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Tanya D
April 10th, 2013, 06:26 PM
The boss is away, our drafting person is on medical leave so I've got no work flowing to my desk...sure makes for a long and boring day.

Thankfully I have all you wonderful people to keep me busy with reading...and Google is always my friend. Due to my boredom I have found the fabric I was looking for and it's right down the street from my hubby's office. I will send him in there tomorrow to pick it up for me and then I can get started on the Falling Charms quilt! Yippee :)

April 10th, 2013, 07:06 PM
What charms are you looking for? I love that pattern. Anxious to see yours. I loved the charm pack that was the daily deal today but wasn't ready to buy anything yet. I really need to use up some of what I already have. The fabric I am working on now I have had for almost a year. It was a gift. It's very pink, which isn't my favorite, but it is going to be pretty.

Jean Sewing Machine
April 10th, 2013, 07:29 PM
I am about to tackle the falling charms quilt top myself, using the left over Honey Honey blocks and some pastel charm squares. I will make it crib size for the hospital PICU

April 10th, 2013, 08:26 PM
I too love the falling charms. I want a very soft.... pretty motif but I haven't found it. I looked for the one Jenny used in her tutorial ... it's not available yet.

April 10th, 2013, 11:57 PM
That has been my world for the past week!! I hate it! AND with no iron all my quilting is completely stalled. sigh.

Glad you had time to find the fabrics you wanted tho! I have no problem finding...it's the funding that gets me! :\

April 11th, 2013, 01:37 AM
Sorry you are bored but happy you found the fabric you want. I would never send hubby in to buy fabric, the prices could cause serious medical issues!

April 11th, 2013, 05:57 AM
The falling charms are on my list also! I love this pattern!I would also never send my hubby to buy anything fabric or quilting related, he thinks I am spending too much money on fabrics anyway. He doesn't quite understand the idea of a "stash" ;)

When I am bored I watch loads of patterns, fabrics and tutorials. I can do that for hours! My family thinks I am nuts! ;D

April 11th, 2013, 06:06 AM
I'm not bored just in a funk. I love the falling charms and I think I will use my swirl charms for it. Pretty snazzy don't you think?

Wendy how come you don't have an iron? I must of missed that somewhere. Not that I'm going to send you one,lol

April 11th, 2013, 07:39 AM
There is nothing worse than being bored at work, it makes the day go so slowly.

Tanya D
April 11th, 2013, 01:14 PM
I have a Sakura Park layer cake that I've had for a while now. I'm going to cut that up into charms for the Falling Charms quilt. I don't have any white though. I need 3 yards of it. The LQS has it for $9.99/metre which I don't think is too bad. It's cheaper than buying a jelly roll.

The bugger ignored the sticky I stuck to the door this morning...how can you miss the bright green sticky on the door??? I had the SKU number, the description and the amount I needed. Guess I'm not getting my fabric until tomorrow now.