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January 2nd, 2013, 09:11 AM

Happy Day, Folksies

Wellsir, here it is Wednesday already, the holidays are officially over; I find myself being ever so thankful that things may get back to normal. I haven't been able to catch my breath since before Thanksgiving.
Yesterday's dinner was a huge 20 + fresh ham - it took 8 hours to cook, plus the greens, cornbread, black eyed peas, sweet taters, fried apples and for dessert, some lemon meringue pie and a coconut chess pie. For beverage there was sweet tea, coffee and choice of Coke Zero or Sprite. Leftovers will be delicious barbq this weekend I am sure. My little bitty house had 15 folks sitting in every where I could place a folding chair. If they had a lap, there was food on it. I believe the consensus is we all need to diet the rest of this year, LOL.

Now to buckle down to see what I can get done this New Year. I very rarely make resolutions. I can't see to lie to myself very well. I do like to review what I have learned the year before - it can quite illuminating - think of all you have learned, mentally, spiritually and physically about yourself and yourself in relation to others; it is a bit daunting but rewarding if you look at the big picture.

One more Happy New Year, Folksies and here I go, head long into it.

Blessings, hugs and prayers to all. SMILE!


January 2nd, 2013, 09:31 AM
Good morning! The new year did not start off to well around here. The internet connection was not working right yesterday, it kept going on and off connection. DH called the company because it is a brand new line. Now, the line is a pretty orange think temporary line until the workers get out here and bury the permanent line (good luck with that in all these rocks).. DH went out to check the line and because of the rain/sleet/snow we had had the steps off the deck were slippery and WHOOSH! Down he went. Now his shin is all skinned up and you would think he is the only person on earth ever to get hurt! But he did find the problem with the line.... A SQUIRREL had chewing the line! He spliced it together and now we are online with no problem.
The next bit of bad news was my neighbors Mother passed away around 2am on New Years Day. I sure feel sorry for Laurie because they were so close and she spent most of her time while her husband was on the road trucking staying with her mom. It is going to be very hard on her. Laurie's dad passed away a couple years ago and her mom just has not been well since. Laurie's husband stopped by and said that on New Year's Eve the mom had spoke to all her kids on the phone, some in Louisiana and some in California. Then she went to lay down. I know she was happy because she had spoke to her whole family and was ready to go be with her Sherman.
Please send up a prayer for my neighbor. Thank You.

I got the Whirley Gig top done yesterday. DH saw that I had started...."another one" and he was talking on the phone when I finished it and I held it up and his eyes about popped and he gave me a big thumb's up. After he got off the phone he said...."You did that all today?" I said, "No, I cut out the squares and did all but 5 of the appliques yesterday.".. He was amazed. Now on to the next project. I know, I know, I need to get the ones sandwiched and quilted that I have done already. My problem is I don't have the space in the house to sandwich the quilts. I normally use the top of the hot tub, but with the nasty weather we had, it isn't the best place to be out there.

I doubt we will go cut wood today if DH's leg is hurting too bad.. So I will be able to sew. Will take pictures later and get them posted.

Hugs and prayers to all.

January 2nd, 2013, 09:39 AM
Good morning.... I had to get up by the alarm clock for the first time since last Thursday. Don't appreciate that at ALL... *(esp since one of DH co-workers called here after 1AM to make sure he would come in and work her overtime this morning if they called!) Which they didn't, btw, and that is the foreman's job and is done at 6 am, not 1....it took me forever to go back to sleep...

But....Hi Ho, Hi Ho.... Hoping for a sane day at work...and then I think I will be doing a bit of quilting tonight!

Have a great....Wednesday I think it is...

January 2nd, 2013, 09:52 AM
Good Morning,

We've had a busy morning. Miss Molly had to go to the groomer today, so she had to get up extra early, which makes for a miffed Princess. She turned up her nose at her breakfast and yowled when I gave her her insulin shot. While she's gone this morning I will clean her bedroom and wash her blankets and afghans from her beds.

I have my sewing room in order and will decide what to tackle first in the way of UFO's today. I wish everyone a good Wednesday...take care and stay safe and warm.

Hugs, Barb

January 2nd, 2013, 10:25 AM
This morning DH and I are off to the PO to apply for passports. We are going on a trip to Mexico in the spring! I am scared to death of going to a foreign country. I've hardly been anywhere in my life so this will be a big deal for me. Today I am going to finish a little doll quilt I started over the weekend. I am so slow at getting things done! But I do hope to finish it today. I used some charm squares from my SS presents and the quilt is oh-so-pretty. I also hope to piece the back for the quilt I'm finishing for Peachy's UFO Challenge Group. I am so glad I joined! I have so many projects that will never get finished if I don't get a good kick in the behind. Oops, I mean lots of positive encouragement. Either works for me! And the tree will be gone from the house by the time I go to bed tonight if I have to drag it out to the fire pit in my pjs!

January 2nd, 2013, 10:30 AM
Good morning everyone. It sure is a cold day here today and will be even colder this evening. I got to sleep in a bed last night. Greg, Roxy and the dogs left to go home yesterday. I got the tree down and put away. Floors need to be washed but will wait until the rest of the gang leaves, which may be today. Phil's car is gone to the garage, nothing major but just not running right. The battery had died a couple of days ago. So maybe after that, they will go home today. If not then it will tomorrow. I have a lot of cleaning up to do before I can get to my sewing. So today will be another day to rest I guess.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

January 2nd, 2013, 10:41 AM
Top of the morning all . .

NewYears day was nice -- hubby at work -- I at my sewing machine and all youngins called to check in :)
hubby finished cooking dinner - blackeye peas and hock with corn muffins - I love it when the hubby cooks -
yes, I'll be the first to admit -- he is a better cook than I -- I'll let him cook anytime -- just get out of MY kitchen
when its time for baking the goodies :)

will finish up the 2nd Gracie handbag this morning - and I think I will put away my Christmas decoration this year
and go through the closet and put together a bag of stuff that I can give to the DAV - it's almost time for them
to come around again this month . . I guess it will be a day of multi-tasking -

off we go . .

ya'll have a wonderful Wednesday

Diane :)

January 2nd, 2013, 10:41 AM
Hmm, Blondie that fresh ham certainly sounds good, haven't made one of those is many years. My FIL loved pork roasted over a bed of sauerkraut and lots of cranberry and apple sauces and plenty of mashed turnips. Was thinking of him when I was putting important dates on this year's calendar, he's been gone 45 years now but still missed. He was a really nice guy named Vincent Joseph and always told us don't name any of your children after me. We named DS#2 Patrick after him, and there's a story that goes with that. Seems his mother wanted him named Patrick but when the father and the godparents went to church to have him christened the father changed the name to Vincent (back in those days the mother rarely attended the christening). Mother got her way as she and everyone else called him Paddy. When our son was young we called him Paddy but when he became an adult he preferred Pat and that's what we do.

New year is moving along and so should I with getting all the Christmas gifts put away and begin taking the decorations down and then the tree. Dining room table still has holiday tablecloth and decorations and it will be needed shortly to sandwich the quilts I've been working on. Sewing room is a mess as it is filled to the brim with 1 quilt in the sewing stage, 2 tops ready for sandwiching, 2 finished quilts, 2 fleece blankets and 2 boxes of batting that I feel clasutrophobic when I'm in there. Want to get the quilts and blankets all ready for delivery to local agency and/or food pantry for Hurricane Sandy survivors who will be able to go back to their repaired homes. One more cup of coffee and I'm off to the sewing room.

January 2nd, 2013, 10:53 AM
Good morning.........had a fairly productive day yesterday. Washed clothes and straightened out my fabric boxes. Need to put away Christmas tree and decorations today and hope to sew on batik table runner. Hope you all have a fun fabric day!

Sandy Navas
January 2nd, 2013, 11:08 AM
Everyone has an interesting story to share today. Don't you'all wish you could have been a little bird sitting around Blondie's house yesterday? Funny - I don't know 20 people to come eat at my place.

I am not one to make any New Year's resolutions, either. Never have, never will - although I do approach the new year with a feeling that I have to have total control over my life and home. AND, I'm still cleaning in the kitchen. When I say clean, I'm taking things out of cabinets, shelling out things I no longer need, wiping the cabinets down, doing a bit of rearranging . . . should be finished TODAY. The rest of the house won't be as time-consuming - BUT, I do find that I wear out way too quick. That's why I'm not finished as yet. I have little piles here and there - this goes to DAV, this needs thrown out, this belongs in the garage . . .

I thought May's story about her FIL was interesting. My brother is Kenneth Dale, I am Sandra Jean - both of us went through school being known by our middle names. Of course, you know the routine. Once you fill out that first application that asks for FIRST NAME, MIDDLE INITIAL, LAST NAME . . . the change starts. So, since I was about 18 I've been Sandy and he is Ken. He still answers by Dale and I still answer by Jeanie (although even my brother and sister call me Sandy now). I believe that Al is the only one who routinely calls me Jeanie - although Mom always did. I tried to get the granddaughters to call me Nana Jean but only one of them would and she's abandoned that.

We did get a smathering of snow night before last and through part of the wee hours yesterday. Not enough to keep us housebound though. Everything looks so beautiful when it is laced with the white. Al and I were out for a while cleaning off steps - sure glad neither of us took a tumble like Donna's DH. Those can be dangerous. So glad they discovered the problem with their internet connection. DD and DSIL used to have problems with their power going off all the time - they were at the end of a line and it would take forever for the L&P people to get out there to check it out. It always turned out to be squirrels chewing on the line. Dirty little furry-tailed RATS!

I'll leave you and get back to work. Behave yourselves though - as I'm checking up on you all day long during my rest periods.

January 2nd, 2013, 11:10 AM
Blondie: Great food. Hubby thought I was making way too much for Christmas day but my plan was to have enough left overs to turn into other things that I wouldn't have to cook much while he was on vacation with me and the little guy. It worked. I cooked one whole brand new meal the whole week. He cooked breakfast every day for him and the little guy. Then so much Chinese for New Year's eve we ate it again yesterday for dinner. Today I will be making homemade beef stew w/biscuits. I got about 2 hours sleep last night so I am running on empty but I am off to sign up for a mystery strip club at the local quilt shop. You only have to buy the 3 strips a month with is $9 and they put away the full yearly amount you will need so you have enough. It is $24 for the years worth of 24 block patterns. I am also taking up the option of a second strip set.

So off to do errands, and then home for cooking, cleaning and sewing.

I wish you all a peaceful, happy, healthy and productive day!

January 2nd, 2013, 11:36 AM
I spent a very quiet new years day. DH took off early to hunt so I slept in then put a small pork roast on. Spent the rest of the day sorting things from our christmas party Sunday. We spent new years eve with a few of the kids, playing games and snacking. Was probably the latest we stayed out in years.
I have a few projects to finish-lap quilts, a few scarves, etc. to send off to DD for her charity auction next month. DH and i stopped by Joanns Saturday after Mass and I bought some fabric to make a couple of jenny's scarves.
I had knit quite a few ruffle scarves over the past several months and let the girls pick out what they wanted over Christmas. Even made a small one for GD(3), she was so happy. she watched me knit while i was visiting one day and kept saying" I don't have a scarf Grandma". She also"helped" me knit a bit.

January 2nd, 2013, 11:52 AM
Happy Wednesday!! Back to work, school and.....reality! I took my tree down New Years Eve, earliest ever for me! I'll be getting all the Christmas linens washed and put away today, and out comes my runner from Barb and my runner from Blondie! I can't wait! The house is cozy and warm this morning (thanks to my DH) and that's a good thing because baby it's COLD outside! I'll have to scrape ice off my car before taking my DGD to school this morning. Ugh! Spring is right around the corner, right?

DH is starting a new position at work today which requires he put away the levis and tshirts and I get to iron the dress shirts and slacks. Got a pile of that to do today! I know, lovely, right? It's all in the name of love......(ironing is something I used to do by appointment only. Now it's going to be my new lifestyle)

We sure are gettting a bunch of new members here! Must be New Year, new hobby. I love seeing all the new names and welcomes. I can't wait to see all the new quilty creations that come with this....

I have SO many things I want to attempt this year. Paper piecing and hand quilting are at the top of the list. Anyone have a list of skills they want to learn this year?

Off to keep the morning moving! Have a wonderful day. Hugs and prayers all 'round!

January 2nd, 2013, 12:05 PM
The sun is out, but it is sure cold. DH is on vacation today as it is his birthday. Gee, guess I'll have to sew to celebrate. hehe (Seriously, we had his 'party' yesterday with the kids and grandkids.....I'm still trying to figure out how to give him charm squares that I can use!!)

Sounds like everyone is limiting the resolutions, but still taking time to reflect. We really do have so much to be thankful for. And that includes each and every one of you! Love hearing how you all are doing. Welcome to the newbies. This is a great place.

Have a good day.

January 2nd, 2013, 12:13 PM
Good Morning all. Sandy unfortunatley my husband's family has 24 people in it, but we all get together at his mothers house. She plenty of table space for everyone. The adults which is her and her kids and there spouses sit at the biggest table. The grandkids and there spouses sit at another table and the great grand kids sit at another table. All three are in the same room so we are not spaced out.

No New Years resolutions for me just goals. I'm going to try and get some or most of my projects caught up this year and hopefully get my sewing room set up out in the garage.

Oh well it is back to work for me today. Been off since the 21st of December and boy was it nice.

Everyone have a Happy New Year and hope every one has a safe and healthy one.


January 2nd, 2013, 12:54 PM
Good morning.....

Well it's back to work. Got the first payroll of the new year finished up without any major problems - just one minor problem with the network but that is fixed and we're good to go.

Sounds like everyone else is busy today, as well. I took our tree down on Dec. 31 but I still have a few "winter" decorations out - will put them away in a few days. I need to make a set of everyday placemats.

I finished up a quilt for DD yesterday. I still have to trim threads and put a label on, which I will do tonight. Then I'll get the binding ready for my the quilt for my brother and get that finished up. After that I'll be good to go with UFO group. I'll finish getting my sewing room cleaned up and see what I no longer use or want.

Have a wonderful day! Prayers and hugs :)

January 2nd, 2013, 01:23 PM
Good Morning All,

Sounds as if everyone has great plans for the new year. I have few things I want to improve on this year and get up out of this office chair more often is one of them. Another is to try to find more time to spend in my sewing room. Wishing everyone a wonderful day.

January 2nd, 2013, 02:01 PM
Good Morning everyone!!!!
The New Year has begun and I am off to work in a few hours..no rest for the wicked...lol....I have been working on trying to quit smoking and yesterday only had 5 cigaretts down from a pack in a day...I am going to the Dr Monday to see what help and suggestions they may have...
I hope to get my UFO group piece worked on this coming week as well and see how it goes...Just realized that July will be the hard month in that group since I will be away for 1/2 of it and sorry just not taking my machine with me out of country...lol...
My DD went to work this morning for a bit of OT so it will be a long day for her..the other DD is enjoying time off from school and is still sleeping...
My DH had a long drive this am and will be gone until about 9pm so wont see him today at all....
My pups are snuggled down right now while I enjoy the quiet of the morning with my coffee..
Have a great day everyone!

January 2nd, 2013, 02:37 PM
They new year started out rough here too. My grandfather has been admitted to the hospital. It sounds as if he is tired of fighting his Parkinsons. He has refused a feeding tube. He has been pretty much reduced to Ensure drinks. Every time he swallows a little bit of it enters his lungs. Which is why he was admitted, he has aspirational pneumonia. It looks like they are getting that under control, but the doctor is prescribing Hospice.
I am not looking forward to the next few months. My grandmother (1st wife) and Granny (2nd wife - 43 years) are the ones who are going to need the prayers. It still makes me sad. I am looking at the cost for an airline ticket, & that makes me even sadder.

We went to my aunt's home yesterday for the last bit of Christmas and to celebrate the New Year. We found out that one of my cousin's good friends has attempted suicide. She is in the hospital and is not expected to live. Not a very good way to start 2013.

On a happier note, all of the family in this neck of the woods is doing fine. Friday is our annual girls trip to the beach. 5 of us ladies head to a time share condo and spend the weekend snacking, chatting, and working on projects in between beach walks if the weather is not absolutely horrible.

So now I have to start packing for that and figuring out which projects to take along. One big one, or a few small ones. The other ladies knit or crochet, so their projects are a bit more portable. I shall make the final decision by Thursday, so I have until then to get a few things done!

I had best get started gettin' stuff done then!

Hugs and prayers to you all!

Granny Judy
January 2nd, 2013, 04:08 PM
Temp is 11 F.....altho that Sun Shine sure does fool you into thinking it is warmer..
The goal this year is to HELP others loose weight. They are serious about taking off the pounds..so I promised I would help them BY----

-----NOT COOKING------

I don't think I will get away with that... Ya see, I have to eat and love to 'rattle those pots & pans".. Somehow there always seems to be more than enough for 4 other people.. (and there is only 2) Guess I need to go back to cooking classes and learn how to pare down...

Christmas and New Years is all tucked away til next year.. except for the outside decor. It's just too darn cold to even stick my head out the door. That will wait til we get some weather more to my liking. Above freezing!! I'm stayin warm and working on a few UFO's.... Plus I love block making and http://opengatequilts.blogspot.com/ has a 6 month BOM going on.. with files that download in case ya get behind.

January 2nd, 2013, 04:28 PM
I am up and working on coffee this afternoon, started a good book and couldn't put it down, read until 7:00 this morning; went to bed for a long nap and am back up, book was good! I also had worked on some whole cloth quilts appliqueing 4 patches randomly over the back to it will be reversible; I actually reversed it so the front is now the back and you get the idea....just have to quilt around the squares and this one will be done and on to the next one...(this is one of three) and I am proud of myself for coming up with an idea so that they can go to the PICU . Have to go to the PO today and ship some stuff out...and then back to the sewing room after picking up around the house...not anything very exciting and it is cold here too!
Hugs and prayers for all!

January 2nd, 2013, 05:38 PM
Good day all. Getting ready to start cutting fabric for another GD quilt, (at least that is the plan). So sorry about your grandpa Cathy. Blondie, sounds like you had a wonderful time. Had the grands with us all day yesterday, and most of New Years Eve. They had a ball sledding down our driveway. Even Bubby got in on the action. Gran watched from the window. Trip to ER was total bust and waste of time. Made appt with dermatologist for next Mon. Soonest I could get in. Got the decorations off the tree. That is a far as undecorating as I have gotten thus far. Onward and upward to something constructive. Hugs and blessings to all. Prayers for those in need.