone happy about it being Monday! Have a good time today!

Wishing all my quilting friends a great day :-).

January 31st, 2011, 01:41 PM
Morning Quilting Peeps!
I got up and came in extra early to get thing organized in case anything happened but mostly because I had an "date" with a gal that wants to make her sister a wedding quilt. She is new to quilting was just the most delightful woman! She has some fantastic ideas for this quilt and I am hoping to help her as she moves along. Hopefully she will be joining the forum soon too!
Well, owner just called and said he is "working on the problem" and "it will take a long time" if the actual physical eviction does happen. I just want to get through my vacation!
Well, off to work on resetting the store!
Quilt on ladies~~~~

January 31st, 2011, 02:22 PM
Yes, today is Monday. But, I am off tomorrow & Wednesday. My baby turns 22 tomorrow. He and I always go to the mall and shop. Then to a nice place to eat for lunch. We are supposed to get some icey stuff tomorrow or rain. It depends on the temperature. We'll see. Tonight I plan to work on my disappearing 9 patch quilt.

January 31st, 2011, 02:56 PM
Hi Everybody!
It looks like another dry, if overcast day here. I'll go for that!
Patti, I hope your days go well at your store.
Blondie, thanks for the invitation! We should think about having "regional" MSQC meet ups! We could all get together for a cup of coffee and meet the folks we chat with. There are a couple of gals who don't live too terribly far from me here in Western Washington. It might be kind of fun! If you are ever out this way let me know, I'll gladly have you over! You might give me a bit of heads up though. I'll probably need to excavate the living room. Some days the toys take over in there!
We got the last load of hay in yesterday. Sandy thanks for offering to help, even if it was only in spirit! We started to unload and two neighbors showed up. One was bringing a load of brush over for the goats to snack on, & the other came to borrow a tool. They stayed to help unload the hay! WhooHoo! Afterwards, I pointed out to my husband that all of the little things that we do to help our neighbors sometimes really pay off. He gets frustrated with me when I volunteer to help other people. We have enough things to do around here, but never too many to help a friend or neighbor if they need a hand, in my opinion. They probably cut an hour, maybe two, off of our unload time. Tim had the height & upper body strength to pop the bales up higher than I could. It also helped that he used to wrangle hay as a kid, so he understood how to stack it. So another blessing with the hay! It is all in and the girls are certainly enjoying having a full feeder!
I am off to go finish up the elephant. Then stuff it and the giraffe.
You all have a great day! Cathy

Sandy Navas
January 31st, 2011, 02:58 PM
Brrrrr - ice hit us overnight - albeit lightly right now. And that's worse than anything because it is like black ice out there. Hubby had appt to have a bulb replaced in his truck and got about half a mile from home before deciding it was too slick to take a chance. A quick call rescheduled. He said when he crossed over the highway and saw a couple jack-knifed 18-wheelers it was enough to alert him.

I slept in quite late for me today and I was just wondering why it is almost noon and I'm just getting on here. Of course, I spent about half an hour looking for my quilting needle that I had placed in the quilt on the frame . . .no luck until I noticed there was a new silver-looking bracelet (?) on my right arm - I'd moved the needle and stuck it in my sweater cuff while I was cutting a length of thread. Maybe I just need to go back to bed.

Not much happening of any consequence, although I do need to come up with a gentle way to let my DD know her words have stung . . . another story, another time. :(:(

Sandy Navas
January 31st, 2011, 03:07 PM
Hi Everybody!
I am off to go finish up the elephant. Then stuff it and the giraffe.
You all have a great day! Cathy

Cathy, after your hay/barn stories and then jumping to the elephant and giraffe, I have to share one of my favorite stories.
These two brothers (not the brightest light bulbs) found out there was a zoo close by and they were having to close up because they couldn't afford to feed the animals. They were having an auction and since these two Bubba's were animal lovers and lived on a farm, they decided to attend. They were quite lucky in their bidding and came home with this beautiful giraffe. Once they were there they realized they had made a huge mistake. The giraffe was too tall to walk into the barn. After pondering for a while, they decided they would go up on the roof and cut a hole in the roof so they could get the giraffe in. While they were up on the roof their neighbor drove in, surveyed the situation and asked them what they were doing. They explained their problem and how they were solving it. The neighbor told them they were going to ruin a mighty fine barn when it would be much easier to hire a bulldozer and dig the dirt floor down a couple feet. Then the giraffe would be able to use the barn and they wouldn't have to destroy the roof.

One Bubba looked at the other and then told the neighbor, "You're nuts. It's his neck that's too long, not his legs."

I was raised to believe that people who give are those who reap - and sometimes what we take back is more meaningful than anything material. I keep giving whenever I can. Glad your neighbors stepped in and gave back to you. There are great people in this world - we don't always find them splashed across the newspaper or paraded on TV . . . they are the ones who don't demand publicity and the ones we cherish as friends and loved ones. Kudos to your neighbors.

January 31st, 2011, 05:09 PM
With the exception of one, we love our neighbors. There are five houses on the road and four of us watch out for the others. The fifth place doesn't really want to be neighborly. They rarely wave as they go by. You know the "country salute" where you raise your hand and give a slight wave. Nope! Not even that. Now the rest of us regularly check on each other during bad weather, feed each other's animals, etc. That is the kind of neighborhood I grew up in, and I am glad that we have found something similar here. It was indeed lovely to have them pitch in and make that task go so much faster. What was that saying about many hands make light work?

I am sorry that your daughter made you feel bad. Sometimes we don't know how much our words help or hurt folks. It can seem like a little thing to us, but the things we say can crush them or raise them up. I hope you can find a way through it.

I only have the foot pads and the tusks to go to finish Ellie. (Family interruptions are soooo helpful!)
Later 'taters!

January 31st, 2011, 05:48 PM
Couldn't get on this am, so here I am now.......rather early for me, actually!
Blondie--you are always such a day brightner......loved your comments about your large heart! It shows!
Cathy---good to hear the hay is up and finished.....a big job with older bales! We have hay for sale, but it is so messy when it is carted away limply! I so understand. Glad to hear your neighbors lightened your load!
Sandy---sorry to hear you are hurt----perhaps you need a new pincushion to keep that needle in---glad you weren't poked! Cute giraffe joke!
Expecting about 20 inches of snow on our ice, then winds up to 35 mph.....on our little hilltop, that is not good news!Cooking and baking and tending chores today. Generator is ready, hope we keep the electricity, heat, and water!, but we are as prepared as we can be and we can survive. We did a week and a day once, but it is so difficult to tend to barn work in this weather! I just received my mom's older quilting machine, so hope to have some time to play and practice.....it we don't pop an electrical line! Be safe! SuzyQue

January 31st, 2011, 07:12 PM
Hello everyone! Yes, the end of January already! Wow, time flies!

Blondie-You really started something! I was having a dream early this morning that Drew Emborsky (The Crochet Dude), was offering me a job!! It looked like a really cool place to work!!

Cathy- Glad you got your hay in, I know that was important for your animals. I have a few close neighbors like yours, too. It makes for a happy neighborhood, I feel.

Sandy- you crack me up as usual!! I hope your day is going better!

Patti- Glad you seem to have some reprieve time, I hope you get your vacation!

Wow, it is 2pm and I am exhausted! Had class this morning, and then tramping all over campus to get the books for another class. I may just take a nap before my son gets home!

To all that are in the path of the "big one" I hope you all stay safe and stay warm!!

January 31st, 2011, 09:58 PM

Hi Ladies

Didn't get as much completed today as I had hoped but I did work a bit on that project for the sisters. I have decided to do squares in a square and also some dresden blades. I can get a lot out of the shirts using these two ideas. I am making my own learning curve with these shirts. One recommendation for anyone who is thinking of doing this:
If the shirts are 100% cotton but are a perma press blend, you may want to consider foundation quilting it as it gives the fabric more stability.

Pretty dang cold here today with a brisk wind. Big change from the 50's yesterday. I don't believe we made it above 35 here. Prayers for everyone in our bread basket getting the icy blast. As with everyone else's wishes and warnings, be SAFE.

Couldn't walk outside today; brrrr with that wind. I did walk at the Mall. I dislike that because of the concrete. Too hard on my knees.

Mom's surgeon's office called today and rescheduled her from the first of March to this Friday. I am going to have to reschedule my whole afternoon but no way that little bitty lady is driving herself to the big city alone. and to the surgeon's to boot. She is trying to get around me being there. tough cookies. I am as stubborn as she can be - I learnt from the best, lol.

I think I will lie in bed and watch American Pickers. I enjoy watching it, just wished they were interested in the stuff I am; I do grow weary of men's love affair with wheels.

February 1st, 2011, 12:42 AM
That's my Wallace kitty on here Blondie! He looks just like that! Isn't he a cutie?

Got our phone call from Odie tonight!!!! Momma's happy. But, unhappy to cause he said since he got some earlier flights, he graduated early. So, put him in your prayers please. Up at 3 am tomorrow to get to the airport in Jacksonville, N. Carolina. Then leaves at 11:45 to fly in to Atlanta, GA. Then flies in to Dallas, TX. Then flies in to Oklahoma where they are expecting blizzard conditions and 12 inches of snow. I'm thinking he's going to spend some time at these airports. Thankfully he told me that he will call often. I mean - really? 3 flights to get from N. Carolina to Oklahoma? I would have been nervous with one flight, but noooooooo, they put him on 3.

He sounds good, really good. Never got sick but said the training was long, hard, and very cold. I'm glad that's over for him.
He found out his job will be a cannonneer - he gets to wear headphones and when they tell him, he pulls a string on some sort of weapon to blow stuff up. He does sound better and has not mentioned about wanting to get out. That's good. He'll only be in Oklahoma for 6 weeks and then get assigned to a unit.

Had a little problem with Katie tonight wanting to go somewhere and we said absolutely not. Don't know this woman, didn't hear too many good things about her and ended up having to speak to a girlfriend's mom to make sure the girls were going to be at the girlfriends house and not this other persons. Well, the lady found out that we said no and that we think shady stuff is going on with her and she calls me tonight. We talked for awhile and would like to meet her. If she turns out to be okay, then we can rethink Katie going over. I'm the bad mom on the block, always saying no (yeah right), never letting her do anything - oh well - too bad. I'm the parent. 16 is a hard ago. I remember when I was 16. I keep praying for her.

Well, my eyes are shot. I'm beat. Guess I need to crawl in and get some sleep. This is early for me but think tomorrow will be another long day worrying about Odie.
Oh yes. Did get that quilt and long shelf for $25. My buy of the year. I'll have to get photos soon of it. I do think the quilt was made in Thailand or something - but it's pretty and there is lots of applique and pieced blocks on it. I'll try to get some photos tomorrow.

Well, everyone - stay safe whoever is getting this mess. We are getting sleet right now - then 2-4 " of snow, then ice in the morning, then snow again, back to ice for Wed. morning, and rain later Wed. afternoon. I'm already thinking school will be closed for 2 days. Good thing I have sewing to do - and handwork of we lose electric. If I'm not on here tomorrow, that means we lost our internet. Never happened before with ice here, but haven't gotten as much ice for a long time and they are calling for 1/4" of it. When 1" hits, they say thousands lose power for awhile. Hope not or I'll be digging out lots of quilts to snuggle under.
Oh Blondie - thanks for the amail. I'll check out the information when I can. I really appreciate it sweetie. And, I have your mom in my prayers.

Many Hugs,

February 1st, 2011, 03:58 AM
Hello everyone, We are in line for snow and possible ice. They are calling for a foot or two of snow and or 1" of ice. We went through this before and I pray it doesn't happen again. we were lucky to only be out for 3 days but my Dad was out 13 days. And it wasn't in such cold weather. It's only 8 degrees here right now. If our power goes out I don't know what we will do for my birds and they can't take the cold. We have no other form of energy, which means no cooking, heat or lights. All generators are off the shelf now. I wish we at least had a fireplace.
Today is my sons 43rd birthday and the day of the storm will be my 62nd. We spent the evening with Joey and Heather and the girls and had birthday cake and ice cream. I'll let you know if I see my shadow on the 2nd since I'm a groundhog baby.
I pray everyone keeps their power and stays warm. Love to everyone, Jan L
P.S. If you don't hear from me on Wednesday you'll know my power went out. :icon_scared:

February 1st, 2011, 05:19 AM
I truly hope everyone stays safe and keeps their power, the next few days sound absolutely awful, makes me feel bad that I complained about the heat here. :( I will be thinking of you all and waiting to here that the storm passed safely.