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October 15th, 2010, 07:10 AM

Good Morning Lovely Ladies

Can you believe it is the middle of October already? How did that happen?

It's Friday and that equals busy at the salon. All my favorite blue hairs will be there AND the big bonus for me? My least favorite co worker won't be there. She only works with us every other Friday. Thank goodness this is her un-friday. Last week was enough to last an entire month, perhaps a year.
Okay, now I have to wash my mouth out or scrub my brain for being so ugly first thing in the morning. LOL.

Cathy, I am saying a prayer right now for your grandmother Pauline. My Dad is 85 as well. Those skin infections can be a tricky nuisance. I know you wish you could be with her!

Lola and Jan - I start out with the best intentions of organzing. Problem is I get half way - well, maybe not quite halfway - and get interrupted by the phone, the hubs, my folks, the kids, or the worst culprit (like Jan) "ooohhh! I forgot this one. I wonder if it would do this way in a block." End of story.

I have to share this stupid dream. I dreamt that I was seeing people in quilts. But I was seeing them as photographs and cutting the pics up like a crazy quilt and then arranging them for a quilt. How wierd is that? I blame that quilt cutter video I watched before I went to bed.

Have a great day everyone!! Be sure and smile lots and lots.

October 15th, 2010, 10:09 AM
Good Morning all, Blondie your Dad's quilt is wonderful. I'm sure he loves it. His baby daughter made it for him. God bless you for taking the time to show him how much you love him. He will feel loved whenever he is cuddled up under the quilt and will feel safe and loved. I think quilts turn everyone into Linus. They are the supreme blankies, and one never out grows your need for love and security. You are a wonderful daughter.
I'm glad you understand the cleaning problem we all must have when it comes to our "creative spaces".
Your dream is just you thinking about all those people you love, and who you want to make a quilt for. I love weird dreams. It makes you wonder what your brain is working on. :icon_beuj: :icon_whistle:
Cathy, I'll pray for Pauline too.
I'll be on and off all day, so see you all around. Have a wonderful day everyone,
Laura, talk to me, what did the doctor say? I'm going :icon_crazy: wondering. I love you and want you to be as healthy as possible. I hope you slept last night. I didn't so maybe my sleep went your way so you could? Just a silly thought. Love you.
And love and hugs for everyone, have a nice day. It's grey and rainy here, so if it's sunny and warm where you are send some this way. Please? Love, Jan

October 15th, 2010, 10:29 AM
Good Morning to all, Blondie your graphics are totally cool these remind me what my girls were doing just before bedtime last night. Dancing the night away. If only I could have a pinch of their energy:icon_heh: . It's true when you do something and get involved just before bed you think it in your deams. It's bad to have that one worker that no one likes to work with and you get stuck with them to wreck you day.
Janluna your right about everyone needing to feel the love with a quilt. I've personally never had one but they seem so special.

October 15th, 2010, 10:50 AM
Good morning. I have today off! HAPPY DANCE!!!! I finsihed my exchange blocks last night:icon_woohoo: Going to a quilt shop today. Yipee! All this talk of organizing your sewing rooms/areas has got me motivated to work on my sewing room closet. Going to get some hanging shelves because somewhere in that vast pile of material etc. I have lost bedsheets and who knows what else is in there....lol
Blondie your papa is very lucky guy as Jan said he will feel loved whenever he is cuddled up under the quilt.
Cathy I will pray for Pauline as well and for Laura hoping her news is good. Speaking of Prayers can some go out for a collegue of mine. Nathan is a super guy and today he fiinds out if he has bone cancer in his leg or not.

Have a great day everyone...BIG HUGS TO YOU ALL!


October 15th, 2010, 11:13 AM
Oh no I hope Laura's news is good. I didn't know she had a Dr. visit.. I hope the best for everyone. It's hard to keep :icon_calm: with so much going on :( .

October 15th, 2010, 12:05 PM
Happy Friday All
Yes I did have a doctors appointment. I practically live at them. I had a biopsy on my leg yesterday ..I have these spots ...Jan seen them hard to discribe but they look like a cigarette burn...well I get them alot and they leave nice dark brown scars ...Im italian so everything shows. Dad went with me and went pale when the place we had to go was Wake Forest Cancer and Oncology. I saw a specialist on skin disorders there. He took a cone biopsy and I have to say It looked alot like those spiral potatoe slicers mom and I used to make curly fries ..lol leave it to me to think of something like that. I had the sweetest little chinese PA who was trying to make me feel better but she kept saying oOo and had the facial expressions to match ...i had to laugh and tell her she wasnt making it better but she was ...entertaining.
He did mention Lupus again but Im going to pretend I didnt hear him ...haha out of site and all.
Im going to be just fine...Im still doing applesauce and applebutter now...and applesauce cake in a jar.
Last night Rodney and I peeled apples and watched Tv while doing it....I never watch tv but I have to say how funny some shows were ...and it was nice just chilling out. He's only working a few hours today ..I think I have him worried but Im fine and he will see that.
Jan you stop worring about me ...I'm just a unique individual and getting uniquer if that is word ...I love you bunches and we are saving all our prayers for Emily.
Im saying prayers for Pauline and Nathan and Opie and everyone else who really needs them.
I am also inspired to finish cleaning the sewing room ....Not sure who said it but its true you start then stop when you find a piece of fabric that calls your name...and says Sew me please lol
Blondie enjoy your day without your co worker..I did see at the store where they have all kinds of decorator duct tape lol....tell her its a new Holloween idea and tape her up LOL ...ok im bad today :)
Way to go Shauna on getting your blocks done...:icon_bigsmile:
Sewsoft If you have never had a quilt I think you are in the right place. Ive thought of joining the next swap and your post inspired me. I think we should all do one and then each of us would have a friendship quilt made by us!! How fun would that be...a gift of friendship to each other :) Think about it.
Ok im off to finish canning ...its crisp and cool here and I love it !!
Blessed day all...
hugs and love

October 15th, 2010, 12:17 PM
Good Morning all!
I am playing with my swap blocks this morning, and finishing up laundry that I didn't get to yesterday. 2 more blocks are done---the rest are all 'in progress'! I have to work this evening, so will be hitting the shower here in just a bit. I have a batch of pumpkin butter to get started as well--it's for a gal at work that asked me to make it for her.
I am off tomorrow, so I think I will start cleaning up this sewing room a bit, and then stitch my little heart out. I have several projects that I want to finish up and they are buried in this mess! LOL
Sewing machine and the kitchen are calling my name.......Hope everybody's day is great!

October 15th, 2010, 01:32 PM
So much going on today! Laura, I hope your test come out well, and I hope you are sleeping well. Lots of prayers to everyone today, it looks like we need them!
My week was pretty uneventful until yesterday when my 11 year old got suspended from school for losing his temper and shoving a chair across the room. It is in school suspension, thankfully, as I don't agree with out of school suspension. The teachers are really trying to help the kids learn to control their emotions and talk to an adult instead of losing their tempers. My son is pretty disappointed with himself, but I think he has learned a valuable lesson. I also found out there are at 5 boys in the 6th grade on suspension this week. Must be something in the water!

Need to get caught up on a couple of school assignments today and some house chores so I can finish up my swap blocks tomorrow. I am learning so much from these blocks, and I am mostly very happy with how they are coming along. I can't wait to see the rest of them!

Hugs and prayers to all, and I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

October 15th, 2010, 02:42 PM
Thanks for the prayers for my grandmother. I was able to talk to her a few minutes ago, and she is doing better. The antibiotics seem to be doing their job on her skin infection. They gave her a CAT scan when she first came in because she was complaining of being dizzy and they were afraid she was showing signs of pre-stroke behavior. That checked out fine, and she is not having a stroke. They determined that she was dehydrated and that was part of the dizzy. They are running an ultrasound on her legs this afternoon to make sure she doesn't have any blood clots, and if that checks out fine, they will send her home tomorrow. I still worry about her. My cousin and his wife are looking after her, but hey have two young children, so I know that is hard on them.
One shocking thing that has come from this, I received an e-mail from my younger half-sister. I haven't spoken to her in about 5 years. She got angry that my family chipped in & bought Grandma a refurbished laptop to help her keep track of the family via e-mail & digital photos. She thought I was nuts and had no problem telling me why it was a bad idea. As it turns out, Gram loves the thing and has a great time keeping up with the family that way. (Which I think pissed her off even more.) While we aren't swapping recipes or anything, at least she's worked out her mad enough to send me the update on Gram's condition.

I like the idea of a friendship swap. Can we wait until after the holidays though? I say we let the idea percolate and we can all think about what we would like to do (size/styles) and then we can make it our first project for 2011. I have had fun with the Around the World swaps, but I think I need a break! Speaking of which... I have a couple of blocks to knockout today. I get to use my new space! WhooHoo! I am off to finish that post on my blog. It's gonna take a bit to download all of those photos! I'll let you know when it's up.

Thanks for being here. :icon_kiss: I think we all need these kinds of friends or we would go :icon_crazy:

October 15th, 2010, 05:00 PM
Hi all,
Cathy - glad you grandmother is better. I know exactly what it is like with the family drama, my mom's family was like that all the time.
Laura - Glad you are still cookin along. I really love your posts and look forward to reading everyone's news!
Keepstitch - When my son was that age he told me he had been given 3 days of at home suspension and stayed home for for the first day. I kept thinking it was rediculous (sp?) and so I called the school on the second day only to find our there was no such thing! Little stinker!
Sally - hope your co-worker gets a good report. I will say a little prayer for him.
Jan - I am sending you some sunshine and some of our pretty fall day. Just cool enough to enjoy!
Blondie - thanks for the fun welcome to Friday. sorry about the co-worker, some people just get on your last nerve everytime you see them don't they?
Have today off and accomplished alot so far. Dishes, laundry, overall cleaning, been to Whole Foods and went to Hobby Lobby and ended up at Joannes to get some fabric for the borders and back of the quilt I am working on. I also got some yellow and black fleece for my Halloween costume. I am going to be a Bee and my BF is going to be a Bee Keeper! I also got a new blade for my rotary cutter. It's been skipping a beat lately and driving me crazy! Last but not least I got safety pins and a Pigma Pen to sign my swap blocks. I am determined to get them out next week.
Tomorrow I am headed back to Joanne's at 9 am to get the warm and natural batting by the yard. It's on sale for $5.99 a yard tomorrow. Then I will head to the "mercado" to get some cheap veggies for the week!
Now I am gonna settle down and sew after I get off here! I check in to see you all later!

October 15th, 2010, 05:39 PM
OK! I got the blog post done & you all can check out my revamped space and see the horror that it was before.

Now I am going to go mess it all up with fabric and do some laundry! I have to figure out what we are having for supper too. UGH! I hate making that decision. I wish I could make a menu for the week and then not think about it, but I can't seem to do that either.

Maybe inspiration will strike while I am sewing. :icon_whistle: Ahahahahahaha!

:icon_crazy: Cathy

October 15th, 2010, 06:24 PM
Hi Ladies -
Link for our Cathy (tggpine) blog: http://toggpine.wordpress.com/

It is well worth the viewing! Wow, I am really impressed. What an undertaking. And Cathy, glad to read your grandmother is doing better. And once again, while it is no real comfort, there is a general malaise among families called DYSfunction. I put the emphasis on Dys because of the generation that says dissing for disrespect. Just remember the original family was pretty dismal - Hubs blamed wife for enticing him to eat forbidden fruit, one son killed the other - yikes. I will say an extra prayer for you.

Laura, yuck on the cone biopsy. Glad to read you are taking good care of yourself.

Sally - I am adding Nathan to my prayers right now. Please let us know his results?

Paticakes -= love your Halloween costume idea

I like the idea of a swap after the holidays as well. All kinds of ideas. My only caveat is that we keep it simple and no stressing. LOL. I am here to relax and have a good time. I have enough complications and stress around me each day.

October 15th, 2010, 07:18 PM
Adding Nathan to my prayers - and
also Laura - God knows what's inside you and we just have to keep praying that whatever it is that he takes care of it and you. I love your attitude and it doesn't sound like whatever it is is going to bring you down - you just keep coming on here for HUGS and LOVES - we are good at passing that out!

Love the new sewing room and those IKEA bins. We don't have an IDEA around here, sure wish we did. They would be perfect for my stash - now if I could just find one room to put it all in - that would be a great start.

Chilly here today - sent some sun on up to you Jan. So, now it's cloudy here. It's a big night here in town - homecoming and seems most everyone comes out from behind their closed doors for it. I'll be in though and pulling out some more stitching. Nice and warm and cozy.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

October 15th, 2010, 07:46 PM
OK! I got the blog post done & you all can check out my revamped space and see the horror that it was before.

:icon_crazy: Cathy

Oh my, Cathy, you've done such a great job, your room looks really delicious now. I'm sure you will find being creative so much more enjoyable now that things are all organised. Sadly my sewing room needs a new look as well and you are braver than me, I'm not sure I could take the before photos. :icon_happy:

October 15th, 2010, 08:46 PM
Great room Cathy!! I love what you did so much I am planning a trip to Ikea soon. There is one not too far from me!
Got my borders done and the backing ready on my "Cherish Nature" quilt that I am working on. Tomorrow I will get the batting and get it spray basted. Can't wait to start quilting on it.

Tonight if the BF wants to just sit and watch the tube I will start cutting the squares for the DP9 "Surfer Girl" quilts I am making for my DD and DGD! That one should be interesting.

Well I am off to post pics of my last quilt in the "Show and Tell" area!

Hope you all have a good evening and a wonderful weekend!


October 15th, 2010, 11:49 PM
Hey Gals! I like the idea of a friendship quilt for January.
Prayers out for everyone! Laura, Nathan and all of us. Lord keep your loving arms around us all.
Going to work on names tonight on my swap blocks.
Seems like time just flys out the window. I go swim,come home walk dogs after dinner then go next door to help neighbor put his dying mother to bed. Come home make snack for hubby then it's time for bed. But I wanted to sew and work on my blocks. Where did the time go? You fellows seem to get more done than I do. Guess I'm slow but sure! LOL:D Keeping ya'll in my thoughts and prayers. Going to check on Cathy's blog.

October 16th, 2010, 12:10 AM
Cathy, WOW! Enjoyed your blog and what a great job you did in your sewing room!! Puts me to shame. LOL:D

October 16th, 2010, 12:53 AM
Hello Everyone!!!! I have missed y'all!! :icon_wave:

The wedding was beautiful and spending the last few days with my sisters (one came from Seattle and the other with her children from Wash DC) has been wonderful. :)

Sounds like the swap blocks are getting finished up! whooohoooooo i can hardly wait!

Cathy your sewing room is great! Laura sounds like you are having fun making lots of yummy butters.... how cool! Saundra we did go swimming but in the Atlantic! georgous weather here all week - love it!! Patti you have sure been busy this week! Jan I got your message and yes, i am fine - thanks! Blondie i think you are so right! and Sally you are having such fun!! Paula and Sheila and Bridgette..... what can i say - love you guys!!


October 16th, 2010, 04:05 AM
Thank you all for your wonderful comments on my "new" room. I AM loving it. It reminded me of a hoarder's dream before I got it all worked around. The before photos were pretty hard to share, but I thought it was only fair that you see how far it came. For those of you that don't live close to an IKEA, you might see if you can buy online, or find a system that is similar.
Suzi: Glad to hear that the wedding went well and you had a good time with your family. Did your bruises cause too much trouble?
Blondie: I was able to stop by your blog. What a treat! We have made an effort to put the "fun" back in dysfunction in our family. It is along and twisting path that our family has taken. I am waaay beyond being torn up over them. I am only responsible for me and my feelings. As long as the things I do and say are not hateful or done in anger, then I am OK with it. I was thinking about your dream as I was driving to Mom's, and was wondering if you were trying to piece these people into your life, or help them fit together. Great job on your Dad's quilt. He looked very pleased with it.
CraftyLady: I do not know how these folks get so much stuff done. They are quilt making machines! They inspire me to do more.
Sally: I hope you had fun at your LQS and enjoyed your day off!!! I have used the fabric shelves that hang over the closet bar in the past. The fabric weight can cause some problems after awhile, but they are good until you can get a hard system. I'll say a prayer for Nathan too.
Laura: Your determination is so inspiring! I am so glad that you aren't just giving in. Keep on cooking! We'll be here for support when ever you need us!
Lola: Is the pumpkin butter like apple butter? That might be really tasty on fresh bread or mixed into a muffin as a swirl. We will have some pumpkins to do something with in a few days after the frost kills the plants.
Laurie: You aren't too far from me. I am sorry to hear about the school troubles. Let's hope this helps him learn how to express his feelings in a different manner. (I still wanna throw stuff when I get really mad, & I usually end up mowing the lawn, weeding the garden, or scrubbing the kitchen floor by hand to work off my mad. Blame the moon.
Patti: It sounds like you had a very busy day off! Congrats on getting so much accomplished. I too took a trip to Joann's. I needed 2.5 yards of shiny tulle to make a pixie costume for Halloween. I had the rest of the material already. I may need to pick up a zipper, but I have a few days before I get to that part of the assembly! Cute idea for the Bee & Keeper costumes! I am also headed back to buy some of the super thick foam when it goes on sale in a week or so. I need to make a better cushion for the little bench in front of this computer. When you go to IKEA, or anywhere actually, make sure you take either samples or exact measurements of the things you want to store. Nothing sucks more than to get home with your treasures to find that they won't hold your items properly. I kept a index card in my purse with measurements of different things I was looking for so I wouldn't waste money on the wrong thing and have to take them back. I also took my own tape measure.
Trish: I hope you have a cozy evening in. "Go Home Team!"
As for the friendship swap, I agree that it should be low key & low stress. Perhaps we should just settle on a size of block and let everybody go from there and let the participants do what ever style they are most comfortable with. We have a while to mull it over.
Goodnight sweet quilty friends, or good morning as the case may be!

October 16th, 2010, 11:22 AM
Cathy, I love your sewing room. Everything is so organized. But I'm really jealous of how much fabric you have, you must be able to make up a design and then just pull out the right fabric for it. I keep saying that someday I'll have a 'stash' but there are no local shops and only one show a year I can get to. Where do you find your fabric? And the clear containers are great.

October 16th, 2010, 12:33 PM
one more quick thing..... i am feeling a bit jealous of you ladies with your canning and applebutter and pumkin butter (?) and such..... i grew up in Michigan doing that and have very good memories but here in Florida it just isnt done...... maybe because we donot have the change of seasons or something?

October 16th, 2010, 02:01 PM
Yes the pumpkin butter is just like apple butter, but I personally like it much more....and I love applebutter! Here is the link for the recipe....


togpine, I love your 'new' sewing room. You have inspired me.....cleaning mine up a bit today, but am getting some stitching done too....thank goodness for embroidery machines!! LOL
Suzi, you are just THE person to get people doing the seasonal stuff there in Fl !! If not, it's their loss and just think of the yummy things you can make!
Applesauce is easy and soooo yummy too. Just quarter,seed (and peel if desired) your apples,put them in the crockpot, I like to sprinkle some lemon juice on them, keeps them from turning brown and adds just a bit of tang, and sprinkle liberally with cinnamon, crockpot on high for the day and
you can either stir well--chunky, or run them through the blender,food processor or a hand mixer for smoother. If you leave the peels on, you will have to dig the peels out and definitely run them through the blender or food processor! add sugar or Splenda (if desired) to taste. My family has requested that I peel the apples from now on.....they love the applesauce, but hate the tiny bits of peel.

October 16th, 2010, 02:42 PM
i can do that - sounds yummy! thank you for sharing :icon_cool:

October 16th, 2010, 03:24 PM
Suzi, I let it simmer for longer than the recipe states, because if you do a traditional simmer it will spit all over the place! so a very low simmer for a longer time works well for me....and keeps the yummy smell in the house longer too! You are very welcome! I love that site for recipes!
I am trying to find some of my other favorite pumpkin recipes.....I am a total pumpkin addict!