View Full Version : today morning - I wouldn`t trust my eyes

April 20th, 2013, 02:30 AM
Yesterday I was sitting an our garden, happy about our flowers and trees flowering so coloured and beautiful. And now look what it is like today morning:


Winter is back and it is snowing like crazzy. What should I do? Cut all the tulips and bring them inside, or trust on their strength that they can handle the snow?

Maybe you remember, I posted a picture of our yellow plum tree, flowering white as a snowball and promissing a good harvest this year. And now 3 days later ... I really could cry.

April 20th, 2013, 02:34 AM
I am so sorry to see that snow. I would cut some of the tulips to enjoy inside and leave some to rebel against the snow. I am worried about your plum tree. I hope the blossoms survive.

I hope the rest of the goes much better and that the snow stops really quickly!

Tanya D
April 20th, 2013, 03:11 AM
We are forecasted to get another 2-4 cm tomorrow. I feel your sorrow.

April 20th, 2013, 03:16 AM
I feel your pain! My tulips are ready to bloom, yet it is snowing lightly here tonight, after being near 80 Thursday.

April 20th, 2013, 04:43 AM
Oh I would take some in and enjoy

Iris Girl
April 20th, 2013, 05:28 AM
I would also say bring some in to enjoy and leave some to hold up against the snow, Hopefully the plum tree will survive and be ok. sorry to see the snow. I think we all had enough of that for this year

April 20th, 2013, 05:48 AM
So sorry for your tulips and all the other flowers. Here in Luxembourg it is cold too and we have an icy wind blowing. No snow so far and hopefully we won't get any. The weatherforcast for next week is promising, because it'll warm up again.
Nevertheless have a nice WE

April 20th, 2013, 08:54 AM
I would definitely take some inside, I can hardly believe the weather we have been having this spring. One day it will be in the 70s (F) and the next it will be in the 30s...like today. But it is suppose to warm up to the 50s or 60s thank goodness.

April 20th, 2013, 08:57 AM
I'm sorry to see you are having the same type weather we are...it snowed here for three hours yesterday (no accumulation because everything is so wet from the storms the day before!).

April 20th, 2013, 10:05 AM
I am so sorry Renate. I hope you will get warm winds that melt the disaster quickly away! Your poor flowers :( I would also cut some up to enjoy them inside.

We STILL have snow lying around. As predicted it will be gone by the end of April. My MOTHER is coming to visit Finland in just one week and I want her to have a snow free environment. Especially for Vappu! (1st of may, Labourday, also a huuuuge celebration in Finland with costumes and drinks (most popular: Selfmade Sima <3) outside)

nana margaret
April 20th, 2013, 10:36 AM
I would cut some then at least you can enjoy them indoors. I know how you feel, whenever our daffodils are blooming we get really strong winds which just flatten them. Chin up, this might be the last of the snow!