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January 11th, 2011, 10:10 AM

Good Morning!

If you can't beat 'em, stay inside and sew! Looks like we got a good 5 inches outside. Looks so pretty and I am thankful that it hasn't given us freezing rain yet on top of it. I can handle the snow but ice? Scarey stuff.

Hubs and I did sleep in a bit longer; now to go back down the hill to Mom's in a few. I am hoping I can rally her a bit to show me how to use her serger. Does anyone have one?

Cathy, I am sorry about the news of baby. I will keep y'all in prayers over this. I don't have any grands yet and there but by the grace of God could be me in any of the imaginable situations. You are a strong gal to deal with generations in your home, all the personalities and still rise to the top like cream.

Blessings to all for a terrific day!

January 11th, 2011, 10:19 AM
I don't know why this didn't show up in my post.
Feel like skating? Looks like fun to me

NM Lady
January 11th, 2011, 10:40 AM
Good morning all. Looks like the cold weather finally hit, but without any moisture. Supposed to do something tomorrow...maybe a few snow flurries.

Cathy, I'm so sorry for your son's situation. Hopefully they will figure out what is the best for the child.

Well my first pillow case turned out ok, but for some reason, kept missing the seam on a layer on the 2nd one, probably because I was too tired by that time to really be sewing.

Well, have to get ready for work.

God bless and take care.

January 11th, 2011, 11:20 AM
Snow here in KY too. I home for a snow day. I plan on sewing all day. I have a love-hate relationship with these snow days. We are up to 4 makeup days right now. I'll be pouting come June.

January 11th, 2011, 11:26 AM
Good Morning! A snowy one at that. But made it in early and working on paperwork as I remain on hold for an airlines I have been trying to contact for a week. Normally I book everything online but we have free travel certificates and you have to call. I am optimistic each time I call that I will reach a live person one of these times!

5 inches must be a huge amount of snow for you Blondie! I am no help with a serger as I have never used one. Your pic made me think of when my father used to make us kids a skating rink in the back yard. Wonder if anyone does that anymore? Stay warm and safe!

NM - I always make silly mistakes when I try to work on things when I am tired. Today will be a better day.

Cathy - Sorry about your son's situation. I have been on both side of that story...17 and pregnant and thinking we knew everything we needed to know about the world. Also heard the news from my son, but he was a little older at least. He only told me about a month before his girlfriend was about to have the baby! My DGD is the love of my life but I still have to hold my tongue about her parents choices all the time. Hope all turns out well for all concerned.

Well, I got all my fans attached to the blocks for the b&w swap. Just have to work on the quarter circles! Hopefully tonight!

Wishing you all a warm and happy day!

January 11th, 2011, 11:49 AM
I'm going shopping for my 5th black and white fabric. I have to go to the big city to find a super Joann's. Just hope we beat the snow back home. Sorry you got so much Blondie. We deal with it better up here I think. It always seems to go around us. Although we are going to Rochester and that usually gets it pretty good. Wish me luck to find that last elusive fabric. Everyone is way ahead of me and I have to play catch up! Love you all, have a great day, Jan L :icon_mooooh:

debi weaver
January 11th, 2011, 12:46 PM
Enjoying the winter comments! 5-6" fell here!, but right now, the sun is glistening on the white stuff & beautiful scenes are everywhere! I only like it when I gaze from the warm inside! Great day to finish projects! Elderly dad thought a plane came too close to the house when he was awakened by our snowblower! Had to convince him all was well!
Have my Swap blocks done, & they look so good. Already did 30 more for my own "color splash" quilt. Liking B & W blocks as much as Redwork projects & I absolutely love Dresden design!
Crazy about my new Janome, too - especially the 1/4" foot!
Have a good day, thread friends, & stay safe! Especially in Rochester! Some family lives in Greece, & they do know snow!

January 11th, 2011, 12:53 PM
Good snowy morning to you all! The beautiful, soft,white blanket of last night was rearranged by the howling wind into a moonscape and bare patches. It sure doesn't look like 5-6 inches now! Luckily the tractor is drifted in with us and not at the other farm, so with a little plowing.....we will be able to get out, if need be! Husband must get to work later, but I will stay in, lucky me!
Blondie---I have a serger that I have used for years! Love it for seam finishing and zipping up t-shirts. I think I have made thousands of those over the years in every size and color. I haven't used it on piecing, though. Any questions, just let me know. I will see if I can help. Love your graphics, as usual!
Cathy---a baby is a blessing....this one just comes with tough circumstances. My prayers that all will work out for the best....for everyone!
NM lady----been there on the sewing mistakes due to exhaustion. When I make a major booboo and it is late, then I know it is time to quit for the night! Hope it is quickly fixed!
Patticakes---always wanted husband to make an ice rink in the back yard, even had directions, but it didn't happen before the kiddos grew up! I use to skate on ponds, but I won't allow that with my own.
Janluna----good luck on finding the perfect fabric and pray you do make it home before the storm hits! Perhaps you will catch up in this next snowy week! Be safe in your travels!
We will have a late start today, but will snuggle in the family room and read under cozy quilts! That is the promise and hope that will get me through those chilly chores! BRRRR! I so dislike winter and its weather~!
Keep warm, keep safe! Suzy Que

January 11th, 2011, 01:42 PM
Happy Snow Day All. Im inside for the day. Whew. Not much going on so I dont need to go out in it. Yahoo!!!. But my son and his 4wheel drive is out there. They are going to the bottoms to slide around and theres nothing for them to damage. I know your probably thinking why is she letting him do that.
Cathy I will keep you in my prayers. It has to be a rough time right now.
Jan good luck on the fabric hunt. Be careful!
Everyone have a fun filled snow day and Be careful out there if you have to get out in it.

Lots of Love

January 11th, 2011, 01:46 PM
Nice to hear a lot of sewing on blocks. Please don't forget to sign our blocks on the front.

January 11th, 2011, 03:10 PM
YAY!! Snow days can be fun days! Happy to report it is bright and SUNNY and WARM here in Central Florida!! Exactly why i live here! love love love it :D

also love to hear of the swap sewing and that y'all are having fun with the blocks :icon_happy: They are going to be awesome when all pieced together! I have posted my mailing address in the groups disscusion.

keeping myself busy this week cleaning out the old "stuff" from storage - never fun but it must get done!! :icon_cool:

January 11th, 2011, 04:36 PM
Thanks Everybody,
The baby situation will work out somehow. I am just concerned for the child. The parents made their own bad decisions and now the baby will be the one to suffer from a less than ideal situation. My wish is that they seriously consider adoption.
It sounds like you all are making some serious progress on the swap blocks. Good for you!

Our snow is scheduled to hit about 3PM. It is cold out right now, so when it does, it ought to stick around for a bit. Emily wants to make a snowman, so I hope there is enough for that. We may just make a mini-snowman! We'll see. Everybody take care and stay warm & safe!

January 11th, 2011, 04:55 PM
No snow but very cold. It is supposed to do a big turn around though and rain by the weekend.
i recieved some bad news last night...my dear Aunty has passed away. I was her only niece (no daughters) and we had a special relationship. She was 94. My uncle ( who is 95) had been married for 68 years. She was such a wonderful person and I will truly miss her. My family is getting up there in age and I know these things are to be expected but it doesn't hurt any less. :(:icon_cry: I want to get to the funeral but it is in another province so weather etc. will decide.

January 11th, 2011, 05:51 PM
Sally, so sorry to hear you lost your Aunt. How wonderful that they were married for so many years, but how hard for your poor Uncle. You're right, age doesn't mean it hurts less when we lose our older family members and friends.

Cathy, hang in there, hope the drink and bath helped :-). How old are your son and his ex girlfriend?

January 11th, 2011, 06:43 PM
Oh Cathy - prayers for all concerned.
Jan - home yet? Snowing here since 3 - it's coming your way!
I guess we're to get around 3-6". I'll take 3 (would rather 0) but it looks like it may hit closer to the 6 since it's to keep going all night. The teachers don't want any days tacked on the end of the year - haven't had any to make up yet - I would rather get off now and deal with it on a nicer day.
Lasagne tonight - YUM and then sewing. I'm back to machine quilting Zach's cowboy quilt. Would love to see it finished by the weekend. Having off tomorrow would be wonderful!

TJ -no letter from Odie yet :(

January 11th, 2011, 06:56 PM
Lots of blocks being made all over from the looks of this thread. It will be a lovely quilt.
I have mine ready to go; all sealed up but I did not sign them. sorry about that. No way I am tearing open that package. I don't mind if there are unsigned blocks. JMOHO

Shauna, I am so sorry for your loss. I hope your uncle will be okay and certain that he will be cared for. What long lives! They have been like my own folks, much blessed.

Trish, hope you get that letter from Odie soon; lasagna sounds delish!

I am in another swap on a flickr group for a mini quilt. (about the size of a placemat) I am almost finished with that one. Taking advantage of the snow day here. Still have power, thank the good Lord. Tonite will be the clincher. It is drizzly right now and will freeze over everything. Makes me nervous since DD will be returning from Charleston tomorrow. South of us got hit much worse and they do not fair as well as we do. I am thinking the interstates will be clear.

Blessings to all.

January 11th, 2011, 07:57 PM
I am am sorry to hear about your aunt. Age doesn't make loosing them any easier. It sounds as if you have quite a few memories to cherish, so that will at least be some measure of solace. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Safe travels if you are able to attend her services.

Dinner @ Trish's place! Yum! I hope you hear from Odie soon. I am sure he is busy and just wiped out at the end of the day.

Deb, I didn't get either the long hot bath or the drink. I have the 4 year old to thank for that. We spent the evening reading Dr.Seuss. It was OK. I'd have had a headache this morning and that wouldn't have done anybody any good. My step-son is just 19 and his ex is 18. As a matter of fact, timing-wise, this was actually his birthday present from her. Niiice!

January 11th, 2011, 07:59 PM
Shauna Im so sorry to hear aout your Auntie. We lost our favorite Auntie last year. I still miss her so. I will add you and your family to my prayers.

January 11th, 2011, 08:27 PM
Shauna - so sorry about your Aunt. My prayers are coming for you for comforting thoughts.


January 11th, 2011, 09:27 PM
THank you everyone...Looks like I will make the funeral. Didn't realize how big my extended family had gotten until offers of rides etc were coming from all over. I am very blessed!

January 11th, 2011, 09:54 PM
I'm hoping for a snow day tomorrow. I don't really like to be stranded inside, but I am taking a volunteer tax prep course and could sure use a day to catch up with all the material.

Sally, I'm glad you will get to your aunt's funeral. Just heard that my last aunt, actually the wife of my dad's best friend, had to move to assisted living. I've been saying I must get down to Richmond to visit her and now it becomes more important.

Pat in central NJ where the first flakes have just started

NM Lady
January 12th, 2011, 01:13 AM
Well ladies, I tried to upload a picture of the red/white/blue pillow case and for some reason it didn't load and I can't remember how do to it......

Anyway, used the french seam as suggested and it turned out really nice.

Thank you for your help and I'll try to make another!

TTYL-Jackie M