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October 17th, 2010, 11:09 AM

Happy Sunday
Hit the hay early last night and then couldn't sleep. I finally fell in a heap on the sofa about 3 - 4 am with hubs waking me up to the delicious fragrance of fresh coffee and breakfast cooking. How did I get so lucky?

This afternoon I am planning on using my Joann's coupons and hopefully they will have some of the fabric I purchased months ago - I should have purchased more but oh well, live and learn.

Good to see lots of new faces popping in to say hello.

What's up for the day?

October 17th, 2010, 12:20 PM
Plans for the day...Well I got up at 6AM which is my usual time but too early for a Sunday:icon_sleep:...so I had coffee, watched a pre-taped show then went back to bed. That didn't work so I am now having breakfast then off to Church. Afternoon I am attending an antique auction. Meanwhile I have laundry on the go so I have to finish up that, walk the hounds, make some supper and then maybe sew this evening. DH has gone on a hunting trip so I am flying solo :(this week. All in all a pretty busy day.
I got one tube pillowcase made last night and it turned out nice. When I am done them all and if my camera cooperates I will post a picture.
Well off to get the day rolling...Have a good one everyone.
Hugs to you all,

October 17th, 2010, 12:55 PM
Morning Blondie, Sally and all who are yet to visit!
I was up and running early because I am working a rare Sunday. Went to Joanne's early yesterday hoping to get the on sale batting but the sale did not start til today so I will have to hightail it there after work at 4 pm.
Did do some serious work on the bookcases to make them more of the sewing area storage than cookbook shelves and catch all for mass quantities of magazines I swear I will look at later. It felt good to just toss all of them and also got a nice pile of books for the Goodwill.
Hoping the BF goes off to watch the football games somewhere else and I don't come home to a houseful of rowdy people.
Back to work...bye!

October 17th, 2010, 01:04 PM
Morning ;)

Just getting home from church and it s a glorious day outside so going to get out in it! BUT the wedding quilt is calling to me!! still not done with the quilting and then the binding....(oversize KING!!)...... as long as it is ready when they get back from Cancun all will be ok! I will have to hurry up and get it finished...... but it is so nice outside..... :icon_mooooh:

I asked my neighbor yesterday if she had ever tried pumpkin butter and she just laughed and laughed ...:icon_giggle:...."no such thing" she said! I told her about Lola's recipe and we are going to make it together! that will be fun :icon_woohoo:

My husband just said he has some computer stuff he has to do today for another neighbor so maybe it will turn into a block party! hahahahaha :lol::lol::lol:

October 17th, 2010, 01:16 PM
Good Morning Sisters in Quilting. What a pretty day here in Virginia. Today is my last day of canning and baking with Apples. It is also the day Rodney and I do some deep down cleaning. Baseboards and window sills and every nook and crany in between. We did take yesterday off of everything and hit the Blue Ridge Parkway we are only about 5 miles from it and headed south toward Ashville. Very beautiful even tho leaves seem to be passed peak, its also a bit borning that way lol Going north you can hit Meadows of Dan and the candy factory...my favorite. Everyone here in the neighborhood is holding their breathe and hidiing their dogs and puppies. I never did tell you the story of the Murder of the Puppy a few days ago but to make a long story short...One of my neighbors had two puppies a boy and girl two months old...that would come play with my new York mini shnauzer Izzy. Well they were all out back playing...I never let izzy off her line but it goes the whole backyard. Well the puppies went next door to the bad man's house and he has chickens. All of a sudden one puppy came flying back thru the backyard and all this yelping you could hear. The mean man killed one of the puppies...and all hello happened. The little girl and boy who own the puppies were screaming and crying it was just awful ...they called the police but here in Virginia you can shoot dog if they are bothering livestock...ughh they were to little to bother probally just curious. Well this morning low and behold their is a dead chicken in the road....so I guess I will put a diaper on Izzy...cause their is no way she is going to get shot. Its a bit unfair he doesnt have to lock up his chickens or ginneas. I'm sure Izzy would faint if one walked up to her since just the birds trying to get their food from the feeders send her yelping to come in lol!! She's so not a country dawg :)
Blondie I am sorry about your mom ...shingles are so very painful and I wish they would find a cure. We give shots for them in NY but not sure if it helps :(
Sally I hope you have fun today at the auction and thank you for inspiring me to try a pillowcase.
Sheila and Cathy and Lola good luck with your blocks ...sounds like you are all coming to the final stretch...and Im still waving my go swapper flag for you :icon_wave:
Trans Siberian Orchestra ooo I love their music. I thought I was the only one ...whoa at me lol
I should of known Blondie and her incredible taste in music would also love them :)
Laurie its nice to have you join us... I'm the chatty one LOL as you can tell.
Jan I love you dearly and hoping you take time for you today and hand quilt your class project Im so proud of you for taking the class :) I on the other hand dropped out of mine due to all the crazy doctor appointments but once im settled I will go out with humans again LOL...I wish Jenny taught classes. Hmmm I did hear a sneak peak and it said classes I'm just hoping they are on line....psttt in case your listening....please please :)
Well all have a great day and if I type back to you from under the desk ...you will know the mean dog killer has his gun out.
Love and hugs,
PS..Gina I miss you ...come join us..
Sew soft...update us please on what your doing..

October 17th, 2010, 01:24 PM
Morning ;)

Just getting home from church and it s a glorious day outside so going to get out in it! BUT the wedding quilt is calling to me!! still not done with the quilting and then the binding....(oversize KING!!)...... as long as it is ready when they get back from Cancun all will be ok! I will have to hurry up and get it finished...... but it is so nice outside..... :icon_mooooh:

I asked my neighbor yesterday if she had ever tried pumpkin butter and she just laughed and laughed ...:icon_giggle:...."no such thing" she said! I told her about Lola's recipe and we are going to make it together! that will be fun :icon_woohoo:

My husband just said he has some computer stuff he has to do today for another neighbor so maybe it will turn into a block party! hahahahaha :lol::lol::lol:

Pumpkin Butter ...how did I miss this? and LOL....girls I just finished Apple Butter but wow that sounds good....where do I find this recipe?
Poor Rodney will be running for pumpkin and more canning lids LOL

October 17th, 2010, 01:40 PM
Hello everyone, Today is going to be a lazy day for Joe and I. I probably will work on my hand quilting it has to be done by Thursday. And I also have to clean my machine and change the needle for the class in Buffalo tomorrow. That's the orange peel quilt. Joe will be watching football and playing free cell cause he is addicted to that and spider solitaire.
Glad you girls are almost ready to swap them blocks. I've got the pom poms going for you too!
Sally, I tried the early coffee back to sleep thing too. And it worked YAY! I actually slept another hour. Boy, did that feel good.
Love you too Laura, don't over do and have a great day. I'm glad the meds are starting to work for you.
Have an easy day everyone. Enjoy the day if it is sunny and bright and send some of that sunshine this way. Good old October in NY. cloudy, and drizzle. It supposed to clear up later. Hope it does. Have a Happy Sunday, Love and hugs, Jan

October 17th, 2010, 03:12 PM
Ladies this is what I've been working on, a lap quilt. I don't have much to say today :(

October 17th, 2010, 03:24 PM

October 17th, 2010, 03:32 PM
Ladies this is what I've been working on, a lap quilt. I don't have much to say today :(

That is really pretty. Smile girl ...we are here and sending you big hugs.

October 17th, 2010, 04:12 PM
Happy Sunday to you all too!
Blondie: I am headed to Joann's to use my % off coupons on some really long zippers for Christmas projects. I believe I can even get the stuff to make them whatever length I need, although that stuff only comes in black & white, I think. Happy shopping! Have we said how much we love your little graphics?
Laura: I can understand the "Mean Man's" position, but not his actions. I have photos here that would make you sick to your stomach to see what a couple of puppies can do. We also have the right to shoot animals that threaten our livestock, and we have. I normally give the owners a warning that their "cute & harmless" pets were on my farm, unless I catch them in the pen/field, then all bets are off. I want to be a good neighbor, but I don't want to dig holes and bury my own animal friends. I am truly sorry about the loss of the puppy and how sad the kids are. By the way, if his chickens are on YOUR property, they could be considered a public nuisance, check the local & state codes.
The chickens don't have to make it back across the fence, especially if they are in your stew pot.... :icon_tape: :icon_whistle:
My last batch of apple stuff will be the crab apple jelly. The little crabbies are now ready to come off the tree. I may even get another batch of huckleberries done. I am waiting for our first frost here to attack the pumpkins. I will probably get the last of the green tomatoes off the vines today since the frost is due anyday now. Green tomato relish may be on the canning menu shortly.
Shauna: My husband would be terrified to leave me alone for a week! Who knows what I would decide to renovated in the house! It is kind of empty when they aren't there, and you know they won't be back in a few hours.
Patti: Before you take those books and drop them off, find out if you can sell them to a used book store. It may not be much money, but at least it will be a few $ for your fabric budget! If they won't take them, then you aren't out anything and can still donate them. Good work on converting your shelves! I have gotten to the point I'll just tear out the page of the magazine or catalog that has the interesting pattern/idea and stuff it in a page protector for my inspiration notebook. It takes up a lot less space than that stack of magazines!
Suzi: I hope your wedding quilt makes better progress than the one I have here. Mine may be done by their first anniversary! That will be fun too, since all of their guests signed a block & left a little message.
Jan: A lazy day is good every now & then! Have fun cleaning your machine. I am sure it will be happy & run like a charm when you are done.
Sewsoft: Even if you don't have much to say, we are happy you dropped by, checked in, and left us a note. Wishing you good progress on your lap quilt today!

I have a family birthday party this afternoon. My mom & step-dad have been married about 25 years now. We are celebrating Dad's & my step-brother's birthday today. It will be fun. We tend to get goofy when we are all together. My daughter decided that they needed LED flashlights that turn orange when you click the button enough times. I figure they will be great for the car, and function as a safety signal in an emergency. How can you reason with a 4 year-old on a flashlight, especially when you think they are kind of cool?
I have one border to finish on the poinsettia block and it will be ready to ship. I'll post photos when I get it done.
You ladies have a good day!

October 17th, 2010, 05:13 PM
I am back on the board for now... I have thought of you all. I just have SSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOO much on my plate that I had to cut back somewhere. My son comes home today, so then it's catch up on school time!!

I popped into the MSQC store yesterday. Everyone says hello. I bought the circle cutting ruler. Now I have to dream up something...circley! They have a sew in every Friday night until midnight. I wish I could start going to that!!

My husband is doing good...he is really watching what he eats and keeping his sugars below 150. I am proud of him!

Quiltsy happenings around here consist of finishing the top to my "Generations" wall hanging, and starting and finishing my swap blocks. Two weeks...no problem!:D

October 17th, 2010, 05:48 PM

Just getting in from Joanne's and will probably have to go back tomorrow with sis for another visit. My DD was with us and in a hurry. I hate to be rushed. I tell you, I let her know that as well. LOL. Even my sweet Luscious Larry knows when to go sit on a bench and not push me. hehehe.
I did meet the sweetest lady there - I got her email addy and sent her a link to here. We were looking at the 99 cent McCalls patterns and I think we both the same one. And all the gals at that Joann's know me and wanted to chat - my DD had steam coming out of her ears. Next time I won't invite her to come with sis and I.

Laura, I hate that about the pups. I used to raise chickens, guineas, goats and I know also what a stray dog can do. And we have a neighbor a few doors down that lets ALL of his critters free roam. Not a good thing. We wound up putting up a picket fence for our bassett hound to keep him from being jumped on. I lost far too many animals to dogs that folks dump out on a country road. And oh yes, cats can really tear a chicken house up as well. What this man lacks is common courtesy, respect and the milk of human kindness. He should be keeping his chickens and guineas up. It is more difficult to keep the guineas up because they fly better than a chick - they also love to get on top of vehicles and can really scratch them up. Noisy little buggers but great "watch dogs". They will announce every visitor with their clatter.

Sewsoft, i think the hearts quilt is wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

Hillbilly, I have to set a kitchen timer when I sit down on the chair here because I can get lost on blogs, tuts, etc. I am proud right along next to you for your hubs. That's a chore to have to keep an eye on sugar levels. Good for him!

Cathy, I have a drawer full of zippers in black and white I purchased off of ebay years ago. Although I only needed a few, it was cheaper to buy those in bulk, don't think I could've helped with the long length of them, though. Glad that you enjoy graphics too. I am addicted to them, can you tell?
Looking forward to seeing your pics of the poinsettia block.

And Laura! i so wanted to drive up to the mountains this weekend. I am just positively pea green with envy! Was afraid to leave the folks for too long though, just in case something developed. Mom had the shingles shot last year (Immunization) but obviously one can still get them. Hopefully they will not surface or be of long duration. Her head is feeling the worst of it. Like electrical shocks. Poor baby. But yes, it is a "funner" ride going toward Meadows of Dan, Floyd - and if you haven't done so, take a trip up 81 past Roanoke to Peaks of Otter. It is lovely countryside there as well. About an hour past roanoke, just to let you know. and if you do it on a Saturday there are lots of places to stop and oogle at antiques and fabrics along the way.

Okies, ladies enjoy this glorious weather. I LOVE FALL.

October 17th, 2010, 08:52 PM
It's late, actually it's early for me, I'm in Monday already. Too many posts to respond to but I love reading what everyone is up to.

I am a little sad reflecting on Sunday but also a little happy and for the same reason. My son and youngest flew the coup three months back to accept a job offer on the far side of the country, 3 days drive away. I have resisted redoing his bedroom, he may come home... Well he isn't coming home and I have 3 grandchildren who have been sleeping on my loungeroom floor when they visit. So Sunday was a turf out the room, pack up Mick's things and re-arrange furniture to fit in an extra bed. There was already a double bed in there since Mick is 6.5' tall, so the two little ones can sleep there, we managed to get in a single bed for the 10 yo by tossing the wardrobe.

It no longer looks like my baby boy's bedroom, so I am sad :icon_sniff: but now the grandies have a room of their own so I am happy. :icon_woohoo: