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November 2nd, 2010, 06:50 AM

Good Morning Everyone

Sure didn't want to move out from under my snug warm quilts this morning. I do love the chill in the air, had hubs keep the windows open a wee bit, just so I could relish the cool Fall air.

Hubs has just left for work and I will be ready to go to vote when they open the hall this morning. I kept meaning to go vote early but I do kind of like the feeling of being there on the actual election day. And I will be certainly happy to stop receiving all these phone calls! Can I get an AMEN?

I started eyeing what fabric I already have for the upcoming swap.
Went yesterday to look over the shop that one of my co workers and I are planning on moving to. Oh, it is going to need a LOT of elbow grease. I can feel my back ache already and I haven't even started. I would certainly appreciate any prayers for this upcoming move.

I think I have given myself enough time to mention this. Although we are cyber friends and have made ourselves a home here, I needed some time to share this.
We lost our most beloved basset hound, Duke last Thursday. I came home from work to find him on the deck. Okay, here comes niagra falls again. He was old, we knew he wouldn't last much longer just because he was moving so slow these days. But nothing could prepare me for how I would feel. Luscious Larry and I cried ourselves to sleep two nights in a row. Duke was the child we never had together and what joy he gave us for 14 years. The kids grew up with him and they have taken the news just as hard. It will be a while before we get another dog, if we ever do. I can't imagine having another one that would be as wonderful, comical, loving and vocal as he.


Have a great day, dear ones. Keep those fingers busy.

debi weaver
November 2nd, 2010, 08:36 AM
I am very sorry for your loss and hope you find comfort in each other.
Voting! What a privilege we have as citizens! I am so ready to vote and let my wishes be known - even if a lot of fraud causes confusion! Angered by the will of the people being ignored, I'm boldly stepping into the voting arena with my lapel teacup pin reminding me I have a voice. I'm praying that the awesomeness of our country will be protected, yet once again, and we, the people, can stand proud by the Constitution given to guard our freedoms. I've seen first hand how our freedoms allow us to bless many oppressed people around the world, and know they need us to continue to be their beacon of hope.
Longing to sew, but my long time sewing buddy has completely quit working. I've had my "Used" machine for 36 years - and guess she is over 60! She has made some of the nicest clothes my family wore and given me many of hours of enjoyment. I could have her repaired, but she is like an old car...pouring money into her won't upgrade her capabilities. So, I am browsing the brand names and almost fainting at some of the quoted prices. I fell in love with the Janome 7700 Horizons, but was not ready to commit the $$ yet. Needed to talk it over with friends and seek some advice.
Hope your day sees sunshine! Love, Debi

November 2nd, 2010, 09:14 AM

Hi Debi
Just got back in a little bit ago. I was there standing in line waiting for the polls to open. There was quite a nice groups already there, and folks were handing out cups of coffee to those of us waiting together in the cold, breezy dark morning.

I hope also that some more knowledgeable than I can help you out with the machine issue. I will be reading as well, although I am not in the market for a new machine. My babylock will have to do until it bites the dust.

Sun is out now. Hope that everyone has a special day.

November 2nd, 2010, 09:16 AM

I'm sorry about the loss of Duke. Our pets are members of our family and it's such a loss when they pass. Basset hounds are so sweet! When we were kids we had one named Charlie. I can still picture him all these years later and smile. So let the tears flow and find comfort in your memories. :icon_hug:

I did early vote. Since I work out of town I wasn't taking any chances of missing it this year!

Have a great day everyone! :icon_wave:

NM Lady
November 2nd, 2010, 09:53 AM
Blondie, we are so sorry to hear about your loss. Truly hope you can find comfort in each other. We have had 4 dogs during our 27 year marriage (still have 2). All raised from puppies. We kidded ourselves and said we were getting them for the kids as every kids should have a dog, but who were we kidding. The 2 we have now are about the same age and such a joy to watch especially since we are empty nesters. (1 mixed breed and 1 cardigan corgi)

Yes, everyone, please vote. We made sure we made it home from vacation so we could vote!!!!

I took an extra day off so I can recoup. We had such a good time.

Have a blessed day everyone!

November 2nd, 2010, 10:09 AM
loosing a pet is just as hard as loosing a human...just know i too have had the loss experience.. and it is not fun... some times it is such a challenge when our friends don't understand... unless you have been through it... you'll never know...
yep planning to vote today... need to find a ride to town.. no gas til tomorrow... no money til tomorrow.. i vote.. because it is my right as an American!! some countries you could be thrown in jail for speaking of such things... with my head held high... i go...

November 2nd, 2010, 10:45 AM
So sorry about the loss of Duke.:icon_sniff: Pets are such joy in our lives and when they are gone there is such sorrow. This I know from personal experience. I say this as my 17 year cat sits on my lap. I do think though that you should look at getting another pet one day. You can never replace the one you had but you can fill a gab that is there in your hearts and you will get many new wonderful memories. When my hubby and I got married he had a hound and I had a Sheperd. We lost both the same year. We still miss them. Then we got Chico the amazing beagle and he brings us such joy! My prayers go out for your move. Never fun but the efforts will be worth it I am sure!
Our voting system here in Canada is very different from yours so not much I can add beyond hope it goes well.
Can someone go in to work for me today?...I want to stay home and work on my disappearing nine patch?:lol:

November 2nd, 2010, 11:19 AM
Thank you for sharing your story of losing Duke with us. It must be so difficult as animals are our furry/feathered members of our families and their loss is a painful one. Sounds like he had a good, long life and I am sure he was as happy as a doggie could be with such a wonderful, loving family!
Yes I will go vote today. I feel like you have no right to complain if you don't go vote. As my ex BF used to say...."vote the bums out and vote in new bums!". LOL...politics...a necessary evil. I will be glad when the vicious commercials stop!
On the fun side of life, I got my binding sewn on last night (FINALLY!) and half hand sewn. Hopefully I can finish it tonight and then start the next one.
I am very excited about the new block swap! I am on vacation next week and besides a visit to St. Louis to see my BF's brother who is still in hospital recouperating from transplants in June, I am not traveling too far. We usually go to Florida to see my brother, but sticking closer to home these days. I am planning to do some fall cleaning, work on the quilts and take a day trip to visit a couple quilt shops not too far away to look for the black and white fabric. So glad I now have a new excuse to purchase more fabric!
Have a great day everyone!

November 2nd, 2010, 12:51 PM
Good Morning my quilting sisters :)
Blondie-- I am so sorry for your loss ..I can't imagine how hard that can be. Just know that we are thinking of you and Larry and the kids during this time and beyond. I am not so good with words of comfort but I'm hugging your heart from across the miles
I am very proud of all you voters...I however do not get to do my civic duty :( Im not registered here in Va :( and where I am from would not send my absentee ballot due to cost cutting...hmm how American is that? I didn't argue with the woman I just said Thank you a few weeks ago when I called..she has the gift to gab ..more than me ...can you imagine ??
A big big thank you to Jenny for the Turkey Tutorial...I had a yuck day yesterday and decided to fix it with humor ...so I made Buford....he is the cutest ..or should I say handsomeest Turkey ever...in fact he's a Buford!! What fun to see him come to life...I'm telling ya the beak does it lol...
However more words of wisdom from me...When private messaging and sewing....pay attention to what your doing...I sewed through my fingernail.....Scared the beejeebies out of myself...I heard this terrible rucus and couldnt move my finger....After a few scarey screams I went hysterical laughing seems artificial nails are worth their weight in gold....I'm just fine...just a few bricks short of a load Rodney said after being woke from a dead sleep...to find the woman he loves trapped in her sewing machine ...saying ...Honey isnt Buford cute.....He simply said....Lord help me!! haha
Sew soft...have a wonderful wonderful day....
Jan big hugs and love...I almost called you after I sewed my nail ...I couldnt stop laughing..
Patti Im glad you joined the block swap will be so fun...
Sally if I worked for you today you'd be fired...lol
Gina...big hugs ..kick butt at the voting machine for me :)
Big waves to Texas and NM:icon_wave:
Hugs and love all

November 2nd, 2010, 01:25 PM
"woke from a dead sleep...to find the woman he loves trapped in her sewing machine ...saying ...Honey isnt Buford cute.....He simply said....Lord help me!! haha"

HAHAHAHAHAHHAH thanks I need that laugh!! :icon_rofl::icon_hug:

Not only did I vote but am working at the polling place today.......yes i brought my laptop to stay in touch with you, my quilty friends ;) geech no sewing machines here though! ;) Lunch right now (pbj sandwich - how wonderfully American is that!!) It is really something to watch the diversity of people...some are friendly and nice and chit chatty, some are stone faced and act like they are on the drill team or something, some are so angry - those are the sad ones I think. All in all it is going well and as you can imagine i am making new friends and being chatty myself :) YAY!

sorry to hear about your dog Blondie. :(
welcome to Debi :) Patti you are sure having a good day - love that! Jackie, tell us about your vaca girl! Gina i looked at some of your sugar hills pics - wow! we do not have places in florida that are like that - anyway i don't think we do....lol ;) hi to Saundra and Sally and Lola and everyone!!

can't wait to get home and see more Stars on my porch! yipppppppeeeeeeeee :D

November 2nd, 2010, 04:18 PM
Blondie I'm sorry about your loss, many hugs from miles away.

Have a good day everyone and take the time to smile just once today :D Pass it on.

November 2nd, 2010, 05:14 PM
Blondie, so sorry to hear about you losing Duke. I know how special our animal family members are and it's a huge impact on the whole family when they pass on.
Suzi, I think that would be so much fun to work at the polling stations! That would be a huge diversity of people to observe. Glad you took the laptop to keep in touch. I LOVE pbj sandwiches, my fave is to have a pickle with it!!
Patticakes, I sure wish a wonderful vaca for you! Are you going to stop at MSQC while you are in Missouri?
Laura! what a story...machine vs. artificial fingernails....boy, would I be in trouble, mine are natural and I keep them short. Glad to hear you aren't injured.
I sure hope everybody is having a great day!

November 2nd, 2010, 05:56 PM
Blondie, I'm so sorry for the loss of Duke. I dream vivid dreams of my dogs that have gone before me. They are close by. Some people say dogs don't go to heaven but I figure if our Saviour is coming back on a white horse to do battle for us He must have horses in heaven. Therefore he has my babies there too. They are waiting for me. Duke is waiting for you too. He's in good hands till you get there. So cry when you have to. It's ok to grieve for him. I still miss all my babies.
I voted today and wished we could vote for our old voting machines. The new one kept breaking down. The old ones worked fine. Do I sound like Floyd R. Turbo." We voted the way we voted and we liked it!" So there. LOL For those of you who didn't watch Johnny Carson, Floyd R Turbo was a person Johnny played who was older and set in his ways." We chopped wood for heat and we liked it!" I know I'm losing it. The new swap has already affected my brain. :icon_crazy: :icon_mooooh: LOL I hope everyone voted if they were able to. We need them to know we are watching. Of course I don't know if it really makes any difference but I like to think it's still America.
Laura, your poor finger. I knew these nails would come in handy! Are you ok? Better yet is Rodney ok? You probably took 10 years off his life. LOL Just watch for infection though as puncture wounds can be nasty little buggers. Love you all, Jan

November 2nd, 2010, 06:15 PM
Hello all my dear quilting friends. I have missed you all. But, you see, it is VERY hard to keep track of these threads anymore. I am constantly chasing that baby to keep him out of things. LOL. I resorted to taking notes today as I moved down through this thread. It took me an hour. It will probably take me that long or longer to reply. I will probably miss some posts while my message sits open, so forgive me if so!!

Blondie--you are such a dear and I am so sorry for your loss. We are dog people around here. We had one that we lost a year ago and I still cry. One of my blog friends is quite known for painting dogs for people; we have a nice painting on our wall of him, and he still makes me cry. I believe just like Jan. If God created dogs, why wouldn't he want them in heaven?? Jerry and I can't wait to hug DAWG again someday!! Hugs your way!

Debi--a Horizon is quite a plunge, that is why mine sits in layaway...but quilting is something i plan to never stop doing, and I needed a machine, so I took the plunge. Good luck on your purchase whatever you choose!

Sally--I would LOVE to go to work for you for a day. You just come watch this little rug rat bug and give me a break from him. He's cute, loveable and into everything!

Patticakes--I love you ex bf's saying. It is true. So true!

Laura--glad it was just your nail! Don't our husbands have to put up with a lot?? LOL

Suzi-- More power to ya. I believe in voting and being a good citizen and even volunteering, but I HATE politics. I couldn't stay near that place all day. Do my duty and leave I say! Good for you though.

Sewsoft--Here's a smile for you :)

Jan--Sounds like you are getting some great exercise!

I am doing good all. I have some school stuff for my son that I am working on. I battled my EX and won, but it means a complete re-arrange in scheduling. My son and I look forward to a much better time getting his education now.

My husband is doing good. He's different somehow than he used to be. Just not the same person, but maybe he'll get back to that person someday. He goes to both doctors this month.

Stephen is growing like a weed!! I spend my day playing with him, mostly except when schooling Seth. They aren't little forever. As an older parent, I can appreciate the time spent with him!

My daughter is having struggles. I think she needs me just as much now as when she was a little girl.

I have so many ideas in my head of quilts and tutorials and I want to get back to hand dyeing my own fabric like I used to do. Maybe someday. For now, I need to go get my youngest out of the bag of onions. Again.

Jr...if you read this, do take care!!

Hugs to all,

November 2nd, 2010, 09:22 PM
whew (wiping hand across forehead and ploping down on sofa)

nite nite my quilty lady friends :icon_bored:

November 2nd, 2010, 10:56 PM
Blondie, I'm sorry for your loss. We had a golden retriever named Duke who passed about 10 years ago. Don't rush into another dog, but when you both agree the time is right, please welcome another furry friend into your home.

This poem describes the Rainbow bridge where pets go

Suzi, I just got back from working the polls too. Long day! Made longer by the need to use, and then count, emergency ballots when one of the workers could not set up the machine properly.


November 3rd, 2010, 07:15 AM
Thanks to all for the comments about our precious bassie, Duke. I believe that in the future we will get another pup but it will be awhile. Hubby will have to lead the way here.

Pat, thanks for the rainbow poem. It's been awhile since I read that. Beautiful.

Tonya, I hear you about reading all the posts. I am so happy that we have so many participating; just hard to keep up! What a wonderful quandry to be in. I hope that you can spread your wings to keep flying after that darling toddler.

Laura, you had me laughing out loud as I can just envision you and Rodney now. As my dear man would say, "You ain't right". giggles.