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January 21st, 2011, 07:56 AM

Hope everyone rested well; I sure did, I even got my tootsies warmed up.

Cathy, sure hope you are on the mend beating that cold to dickens.

And I read the late night posts ~ :icon_wave:

Have a super duper day!

January 21st, 2011, 10:49 AM
Good Friday everyone!

Have to get moving here. I'm leaving in half an hour for a very cold, windy, snowy walk in to school. I was hoping for a closing, but only a 2 hour delay. I'll take it though.

Got some more binding sewn on last night. It's getting there.

Odie only has a week and a half to go for graduation from this training. Hope he can call home soon - sure miss his voice. Letters go out everyday encouraging him.

OK - better run or my hair will be wet when I head out there - not a good idea.

I'll check in later to warm up with a cup of coffee once I get home from walking again!!! The exercise is great though, I'm down 6 pounds on my new exercise/food program.

Have a great day!!!


NM Lady
January 21st, 2011, 10:55 AM
Good morning!

Blondie I love the Lennon Sisters.

Trish, Odie is in my prayers.

Wishing everyone a really awesome Friday.

God bless and take care.

January 21st, 2011, 10:59 AM
Oh Blondie, I knew you would find the Lennon Sisters! LOL I love you! How is your Mom doing? Thanks for thinking of me. I'm trying to get things under control. My friend Dawn is going to help me with cutting fabric today. I need a lesson in that badly. I have a really hard time with it and it hurts to do it, so she is going to give me a lesson and some tips on how to do it. Maybe if I understood what the heck I'm doing I will be able to cut with more precision and quicker once I get some tips and tricks.
It is 3 degrees here today with a promise of 10 below tonight. I went out to get my birds seed and mix it up as I use two different kinds for my big parrot this morning, and in 15 minutes my face was numb. My hands which were in good gloves and were so cold they were numb and stinging by the time I was finished and my legs were numb.
That's COLD!!lol They say we are going to have a week of these kinds of temps. And some snow of course. I love the cold weather but 10 below is too cold even for me. ha
Have a good day and I'm saying prayers for your Mom and for you and your shop. God will give you a way, just in His time. Sometimes we wonder what a day is to Him cause it seems to take years sometimes. lol However He always comes through for us. You will have an answer I'm sure of it. We are all praying for your problems to get solutions.
Hugs and Love, Jan :icon_hug:

January 21st, 2011, 11:03 AM

Hang in there Odie! And congrats on the weight loss Trish!


Have a great day!

January 21st, 2011, 11:06 AM
Trish be careful out there It is dangerous with this cold. Odie is in our prayers and Katie and the rest of your family too. Congratulations on the 6 pounds. I wish I could walk a mile or two everyday. Between my back and my Asthma, esp. in this cold I don't do very well. I'm afraid they would find me in a snow bank all frozen and blue. LOL Have a great friday everyone. Hugs, Jan

January 21st, 2011, 12:56 PM
Happy TGIF! I hope everybody is staying safe and warm. We had quite a bit of snow yesterday too, with more today and dropping temps, blowing and drifting. The neighbor just finished plowing our driveway for us and boy do we ever appreciate that.
My order from MSQC came Wednesday, and I am so excited to go through the box. I know my Tumbler template is in there, and the charm packs planned for it, and they are calling my name. I will hopefully dig into it this evening. I love the customer service from MSQC!
I would love some prayers and good thoughts for some decisions/changes that may be coming in our lives. I feel they are for the best, but will require a bit of adapting in our day to day world.
I love coming to this forum, and I read late posts too!
My best to everyone, stay warm and safe.

January 21st, 2011, 01:24 PM
Good morning...it's cold here...I think mother nature forgot that Alabama is in the SOUTH!!

My husband had to rush last night and get a flight out of Boston since they preemptively canceled his flight from this morning..so he flew to DC last night and is right now on his way home from Reagan National..he texted that he was boarding a few minutes ago and will be home on time...THANK GOD!!

My boys were out of school all last week and this week with my husband being gone life has pretty much sucked and I would love to be able to pee without anyone bothering me just one time in the next 24 hours!! I love my children dearly....but they are still young enough to not realize that I don't want them to bother me whilst on the toilet.

I am hoping to get some sewing done this weekend...I have a quilt project that I need to get started for our benefit gala next month. It's the school's largest fundraiser and my one son's class is doing a signature quilt. We are going in on Monday to get the blocks started with the kids. Should be fun trying to get 30 1st graders to put their name and a word that they want to use to describe the school on a block with a marker....fun times fun times!!

Sandy Navas
January 21st, 2011, 02:52 PM
Jan, I too just knew that Blondie would come up with a picture of the Lennon sisters. Wrote you a couple long messages yesterday that our YSGLCG devoured before I could send . . . Question - what kind of parrots do you have? Long story short used to have two African grays . . . Love them.

Stay warm everyone, happy sewing - sure hope I get something accomplished here real soon. It's noon and I've not done much except make a couple phone calls and catch up with my cyber friends.

January 21st, 2011, 03:44 PM
It finally stopped snowing here-the sun is actually shining. It's only 13 out though. Everytime I stand up the pooch thinks she's going on a walk-WRONG! She knows my routine-mom gets up,checks the pc while she eats then we go for our walk. Not until it gets above freezing again, dog. sorry.
I'm gonna play around with some blocks for a card trick top once I get supper started. sorted out some fabric last night and I think I have enough to do a baby size top to see if I like the pattern.

January 21st, 2011, 05:17 PM
Good afternoon all! Its been a cold one here. BRRR! Staying warm under a few blankets. Im feeling so much better that I hope I can crawl into my own bed tonite and sleep where the nice warm matress warmer is. AWEEEE, its like a little gift from heaven on nights like this.
Michelle I to remember so well how I couldnt have any alone time when my kids were little. I remember when my son had his big film in school. I was washing supper dishes when he came in to chat with me. I asked him about the film and if he had any questions. I got really basic answers but no questions, whew. A few hours later I started my shower, the next thing I know he has to come in and tell me that he would get hair under his arms, lol. I was like a really, could this not have come up earlier,lol. Now that hes in his teens, I kinda miss those crazy times.
Stay warm all and have a great day.

January 21st, 2011, 06:51 PM
HI Sandy, I have 4 cockatiels, and a blue front amazon. The blue front (Tara) is a riot! The cockatiels are adorable and I love them all but my Tara is my heart. My friend Carol breeds grays. They are amazing talkers. She has one named Miss Bentley that is a card and a half. She looks out the window and says Brr its cold out. And she only says it in the winter. In the summer she says it's chilly and raining and son of a gun we look out and sure enough its raining! She is just amazing! I had a chance to have a cockatoo named Casper who also talked well but I didn't feel I had the room for him in my sunroom. He was free. I could kick myself for not taking him. I have one cockatiel that is in his 20's. His name is Fred. The others are Babe, Mickers, and Cory.
Fred loves to call the dogs along with Tara and when we are cooking dinner he sounds like the microwave. Too funny. Love them birds! Hugs, Jan

January 21st, 2011, 07:46 PM
I would love to be able to pee without anyone bothering me just one time in the next 24 hours!! I love my children dearly....but they are still young enough to not realize that I don't want them to bother me whilst on the toilet.
This brings back memories, when my son was little I had to use the toilet with the door open because if he couldn't see me, he worried. Down side, besides lack of privacy, was that he was a lot older than most boys when he learnt he was supposed to stand up to wee. I had to encourage my DH to teach him...:lol: that was so funny, he was a little more fussy about privacy in the toilet.

January 21st, 2011, 10:37 PM
Hi ladies
As always, I am glad that I get to come in here and relax.

What is privacy when you have kids, I ask you? I guarantee my 28 year old son would probably still keep talking to me if I were in the toilet. LOL. I do miss my kids being little guys though. I never got tired of the awesome thrill of watching a child be a child. Not that they didn't grate on me - I used to do my best housecleaning at 1 a.m. because they were all asleep and I could actually get the floor mopped without little foot prints. I didn't live near my folks were my children were small ones. I so regret having to live so far from them, besides I could've used a Mommy Day off or whatever they are called these days.

Jan and Sandy, I used to have small birds - various finches - so pretty. My sis used to be a bird breeder and now has only one cockatiel - he is 21 years old and is such a sweet baby. She has had some small green ring neck parrots that talked very well - would make up their own sentences very intelligently. People without birds wouldn't believe some of the things the birds would say! If my sis were gone to the grocers and come home her favorite baby would say "Where you been, at B's?" He had a hard time saying Blondie but got the B down right! lol. I miss that bird. He was my sister's heart. She never had children and the only creature to ever call her Mama was her Ringo. Love, love, love birds.

Been a long day, gonna get the coffee ready for the morning and get ready to hit the hay.
Luscious took Mom and I to Joann's so i could get my refund and a few more pieces of fabric. I think I have Mom motivated to make the christening gowns and some baby shoes. Such cute little things and she has the patience for it. We cheated and ate Wendy's for dinner - personal yippee for no dishes.
Hugs to all. Keep warm - shell.scraps - it's gotta be cold if you are in alabama and freezing.


January 21st, 2011, 11:10 PM
Poor Blondie, you sound beat honey. Let the world turn without you tonight. Go to bed and get some much needed down time. You are in my prayers. Love you, Jan